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Kingsmead Newsletter February 2024

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Dear Kingsmead Community,

The focus in Chapel these past weeks has been on the power of our words and how our words can be used either to build someone up or to break them down. I have taken the well-known illustration of how once the toothpaste is squeezed out of the tube, it is almost impossible to put it back in and it is the same with our words.

I reminded the girls that they do not only use words to communicate but must also be aware of what words they use when texting others or how powerfully we can communicate through our facial expressions or by our body language.

I encouraged the girls to ask the following questions before they speak:

  • Why do I want to say this and what do I hope to accomplish by saying this?
  • Will these words encourage someone or will they do the opposite?
  • Are these words I will be glad I squeezed out like toothpaste or will I regret them and try to put them back into the tube?

Words can be such a positive and powerful force and I urge us all to use them wisely.

We are nearing the end of the term and I remind all parents and students of the calendar arrangements for the remainder of the term:

We have a normal closing on Thursday 28 March (14h20) before the Easter weekend.
We also return to the next almost two weeks of school with a full schedule of assessments and activities on Tuesday, 2 April until Thursday, 11 April when we close at 12h00. The schedule is tight because of the public holidays falling within the term and I ask that you please take cognisance of this and do not ask for extra days off from school for your daughters.

Fond regards,
Lisa Palmer
Executive Head: Kingsmead College


Grade 12 Life Sciences Flower Dissections
Matrics learned about plant reproduction and the “birds and bees” involved in pollinating flowering plants. We dissected Lilies and looked at the pollen grains under a microscope.

Experiment write ups and the scientific method
The Grade 8s have been working on experiment write-ups and the scientific method so Miss Pillay and Miss Minnie did some experiments to get us excited about science.

They showed us four experiments:
Our first experiment was called the fire extinguisher. As a lot of you would know when you combine baking soda and vinegar a chemical reaction occurs, but as a result, it produces carbon dioxide and you can use that carbon dioxide to suffocate a flame and extinguish it.

Next, we made elephant toothpaste by mixing hydrogen peroxide together with water, soap, and colouring which creates a chemical reaction that causes a lot of hot bubbles to form from the soap and shoot up and out the beaker.

We also made a stronger currency by taking a copper coin and turning it into gold. Maybe not quite. I am sorry to say that it’s not actually gold all the way through but covered in a gold coating which is the next best thing!

Last, but definitely not least, we made a fire snake. Sugar and baking soda is mixed together and coated with alcohol to make crystals that is then placed on sand and when a flame comes in contact with it, a giant volcanic ash snake grows from the sand – and it just keeps growing and growing. But don’t fear it’s not a real snake, it’s actually just the carbon dioxide pushing the burning sugar outwards.

So far it seems like we are really going to enjoy the magic that science has coming our way.

Emily Lawlor
Grade 8 Student

Phases of mitosis
The Grade 10 Life Sciences students got creative with building models depicting the phases of mitosis. They used sweets to show the processes of eukaryotic cell division. A lot of fun (and eating) was had by all.

“In Life Sciences we learnt about mitosis and got the opportunity to make a model of the steps in mitosis. We made our models out of sweets. All the groups did different things, from baked cakes to paper plates and jelly tots. This was one of the best ways to learn about mitosis and I think I can speak for our whole class when I say it was a delicious and enjoyable experience.”

Mira Naidoo
Grade 10 Student

Light microscope
In Life Sciences, the Grade 10s learned how to use a light microscope and make their own slides. They looked at cells of an onion and their own cheek cells!

Geography and Commerce
Grade 12 Geography Braamfontein Spruit Outing

To wrap up their Grade 12 River Studies, the Grade 12 group are completing a portfolio task on the Braamfontein Spruit and as part of the task they are challenged to identify two examples of human impact on the spruit and to offer implementable solutions to Johannesburg City Parks

The outing gave them further opportunity to see river landform in their natural environment and to observe for themselves the human impact on both the river channel and riverbanks.

I am able to better understand the human impact concepts taught after physically seeing such. The GIS mapwork is easier to visualize after walking the route. Olivia Cooke

I found it very enriching to be able to observe real life examples of the concepts we have covered, and this helped me gain a better understanding. Fatima-Zahraa Asvat

Bianca Rademacher
Head of Geography

2024 G12 Delta Kingsmead College

Geography Inspired Baker Baker
This is a double-win for our lesson. We get to explore our creativity in creating Geography themed sugar fixes and we address the last lesson of the day blood sugar slumps! One of my favourite days of the week seeing the creations.

Bianca Rademacher
Head of Geography

Grade 10 Geography Cloud Models
To start off the year the Grade 10 Geography group were tasked with adding some cloud models to the classroom. Although there were some theoretical expectations, the students were given carte blanche in terms of creativity and an installation of inspired clouds is currently gracing the ceiling of the Geography Department.

Bianca Rademacher
Head of Geography

Arts & Music

The Arts department has been busy this month, hard at work preparing for the major production while getting involved in other activities too, including Drama, Debating and Public Speaking.

For Colored Girls At the Joburg Theatre on 16 February

After a crazy first month back at school, our Grade 10 – 12 Drama students were treated to a lovely evening at the Joburg Theatre, on Friday 16 February. We had the privilege of watching the thought-provoking postmodern production – For Coloured Girls on Opening Night. The students truly enjoyed themselves and were inspired to continue work on their own productions and practical work. it was the perfect way to spend a Friday night! Thank you to Mr Pillay for exposing us to such powerful theatre!

Qhayiya Klaas Head of Drama 2024

For Coloured Girls outing Kingsmead College

Bennies Physical Theatre Bootcamp on 17 & 18 February
Over the weekend of the 17 and 18 February, the small but mighty Grade 11 Drama Class went to St Benedict’s College for a physical theatre workshop. We were all nervous as this was something out of our comfort zones, but we quickly warmed up and got used to the new movements. After a quick lunch, we were split into groups to create a story that we believed was relevant to the world today. Ranging from falling out of airplanes to sitting in a taxi, the creativity was flowing. On the second day, we worked to move our scenes from verbal to physical. With the help of Dr Bailey Snyman, we quickly shaped our 24-hour idea into a fully-fledged, 4-minute performance physical theatre piece. Our newly acquired skills are going to come in handy as we prepare for St Stithians Phyzz Fest coming up on 16 March. Drama is an amazing subject: the most subtle of movements can have the same impact as the biggest ones.

Meagan Stewart
Grade 11 Dramatic Arts student

Major Production: UBUNYE 11-14 March
This year’s major production is a unique musical theatre piece created for and by Kingsmead. It honours 30 years of democracy, weaving together captivating stories, poetry, and iconic South African music and dance. Written by well-known theatre maker Daniel Geddes and further developed by the staff and cast, UBUNYE showcases the beauty of unity in diversity that defines our nation. It is a feel-good family friendly show not be missed.

🗓️ Dates & Times:
📌Mon 11 & Tue 12 March: Family Shows @17h00
📌 Wed 13 & Thu 14 March: Evening Shows @19h00

🎟️ Tickets:
📌 Adults: R120
📌 Children: R90
🥤🍪Refreshments are available 45 minutes before each show.

Come and join the celebration! 🎉

Poster for newsletters Kingsmead College



Congratulations to the following riders who competed at Qualifier 1 and achieved great results.
Lily Yorke-Smith
Hannah Cooke
Katherine Papadopoulos
Lucy Berry
Emma Berry
Mila Hozack

Water Polo
Our u15 team and 1st team competed last weekend in their national events.
Facing tough opposition from all around the country, they achieved the following results.

U15 – Shaun Fuchs Tournament – 16 out of 20
1st – Old Petrians Tournament – 15 out of 28 schools

Reef Cup
The 1st squad competed in the Annual Reef Cup where they ended 6th out of 20 teams. Congratulations to Lucy Davis for being announced in the “ ALL STARS TEAM”.

Reef Cup polo 1st team 1 Kingsmead College

Our u16 and 1st squads both competed at the Best of the West festivals. The u16 team won 2, and lost 3 matches, while the 1st squad won 4 and lost 2 matches.

Our u14 hockey team participated in the Best of the West festival where they won 3 and lost 1 match.

Our A and B teams participated in the annual inter-high tournament with the A team facing tough opposition and performing well.

The B team went on to win their section. They can be very proud of their season.

Georgia Lenaerts competed in the first round of the SARMC Regionals at Zwartkops raceway. She is currently in the Junior Max class. We are incredibly proud of her, she tied 1st in points (however as she didn’t win the last heat, she was moved to place 2nd overall on the podium).

Georgia Lenaerts Kingsmead College

Marguerite Cockeran placed second in the girls 0/15 at the Central Gauteng Biathlon Interprovincial Championships (800m run / 100m swim) and has been selected to represent Central Gauteng at the SA Biathlon Championships in Bloemfontein on 30 March 2024.

Marguerite Cockeran Kingsmead College

Running Club
Even after a long, busy, strenuous Monday at school I still go to bed with a smile on my face because I know I am about to experience the best part of my week on Tuesday morning … RUNNING CLUB! Running club is a space where you can relax your mind by strengthening your body. I am grateful for the connections Running Club has allowed me to create with students from all different grades and the incredible staff that accompany and protect us. We would definitely be a lot faster if we spoke less, but what would be the fun in that? Running club happens on Tuesday and Friday morning between 06h00 – 07h00. I cannot imagine my Tuesday and Friday mornings without my dose of dopamine (running club) and thank the avid Kingsmead College runners for making it a possibility. I encourage every student to join our running club family! So put your running shoes on if you are ready for a mini adventure around the beautiful Johannesburg suburbs, some engaging conversations and a chance to get those discovery points up! Hope to see you all there!



Blood Drive
During the month of February Kingsmead hosted our tri-annual blood drive. By donating blood, you become a lifeline for those who rely on these blood products for their health and recovery. It’s a selfless act of giving. By donating blood, you are directly contributing to the wellbeing and recovery of others. It’s a way to show compassion and support for those in need. Donating blood is important because it can help save lives. When you donate blood, you’re helping to replenish the blood supply in hospitals and blood banks. This is crucial because blood has a limited shelf life, and there is always a constant need for fresh donations.

When someone undergoes surgery, experiences a serious injury, or has a medical condition that requires a blood transfusion, donated blood is used to provide them with the necessary blood components. Additionally, blood donation has health benefits for the donor. It can help in the production of new blood cells and reduce the risk of certain health conditions. It’s a simple and impactful way to make a difference in the lives of others. Donating blood is a simple and relatively painless process that takes just a short amount of time and it’s a wonderful way to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Maleeha Moosa
Peer Promoter

Footloose Friday and Flip Flop Day
Footloose Friday and Flip Flop Day were celebrated on 16 February. The overwhelming generosity of the Kingsmead Community saw thousands of pairs of shoes donated. Each grade visited the Cricket Pitch to deliver their shoes and carefully laid them out in the shape of the Service logo. There were big shoes and small shoes, smart shoes and casual shoes, boy’s shoes and girl’s shoes – each pair given with love, intended for someone who will benefit from wearing them.

Our Service Partners provide us with information on exactly what shoes they need and the ages of their beneficiaries. With the help of Kingsmead moms and staff, the shoes were packed according to our Partner’s requirements and delivered by our Transport team.

The following Service Partners received shoes: Rays of Hope, Kids Haven, Dlala Nje, The Epic Foundation, Little Eden, Little Stars, Moseka Day Care, The Sunshine Association for Children with Disabilities, Fight with Insight, The Chaylil Foundation and Hotel Hope.

We also support CHOC on Footloose Friday with their Flip Flop Day initiative. We are delighted to have raised R10 000 for CHOC.

Our gratitude to each and every family who donated shoes and purchased a Flip Flop Friday sticker, to the Kingsmead community for coming out to assist us, and to the Kingsmead staff and students for giving of their time to sort and pack shoes.

We made a difference in many people’s lives, “your work is meaningful in bringing about transformation change” ~ Little Eden

Service @ School
Our first Service @ School for the year, took place on 28 February. 40 students participated in our Make a Mac ‘n Cheese. Sue Daly spent the afternoon with us and introduced our volunteers to Kids Haven, the incredible work that they do, and food insecurity. Under the expert guidance of Mamma P and Aunty Julia, our volunteers learned to make a Mac ‘n Cheese. This skill is not only invaluable for cooking at home, but the volunteers are able to make Mac ‘n Cheese at home and donate their meals to Kids Haven.

Sue Daly shared this with us, “Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill” – Elsa Schiaparelli. THANK YOU for a wonderful afternoon on the 28th of February 2024 watching a room full of girls serving our children. A special thank you to Mamma P and Aunty Julia for their hands-on support and delicious recipe. The girls did a fantastic job and put together eleven FULL foil containers of tasty macaroni and cheese. We are sure that each dish could give us 5 – 6 servings meaning that this afternoon’s service feeds 50 – 60 children. That is a win. Our children love mac n cheese and it is a wholesome and nutritious meal. It is also difficult for us to afford due to the price of cheese and milk. Your service support allows us to eat well and save money. That means a lot! Thank you.
Thank you for the care of Kingsmead and the dedication to improving the lives of vulnerable children

Our special thanks to Mamma P and Aunty Julia for facilitating the afternoon, to Mrs Church for ordering all of the ingredients, and to the staff members who joined us. Thank you Ms Palmer for popping in and for your encouragement.

Service Saturday
Our Service Saturday was a collaboration with the Green Team, De La Salle Holy Cross and St David’s Marist Inanda. Community organisations – Craighall Residents Association (CRA), Jozi Trails, Bubele Africa, and Action for Responsible Management of Our Rivers (ARMOUR) facilitated a morning for our Water Warriors. Armed with gloves, plastic bags, braai tongs and a positive attitude our students took to the Spruit at Delta Park to rid the banks and waterway of rubbish. Two of our students – Jana Mostert and Amelia Cadman – from the Green Team showed interest in becoming official Water Monitors – citizen volunteers who help to identify incidents and matters which affect the quality and safety of our waterways. Mark McClue from ARMOUR assisted us in setting up this role by showing the students how to do water quality testing on the Braamfontein Spruit. This invaluable and educational experience not only made our students aware of the issues facing our rivers, but also how to be pro-active in making a positive impact upstream.

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