Executive Head of Kingsmead College

Lisa Palmer:


Welcome to the Kingsmead College community. As you explore our website, I encourage you to discover the unique ethos that makes our school such a happy, special place.

At Kingsmead College we strive to nurture our girls in an environment that is safe, yet one in which the girls take risks in order to grow in confidence and courage.

You ideally want your daughter to realise her hopes in a school that recognises that each girl is a unique individual who will make the most of her potential and of her strengths and talents.

At Kingsmead we are committed to providing a balanced programme and we are equally committed to academics, sport, cultural activities and community service.

The magic of an all-girls’ environment like Kingsmead, is that these young women of the future are given the space to be – just be – exactly who they are. In a small school environment, we get to know your daughters personally and it is our joy as the leaders to engage with the girls in their quest for self-development.

We are able to combine the best of the old – traditions and values – with the best of the new in terms of cutting-edge technology and best practice in education. We have a superb staff who are involved in curriculum development and who work closely with our examinations board. We teach the skills that are necessary for the 21st Century and run programmes in coding, critical thinking and researching.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we look forward to welcoming you and your daughter for a visit to learn more about this happy, unique school.


Welcome from

Our Junior School embraces the individual, where girls are enthusiastic and confident students who ask big questions, express their opinions and are excited to explore their ideas. Our youngest members of school participate in projects and activities that fill our classrooms and corridors with discussion, music and laughter. Amid all of this energy, self-reliant, inquisitive and reflective young thinkers begin to emerge, ready to take on the next challenge. 

Each day our Junior School is filled with wonder and discovery. The fundamentals of education, such as literacy and numeracy, are balanced with the importance of play, inquiry and discovery. Our staff and children embody spirit, creativity, initiative, flexibility, and confidence. We embrace personal and social challenges and empower each other towards a common goal of excellence in girls’ education. We lead academic, extra-curricular, cultural and spiritual conversation, pioneer primary education pedagogies and lead reflective lives.

Designed to complement the way girls learn best, the Junior School offers an intentional approach based on collaboration, curiosity and choice. Our curriculum provides girls with a level of independence that increases over time from Mornington to Grade 7. Kingsmead Junior School aims to meet the developmental needs of girls within a greater South African and global context. Our international accreditation, from Exeter University, as an Advanced Thinking School, ensures that our approach to learning and personal development is progressive and innovative. With the support of outstanding teachers and resources, developing differentiated and dynamic curriculum remains a priority.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a focus and priority across the grades. SEL helps students develop positive relationships, apply their compassion, and stay open to learning throughout their lives. It also helps normalize the wide range of emotions we experience and teaches tools and strategies to identify and share and manage these emotions–a core competency for student well-being and academic achievement. 

To be a Kingsmead girl, parent and staff member is to belong to a community of belonging and discovery. We find opportunities to celebrate small successes and share the importance of girls’ education with a wider audience. We work together to move forward.

As you browse our website, we trust that you will begin to experience the happiness that surrounds us.

“Our duty is to train the whole personality.” DV Thompson 1938

Welcome from the Junior Head of Kingsmead College

Tarryn McLaren: