February highlights

February 2024 Highlights

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In February, the highly anticipated matric dance finally came around. What a magical night it was, made all the more special by the friendships and connections our girls got to commemorate, and the new memories the matric girls could make together. We also announced the launch of our new Service app, and saw really exciting developments from the Kingsmead Green Team, including new GPS tags for our trees, which students can scan on their phones. The Kingsmead swimming teams performed excellently at numerous swimming galas, and the Junior School had a blast at the inter-school gala.

Read all about our February 2024 highlights below.

We are delighted to have launched our Service app, developed by AppZone, who also developed the Kingsmead App. The app includes service opportunities from various non-profit organisations, information on the opportunities that we offer at Kingsmead and Service dates to diarise. Students are able to log their hours and can easily track their volunteering history and progress to meet the required number of service hours. The Service app is part of the Kingsmead app and can be found by clicking on the “Service” widget.

Our Grade 1s had a blast exploring our school, leading their parents on a thrilling scavenger hunt. From cosy library corners to the bustling playground, they explored all the exciting spots they visit in a week.

The 2024 matric girls were positively buzzing with excitement one day before the big night arrived. They had been planning and prepping for months, and the anticipation reached its peak! They knew it was going to be a night to remember. From selecting the perfect outfit to getting their hair and makeup just right, our matric students poured their hearts into every detail.

Video credit: Ntuthuko Masetlwa and Qhayisa Klass

When the night of the dance finally arrived, our girls absolutely stole the show in their outfits that radiated elegance and style.

There was stunning decor that transformed the venue, and every detail was perfection. Our matric class celebrated with joy and laughter, and made magical memories. We couldn’t be happier to have been a part of their special night. Here’s to our incredible girls, to friendship, to unforgettable moments, and to many more memories yet to be made in 2024!

Thank you to the Matric Dance Committee of 2023! Your endless creativity, enthusiasm, and commitment made this event unforgettable. From the dazzling decor to the fantastic music, everything was simply spectacular. Our matric students had an absolute blast, thanks to all your hard work and dedication. Here’s to you, the unsung heroes behind the scenes. Click below to watch a quick recap of the evening.

Thank you to all the incredible students and staff who rolled up their sleeves and joined us at Kingsmead Blood Donation Drive! Let’s continue to embody the spirit of giving and empathy, making our world a better place, one donation at a time.

Well done to all the amazing girls who took part in the swimming gala this February! We are so proud of all of you for diving in and giving it your all.

We celebrated International Girl in Science Day with our Grade 3s, who dove into the world of acids and bases, creating captivating concoctions. With our incredible novice teacher, (Professor) Ntshontsho leading the way, they explored the magic of science with enthusiasm and curiosity. Meanwhile, our Grade 1s embarked on their own scientific adventure, crafting Oobleck – a mesmerising substance that defies the laws of physics, being both a solid and a liquid. Here’s to inspiring the next generation of brilliant young minds in STEM.

On Valentine’s Day, some of our girls embarked on a maths problem-solving relay. It was a heart warming (and brain-boosting) experience! From tackling tricky cupid-inspired equations to unravelling sweet mathematical mysteries, our students showed off their problem-solving skills with a side of Valentine’s Day flair.

Our Grade 10 students had an amazing time delving into the fascinating realm of Life Sciences. They explored the world of microscopy, mastering the art of using a light microscope and even creating their own slides. They examined the intricate cells of an onion and discovering the unique features of their own cheek cells. It’s been incredible to witness our students’ curiosity and enthusiasm as they uncover the hidden wonders of the microscopic world.

Our Junior School swimmers performed well at the Grade 4 – 7 Valentine Gala hosted at St Stithian’s. Seeing their passion and effort shine bright in the pool made us proud – well done girls.

The generosity of the Kingsmead Community resulted in thousands of pairs of shoes donated for Footloose Friday and Flip Flop Day. Each grade visited the Cricket Pitch to deliver their shoes and carefully laid them out in the shape of the Service logo. There were big shoes and small shoes, smart shoes and casual shoes, boy’s shoes and girl’s shoes – each pair given with love, intended for someone who will benefit from wearing them.

The following Service partners are receiving shoes: Rays of Hope, Kids Haven, Dlala Nje, The Epic Foundation, Little Eden, Little Stars, Moseka Day Care, The Sunshine Association for Children with Disabilities, Fight with Insight, The Chaylil Foundation and Hotel Hope.

Our Grade 7 students hosted a delightful cake and candy sale. From scrumptious homemade cakes to mouth-watering candies, they had it all! Our Junior School community came together to support these young entrepreneurs. Kudos to our Grade 7s for putting on such a good event and spreading joy one treat at a time.

The Grade 10 – 12 drama students were treated to a lovely evening at the Joburg Theatre in February. We had the privilege of watching the thought-provoking postmodern production, For Colored Girls, on opening night. The students really enjoyed themselves and were inspired to continue working on their own productions and practical projects. It was the perfect way to spend a Friday night. Thank you, Mr K Pillay, for exposing us to such powerful theatre!

For Coloured Girls theatre production Kingsmead College

The Grade 11 Drama Class went to St Benedict’s College for a physical theatre workshop. The class had 24 hours to put together a fully-fledged, 4-minute physical theatre piece. Their newly acquired skills are going to come in handy as they prepare for St Stithian’s Phyzz Fest coming up in March. Good luck Grade 11s!

The Grade 8s have been diving into the world of science with some captivating experiments led by Miss Pillay and Miss Minnie! They’ve been exploring the scientific method and experiment write-ups, and things have been getting pretty magical in the lab. Here’s a sneak peek of the different experiments they’ve been creating.

Our Junior School students had a blast at the inter-school gala! We’d like to say a huge thank you to all participants, our amazing sports department, teachers and parents who made this day unforgettable.

The Grade 2 girls had a blast at Siyakhana Gardens. Siyakhana, one of our awesome Service partners, taught them all about sustainable living. They got their hands dirty planting beetroot seeds, discovered the magic of worm tea, and helped weed the garden. They even got to bring home a box of fresh veggies!

Exciting news from the Green Team at Kingsmead! Thanks to Tree Tags CC, our school roses now proudly wear beautiful name tags, and that’s not all. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting Nico Hager, our tree identification expert, who helped identify over 20 indigenous trees and our historic oaks, dating back 300 years! Each tree has been given a GPS tag, letting our students dive deeper into their botanical knowledge by using their phones to scan the tag. And mark your calendars – Arbor Day, Friday 26th April, will be extra special this year as Miss Palmer and Mrs McLaren plant one of the ‘Tree of the Year’ winners right here at Kingsmead!

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