Kingsmead College Online Application Form (Senior School)

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  • This information is required by the Department of Education and other accreditation bodies in our annual submissions.
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  • I/We the undersigned undertake:
    1. Upon acceptance of a place at Kingsmead College, I/we the undersigned undertake to pay a non-refundable securing fee of R20,000. The non-refundable securing fee of R20,000 will not be set off or applied by me/us against any amounts owing by me/us to Kingsmead College.
    2. I/We agree that Kingsmead College may check and confirm any information on the application form and may make any enquiries it deems necessary and in particular to check my credit worthiness with any credit bureau and/or the previous School that the pupil attended.
    By clicking 'submit', you agree to the terms and conditions listed above and agree to pay the R500.00 admission application fee.