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Our Connection: Issue 18 2019

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Dear Parents

So much has happened in these few short weeks of term. Our students have showcased their talent and exceptional dedication to growth during sporting participation, music performances and dance festivals. We have met an astronaut, an author, and an Everest climber! We have shown solidarity as the future women leaders empowered with choice and voice. We have acknowledged the gift in the teaching profession on 5 October for World Teachers’ Day. We have also joined as a community to celebrate Goodwill Day. Thank you to our families who joined us for the walk at the start of the day. This is always a highlight, as we join in common purpose for greater good.

We look forward to team spirit and community building during our Inter-house Athletics event today. We are hosting this during the evening this year to avoid missing an academic day, avoid using a Saturday, the heat and hopefully the afternoon showers. Please see detailed communication and programme available on the App.

Our teachers and students are also preparing to share their joy of learning at our evenings of Wonderment and Awe next week. Due to the feedback we received last year regarding parking and time constraints we are hosting this event over two nights for different grades. We have also brought in our Art Exhibition during the same week, in an attempt to give more parents the opportunity to see their daughters’ art. Please take the time to visit the Art Exhibition. The display of creative talent is remarkable. I am confident that you will find the experience interactive and inspiring.

In just over a week we will be closing for our half-term break. This marks the time of the year where we begin to plan for 2020. It is, also, that time of the year, when we start allocating our students to new classes for 2020. This is a comprehensive process that takes careful planning and consideration. Our teaching teams take into account fair academic, social and demographic distribution across the classes. Decisions are made in the best interest of each student in our care. A reminder that we do not take into account parent requests as this complicates the process even further. Class lists and LEAD groups will be communicated  to all parents near the end of the term.

The opportunity to be a part of various social groups is essential for our students’ development and often a very positive experience. Please support us in encouraging your daughters if they have concerns regarding 2020. It is sometimes a good idea to arrange ‘play dates’ now and during the December holiday to allow girls to build different relationships before school starts. Girls spend some of their academic day with their class, but also so much time with their friends during breaks, extracurricular activities and during integrated lessons.

In an attempt to lessen the need for printing and paper wastage, we are using online forms when requesting permission or feedback from parents. Forms will be sent to parents for completion either through our online Engage portal or through the App, depending on the nature of the information needed. I encourage parents to please complete these forms when received so as to assist us in our administrative and communication processes.

We look forward to the remaining few weeks of the year, sharing and celebrating with your daughters.

Kim Lowman
Head: Junior School

Wonderment and Awe

Wonderment Awe Evening for newsletter page 0001 Kingsmead College

Evening of Wonderment and Awe JP 2019 page 0001 Kingsmead College


Evening of Wonderment and Awe SP 2019 page 0001 Kingsmead College

Coffee Morning (15th of October) – The importance of a good night’s sleep for children and teens

Kingsmead invited Dr Prenitha Naidoo to share her thoughts about the importance of sleep of our students. Dr Naidoo is a homeopathic doctor and regular guest on the Real Health Show (DSTV Home Channel). She is based at the Wanderers Sports Medical Centre and Naturally Yours Weleda Pharmacy in Pineslopes, practicing a natural and holistic approach to healthcare.

Dr Naidoo helped us understand why we need sleep. She introduced us to the circadian rhythm and clarified what insomnia looks like, explaining the many causes of insomnia identified in children and teens. Dr Naidoo explored the importance of ‘sleep hygiene’ and offered natural treatment options to ensure a good night’s sleep. As we enter the exam period, sleep is a critical part of any student’s preparation.

Dr Naidoo was a fascinating and helpful speaker who was very well-received by parents. Parents also requested her contact details: 011 467 2430 (Naturally Yours Weleda Pharmacy in Pineslopes).

The Dangers of Vaping

On Wednesday the 16th of October, Raymond Fletcher will speak to the Grade 7 students about the dangers of vaping. Mr Fletcher is a physiotherapist in private practice, specialising in respiratory physiotherapy. The talk will be interactive and provides an important introduction to a practice that is potentially extremely dangerous. The growing number of users is a great concern for teachers and parents alike. This talk will go a long way to helping our students make informed decisions about their health in the future.

Moira Severin
Junior School Psychologist


Well done to our Grade 3 Choir who sang beautifully at the recent ‘Sound of Children Choir Festival’. Congratulations to Anna Lipchin who was invited to perform as a soloist at this event and performed absolutely brilliantly. Besides the individual performance from each school choir, the choir also participated in exciting mass items, accompanied by the Johannesburg Festival Orchestra, conducted by maestro Richard Cock. It was indeed a proud evening for Kingsmead and a fantastic musical experience for our students. Thank you to all our parents for their support at this event.

15 10C Kingsmead College

15 10D Kingsmead College

St Mary’s Ensemble Festival:

All the best to our Orchestra, Grade 4-7 String Ensemble and Grade 4-7 Flute Ensemble who will be performing at the St Mary’s Ensemble festival on Wednesday 16 October. Please see the details for this event on the live calendar on the App.

Upcoming Concerts:

Please note our upcoming concerts and eisteddfod; the programme for each event will be posted on the live calendar.

Tue 29 Oct Grade 2 & 3 Music Concert 18h00-19h00 Joel Hall
Sat 2 Nov JS & SS Kingsmead Eisteddfod 9h00-12h00 Rehearsal Space & Joel Hall
Mon 4 Nov Grade 0 & 1 Music Concert 17h30-18h30 Joel Hall
Tue 19 Nov Grade 4 & 5 Music Concert 18h00-19h00 Joel Hall
Wed 20 Nov Grade 6 & 7 Music Concert 18h00-19h00 Joel Hall

Should you have any questions or queries about Arts & Music at Kingsmead, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email.

Elsabé Fourie
Director of Arts & Music

From the Sports Desk


10 15A Kingsmead College

Congratulations to our athletes who were placed 3rd at Inter-schools Athletics at our meeting at St Andrews on Friday 11 October 2019. Special mention must be made to the following who placed 1st in their respective races:

Lucy Davis                           Long Jump

Jessica Stevens                   Hurdles;

Zintle Papiyana                   100m

Mila Smolicz van Breda    80m

Neo Mkwanazi                    80m

Jade Anderson                    150m

Grade 5                                A Relay

Grade 5                                B Relay

Grade 6                                B Relay

Our Inter-house Athletics is taking place today, Tuesday 15 October at the Johannesburg College of Education. We look forward to a spirited day with many new records. Please note that the team for our upcoming prestige meeting on the 1st November will be selected from the Inter-house meeting.

Our U13 team will be participating in the prestigious St Stithians tournament from Friday 18th October to 20th October 2019.  This is always a challenging but exciting tournament and we wish our players all the best. The fixtures are available on the live calendar.

Our 1st diving meeting was cancelled due to bad weather. We trust that our home fixture will go without a hitch on Thursday 17 October 2019. Our divers have been working really hard and we look forward to watching their progress throughout the season.  Please also note that divers attending Learn to Dive on Saturday are also eligible for weekly team selection. We encourage them to continue attending and to take advantage of the contact time with the coaches to improve their dives.

Grade 1-3 Gala
Date:               23 October 2019

Time:               10h30 – 12h30

Venue:             Diving Pool

Parents are welcome to watch. Programme will be available on the live Calendar by close of business tomorrow (16 October). Team lists will be available on Live calendar on Monday (21 October) as we are still busy with selections in PE lessons.

Special Achievements

15 10B Kingsmead College

It gives us great pleasure to congratulate Jade Anderson who has been selected to travel with the South African Vaulting team to Mauritius this week. She was due to compete in the Tri Nations but unfortunately a fall during practice on the weekend saw her break her collar bone. We are gutted for her but we have no doubt that she will bounce back. We wish her a speedy recovery.





Sheillah Muchauraya
Junior School Head of Sports

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