Our Connection: Issue 39 2018

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Dear Parents

It is beginning to feel like Christmas! We have been blessed with the most incredible year-end celebrations. Thank you to the parents, teachers and girls for putting the time and energy aside to make these events such a success. Last week, our Bluebells and Buttercups took us on a journey around the world for their concert. It was just beautiful. Our Grade 0 girls received a standing ovation for their Nativity Story! The Grade 1-3 girls shared their beautiful story of an African Christmas. Our Grade 7 girls celebrated the end to their exams with a trip to the Valley of the Waves and ended the week with the annual Grade 7 Christmas Assembly. The Grade 7s choreographed their own assembly this year, highlighting the individual gifts and talents of our Grade 7 leaders this year. The Grade 4-6 girls also had the privilege of going to watch the annual Pantomime performance.

Thank you to all the families who supported the Grade 6 hot chocolate sales throughout the year. The girls had the opportunity to visit JAM, their community partnership, on Wednesday last week. This was a memorable experience for all concerned.

This week, we continue to share in the joy of the festive holiday season. On Monday we share our gratitude to the 2018 Grade 7 Leaders at their celebratory dinner. On Tuesday morning we host the Extracurricular Assembly, where we have a surprise guest performance for our girls. Seasonal sporting and music awards will be presented at this assembly. A reminder that school closes at 12:00 on Tuesday after the assembly. On Tuesday night we join as a community for the Festive Carol Service held at Rosebank Union Church. The Final Assembly will start promptly at 8:00 on Wednesday morning. This is the occasion for us to say farewell to some teachers, celebrate the achievements for 2018 and acknowledge several individual achievements. School closes at 10:00 on Wednesday. If the assembly finishes a little earlier, you are welcome to take your girls home. Teachers will be available until 10:15 and aftercare will close at 13:00 on Wednesday.

At this point, I would like to say thank you to our class representatives, PTA members and to all the parents who assist us along the way. Our school thrives because of your input and positive support. Thank you to our exceptional teachers and coaches for your commitment and passion for teaching. Thank you to the service staff for maintaining our grounds and classrooms so beautifully, and thank you to the kitchen staff for the catering and events-management for the Kingsmead community.

It is time to rest. I hope that you will all find time to slow down, be ‘present’ and enjoy the precious time you may have together as a family. We will see you all at the start of the 2019 academic year on Wednesday 16 January.

Keep well.

Kim Lowman (Head: Junior School)


Monday: 3 December

  • Grade 7 Celebratory Dinner

Tuesday: 4 December

  • 10:00 Junior School EC Assembly
  • 12:00 Junior School closes<
  • Last day for Bluebells, Buttercups and Grade 0
  • 17:30 Aftercare closes
  • 18:00 Carol Service

Wednesday: 5 December

  • 08:00 Final Assembly
  • 10:00 Junior School closes
  • 13:00 Aftercare closes


2019 Dates:

16 January:

07:30  Grades 1 – 7 return to school

17 January:

08:00 Grades 000 – 0 return to school

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