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November highlights

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November at Kingsmead College was a busy month, including many #givewithoutexpectingreward activities. Here are a few inspiring highlights:

The Grade 8 and 9 students had the opportunity to showcase the Growth Curriculum modules they have worked so very hard on this year. Both events were a wonderful celebration of their growth and learning, demonstrating the richness and depth of their understanding and skill. The showcase allowed parents, students and teachers to reflect on how far they have come since the beginning of this year. You grow girl!

Kingsmead Grade 8 and 9

The Grade 9 Kingfisher Awards showcased a range of impressive advertisements for the Grade 10-12 subjects – congratulations Grade 9s! The advertisement for English was nominated in several categories and went on to win the Best Advertisement. The advertisement was produced and conceptualized by Jessica Bennett, Elizabeth Oelofsen, Jessica Robinson and Keren Spyker.

Mahdiyyah Wadee (Grade 6) took the initiative to raise funds for endangered birds in South Africa and aid in their conservation at our school’s Goodwill Day. Mahdiyyah welcomed adults and children to her stall where she sold bird merchandise including key rings, badges and posters to encourage bird life conservation and awareness on the day.

Mahdiyyah Wadee Grade 6 Goodwill day Kingsmead College

We are immensely proud of our Junior School athletes who participated in the Prestige Athletics at St Stithians. Well done to the whole team and the coaches.

Kingsmead Junior School Prestige Athletics at St Stithians

Kingsmead College hosted St Vincent School for the Deaf for the third Grade 1 service morning this year. We have loved our interaction with their Grade 1s and look forward to a continued partnership with St Vincent’s.

St vincent school and Kingsmead students

St vincent school and Kingsmead students

Kingsmead College hosted Rays of Hope for the final Buddy Reading session of this year. Thank you to the staff and girls for volunteering their time throughout the year to ensure the success of our Buddy Reading programme.

Kingsmead College and Rays of Hope

Kingsmead College Rays of Hope 4 Kingsmead College

Our Grade 2s went on a service excursion to The Bunny Hop Haven where they worked in the vegetable garden, raked away hay, put fresh water in the enclosures and fed the bunnies.

Kingsmead Grade 2's and Bunny Hop Haven

Kingsmead students and Bunny Hop Haven

Kingsmead College Senior School students have made an incredible contribution to the community! Thank you for living up to the Kingsmead value of Service – give without expecting reward.

Kingsmead College Volunteering hours 2019

Our Grade 4 students went to Fight with Insight. We were lucky enough to meet Ginty the guide dog puppy in training.

Kingsmead College and Fight with Insight

Ginty the Guide dog

Our Grade 5s visited Sunshine Association. The Sunshine Centre Association is committed to the development and inclusion of children with disabilities.

Kingsmead and Sunshine Association

Kingsmead College Sunshine Association Kingsmead College

Goju Karate Academy joined us for part of Senior School Wellness Week and equipped our students with self defense skills.

Goju Karate Academy and Kingsmead College

Kingsmead College Goju Karate Academy 4 Kingsmead College

The Grade 9s packed 8856 meals at Rise Against Hunger. Each pack feeds five and their contribution will feed 44 280 people #givewithoutexpectingreward.

Kingsmead College in November with Rise against Hunger

Kingsmead College Rise Against Hunger 2 Kingsmead College

The Grade 3s hosted the residents of Park Care for the dress rehearsal of their concert. Afterwards the residents were treated with tea, a handmade Christmas card and the girls’ reading. We loved having them at Kingsmead and wish them a blessed Christmas season.

Park Care and Kingsmead College November

Kingsead College Park Care 2 Kingsmead College

Our Grade 7s went to the Society for Animals in Distress. Learner’s enjoyed the experience of farm life and veterinary science.

Society for Animals in Distress Kingsmead College November

Kingsmead College Society for Animals in Distress 2 Kingsmead College



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