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Kingsmead Newsletter September 2021

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Dear Kingsmead Community,

The past 4 weeks have seen the school filled with a buzz and an energy that we have not seen since March 2020. While we are still very cognisant of keeping to our strict Covid protocols, it is so heartening to see our students actively participating in the various activities. It is a pity that we cannot have our parents on the campus yet, but we are hoping to arrange some events in the coming weeks and look forward to welcoming parents at school.

In Chapel I have been addressing the subject of peer influence with the Grade 8 and 9s and how this influence can be used both positively and negatively. I believe that with the pandemic, every student has been impacted in some way and this has certainly been felt deeply in the emotional and social space – particularly by adolescents.

We do know how important friendships are at this stage of students’ lives and we acknowledge the role that friends can play as influencers. The danger is when the peer influence moves from being a positive one to being one that is hard to resist and one that causes our students to do something that they would not necessarily want to do.

We also know that if given a length of time in which to make a decision, adolescents are excellent decision-makers, but if they are pressured into making a quick, heat-of-the-moment decision, then their decision-making can largely be influenced by what their peers are doing.

I have challenged our students in all grades to stand up for their values and beliefs and to ensure that they are a positive influence on others. It is most important that they see themselves as strong, capable individuals with good self-esteem as this will enable them to stand firmly in the face of negative influences.

I do wish you all a wonderful term ahead and look forward to connecting with you at the various events.

Fond regards

Lisa Palmer
Executive Head: Kingsmead College

World Rhino Day

rhino Kingsmead College

World Rhino Day took place on 22 September. The Green Team made a footprint display on the Garth to raise awareness for this day and also to celebrate our treasured and magnificent animals.

World Rhino Day 2021: Significance
Rhinos are on the verge of extinction due to climate change, poaching and disturbance in natural habitat. This day is celebrated to create awareness among people regarding the importance of this incredible species. The ongoing poaching of rhinos is due to the demand for their horn, which is used in traditional medicine. Rhino horn consists of keratin, which the same material is found in horses’ hooves. The keratin in rhino horn contains amino acids as well as salts such as calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate.

The theme for 2021 was “KEEP THE FIVE ALIVE” referring to the remaining 5 species of Rhino’s around the world. The Black, Sumatran & Javan rhino are critically endangered. The Greater One-horned rhino is classified as vulnerable and the Southern White Rhino is classified as near threatened.

IMG 39971 scaled Kingsmead CollegeAngela Norman-Smith
HOD: Sciences

Arts News

Picture5 Kingsmead College


Well done to Katharine Jones who recently passed the Grade 6 Trinity Violin examination and achieved fantastic results.

Picture1 1 Kingsmead College

Congratulations to Nazrana Jhavary who participated in the SASMT Johannesburg Festival for the Advancement of Music at the end of last term and was awarded Best Senior Woodwind Player. Her video was also included in the online Gala concert as one of the top achievers in this year’s festival.

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Picture4 Kingsmead College

After having to cancel last year’s annual Ensemble Festival and then having to postpone in June, we are committed to having the Kingsmead Ensemble and Choir Festivals in October.

The events will be online in the form of unlisted YouTube videos. The links to the events will be shared in the week of 11 October, so keep an eye on the App for more information!

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Elsabé Fourie
Director of Arts & Music

Sports News


Gauteng Team Selection and SANESA National Championship – 6th to 9th October

We would like to congratulate the following students on their recent outstanding achievements. Based on their results at District Finals, they have been selected to represent Gauteng at the National Championship.

High School:

Helena van der Merwe:
A Team for Handy Hunter

H. vd Merwe Kingsmead College

Mia Byrne:
C Team for Working Hunter

Mia Byrne Kingsmead College

Rania Motara:
A Team for Working Riding
B Team for Dressage A
B Team for Dressage B
B Team for Performance Riding
C Team for In Hand Utility

R. Motara Kingsmead College

Sarah Warren:
A Team for In Hand Utility
A Team for Working Hunter
C Team for Working Riding

S.Warren Kingsmead College

SANESA Eventing/Stadium Eventing National Championship – 2 and 4 October

Ella Hunt:
A Team for Stadium Eventing
B Team for Eventing

E. Hunt Kingsmead College

The following team has won the 2022 Johannesburg District Equestrian Trophy. Congratulations on this brilliant achievement!

Amy Falcon
Ella Hunt
Hannah Buttifant-Sewel (C )
Helena van der Merwe
Mia Byrne
Rania Motara
Sarah Warren
Sarah Florence


The following students have been selected for the Gauteng hockey teams:

U16A – Nina Evans

N. Evans Kingsmead College

U16B – Mia Spiers,  Lesedi Magondo

M.Oosthuizen Speirs Kingsmead College

L.Magondo Kingsmead College

U14A – Nozipho Magondo

N. Magondo Kingsmead College


The world triathle and biathle championships were held in Weiden, Germany from 25 – 29 August 2021. Unfortunately, due to the cancellation of the SA championships, South Africa will not be in a position to send a national team.

The UIPM has informed the SA Modern Pentathlon Association that South Africa, and all other national organisations that were unable to host championships, may enter athletes that qualify on an individual basis to compete at the world championships. Both Isabella and Helen Cockeran have qualified to compete in the elite race at the word championships in their respective categories.

Helen was injured and could not compete but Isabella finished 8th in the u19 Elite section.

I. Cockeran Kingsmead College
Isabella Cockeran


Maia and Meera Luksmidas represented their club, Gold Reef Rhythmic Gymnastics, at the Central Gauteng District and Gauteng Provincial competitions.

Meera competed in Level 8 U/15 with routines for free dance, rope and ball. Meera placed 1st overall for Central Gauteng and 3rd overall at the Gauteng Provincial competitions.

Maia competed in the Senior Olympic category with routines for ball, hoop, clubs and ribbon. Maia placed 2nd overall for Central Gauteng and 3rd overall for the Gauteng Provincial competitions.

Both gymnasts qualified to represent Gauteng at the National Championships to be held in October.

Meera Luksmidas Kingsmead College
Meera Luksmidas

Mia Luksmidas Kingsmead College
Mia Luksmidas


We would like to congratulate Amy Falcon (U14), Leah Falcon (U16) and Rachel Shannon (U19) who have been chosen to represent Joburg Junior Squash at their respective Regional IPTs.

Amy and Leah participated on 24 – 26 September and Rachel will participate on the weekend of 2 – 4 October.

A. Falcon Kingsmead College
Amy Falcon

L. Falcon Kingsmead College
Leah Falcon

R. Shannon Kingsmead College
Rachel Shannon


Christy-Anne Peers, a Grade 12 student was selected for the Gauteng u18 Schools Netball team!

C. Peers Kingsmead College

Water Polo

Caitlin Stott and Alison Gace were invited to SA U17 polo camp and we are very proud to announce that Caitlin Stott was selected for the SA u17 water polo team that will tour to Czech Republic in October.

This past weekend, our 1st team participated in the Roedean Prestige Cup. The team finished 4th out of 10 schools.

C. Stott Kingsmead College
Caitlin Stott

A. Gace Kingsmead College
Alison Gace

Robert Pullen
Director of Sports

Academic News


Elements of Existence

This term, the Grade 9 students have been learning about the breathing system as part of the Life Sciences studies in the Elements of Existence module. We were lucky enough to participate in an eventful practical where we got to dissect lungs and see what we had been learning about. We saw the different parts of the lungs up close and we even got to watch how the lungs inflated and deflated. Despite a few of us feeling queasy at times, we definitely all benefited from this practical. Apart from the lung dissection we were also able to dissect a heart which we learnt about in Term 2 during the Adrenaline Rush module. We got to see where all the major parts of the heart were, like the valves in the heart and seeing how the blood vessels connected. This was definitely the most interesting part of the experiment for me.

Nina Evans
Grade 9 Student

Dissection Kingsmead CollegeTo add to the dissection practical, as part of their Life Sciences studies in the Elements of Existence module, the Grade 9s created their own respiratory system simulation from recyclable materials. The model represents the lungs inside the chest cavity and it shows how the principle of breathing is brought about by the contraction of the muscles of the chest cavity (the diaphragm), which is represented with a plastic sheet under the bottle. The students had to create a stop-motion video explaining the breathing mechanism.

Angela Norman-Smith
HOD: Sciences

This is Us

During Natural Science in our This Is Us module this term we have been learning all different things about the human body. One topic we have learnt about this term was different types of contraceptives that could be used to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. In Natural Science last week we did a practical assessment to find out what brand of condom was the most durable and if the price of the condom affected the durability. We took three different brands of condoms Choice(government brand), Trust and Durex (the most highly trusted brand). We then took a measuring jug and tried to fill the condom with as much water as possible while measuring the circumference of the condoms until it eventually burst. There were lots of giggles when condoms burst and splashed all over some people’s shoes. We had so much fun doing this experiment and learnt that the most expensive condom is not necessarily the most durable.

1 Kingsmead College
Gemma Bouche, Morgan Kohler, Emma Simmonds and Ella Stuart
Grade 9 Students


English Olympiad

The annual De Beers English Olympiad was written this year in March with 44 Kingsmead students from Grade 9 – 12 participating. The Olympiad is a three-hour written exam comprising of three sections. Each student is required to answer one question on each of the sections. The theme of this year’s Olympiad was “People and Personas” and focused on the uniqueness of the individual. The various texts explored concepts such as identity, self, growing up, and various relevant life experiences, which the students found immensely relatable. The texts with which the students engaged cover a wide spectrum of different genres, types, and styles of literature. These include poetry, prose, short stories, monologues, and travelogues.

This year Kingsmead College received some very praiseworthy results with one gold, eight silver and thirteen bronze awards. Moreover, Catherine Gallagher in Grade 11 placed 54th in the Top 100 from around the country. This is an extremely pleasing result, and the entire Kingsmead College community is very proud of Catherine’s great achievement.

Next year the English Olympiad will be written on 8 March 2022 (COVID-19 dependent) and the theme is “A Brave New World”.

Matthew Hartdegen
English Teacher

Service News


Picture3 Kingsmead College

Clothes to Good Collection

The annual Clothes to Good Collection will continue until half term. Be a fashion recycler and receive a 15% H&M discount voucher when you donate a bag of clothes. The Clothes to Good collection programme is an initiative that works to prevent unwanted clothes and textiles from going to landfills. Clothes to Good use recycled clothes to create value for as many people as possible by creating inclusive jobs and micro-businesses.

Clothes to Good donation bags and permission forms are available from Music Reception and donation points are at the main parking area and the field.

Picture4 1 Kingsmead College

The Senior School students will be involved in the Clothes to Play programme where recycled clothing will be made into toys for various ECD centres in Diepsloot.

Clothes to Play workshops will take place from Tuesday to Thursday afternoon, 5-7 October from 14h30-16h00 in Mackenzie 3.

Goodwill Ponte Tours

Picture5 1 Kingsmead College

Goodwill Day Blood Drive

Picture6 Kingsmead College

Goodwill Day Meal-in-a-Bag Packing Event

Make a difference on Goodwill Day by bringing your family and friends to participate in this exciting volunteering opportunity to pack meals in support of our partner organisations.

All ages welcome, strict Covid-19 protocols will be followed. All ingredients will be provided.

Registration fee:         R50 per person
Venue:                          Mackenzie
Time slots:                  45 minute time slots starting on the hour from 8h00 – 12h00
Bookings:                    Please email Ms Thato Makae (tmakae@kingsmead.co.za)

Goodwill Day Yoga

Support the PTA and MDC by joining a relaxing yoga session on the Astro from 8h00-9h00 or from 9h30-10h30. Tickets: R150. Book via the link

Walk in Colour

The Junior School students and families are invited to join the PTA for a Walk in Colour from 11h00-12h00 on our beautiful campus along the cross country route (900m or 1.8km). Tickets: R50.

Book via the link

Goodwill Day Picnic and Activities

The PTA and MDC will host a picnic on the cricket pitch and music lawns. Bring a blanket and buy some tasty food and treats. While you are picnicking our marimba bands will entertain you.

The Senior School students and families are invited from 8h00 to 10h30.

The Junior School students and families are invited from 11h00 to 13h30.

The MDC will be hosting karaoke, bracelet making and tie dye activities in the Joel Hall from 9h00 until 13h00.

Jenny Venter
Director of Service

Medical News


On Saturday  18 September, after postponing the practical skills workshop twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 19 students and 1 teacher completed their level 2 first aid course and 1 student completed her level 3 qualification.

Please watch the highlights in the video below.


Monica Loubser
Professional Nurse

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