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Kingsmead Newsletter July 2022

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Dear Kingsmead Community,

Teacher appreciation:
I have read a number of articles recently that highlight how tough the past two years have been for everyone, but particularly for teachers. The one was entitled “Why the 2021 – 2022 School Year Has Been the Hardest Ever.”  I quote from this article:

“However, this past school year was harder than I can begin to explain, and I know my colleagues feel the same. One of my closest teacher friends said to me last week. “If you haven’t thought about quitting the profession this year, you’re weird.”

Another article by Nicholas Ferroni states that the fact that teachers “are so undervalued should concern everyone.” He goes on to say that many teachers are considering leaving their dream job and that there is going to be a lack of dedicated teachers in the profession.

This is of great concern, and I am wondering just how we lift the morale of teachers and how we help them to overcome the sense of hopelessness that many are experiencing. We also need to do everything we can to ensure that teachers are seen as dedicated professionals who are making an enormous difference and who work exceptionally hard.

The fact is that students (and parents) have changed since the world shut down and teachers are at the forefront of having to pick up a lot of extra pastoral care and deal with more behavioural matters. I believe that Kingsmead, because of its ethos and nurturing culture, has always been excellent at this, but even we are seeing more of this playing out this year.

Picture1 Kingsmead College

I would like to stop for a moment to thank the staff for all that they have done over the past two years to ensure that our students are seen and nurtured.

Staffing matters:
We are sad to announce that Mrs Jenny Venter has resigned and will be taking up a teaching post in Italy at the International School in Padua from half term next term. Mrs Venter has been instrumental in putting Kingsmead on the map, particularly with regards to The President’s Award and in establishing relationships with many partner organisations in the Service area of the school. She has ensured that most, if not all, of the Kingsmead students are involved in some aspects of service and make a difference to our community. We will say a fitting farewell to Mrs Venter before she leaves the school.

We say goodbye to Sister Monica Loubser at the end of this term, although she will still be assisting us in Term 3 we took this opportunity to wish her well on her big adventure. Sister Monica and her husband will be sailing around the world and we hope she will keep us updated on her travels. She will be greatly missed at Kingsmead, she has been a steadfast and incredible nursing sister on our campus and we particularly thank her for all the advice, decisions and protocols she implemented during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. We wish you well Sister Monica. Sister Megan Cluff has joined our team and we so look forward to working with her going forward.

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Rates issue:
Many of you would have read about the recent rates issue that has emerged in the City of Johannesburg, where educational institutions (both state and independent) have been rezoned as “public service property” and will now have to pay business rates. This is resulting in most of the independent schools in Johannesburg paying up to 10 times what we have been paying up until now. State schools will also have to pay around 6 times what they have been paying. ISASA is going to be taking up this case on our behalf of the independent schools and there are other organisations that will also be going to court about the ruling. This has implications for every school and we are hoping for a favourable outcome. I will keep you updated with any information going forward.

We wish our Kingsmead Community a happy and restful August break, if you are traveling please travel safely. We look forward to seeing our students on 6 September for the start of the busy and exciting third term.

With best wishes,
Lisa Palmer
Executive Head: Kingsmead College


Growth Curriculum

Grade 8 Culture Clash
For the Culture Clash module, students are grouped and challenged with researching four selected South African cultures. The collaborative activities include; researching and selecting relevant information, interviewing cultural representatives and exploring artists through music and dance. Students focus on the module, Culture Clash through the lenses of Visual Art, Drama, Music and Life Orientation. The module culminated in a celebration of the different cultures with food, dancing, and the traditional dress of various cultures.

Grade 9: Made in Africa
The Grade 9 Growth Curriculum module – ‘Made in Africa’ involved collaboration between Geography, Visual Arts, Music and Enrichment. During this module we explored Africa’s unique geographical features and the importance of water on the continent, as well as the value of African masks and the role of music in African society. Students created an aesthetically pleasing design inspired by the different components of the module. This design was transferred over onto lino plates, which were then carved and printed

PHOTO 2022 07 20 11 40 16 Kingsmead College

Grade 9: Adrenaline Rush
The Grade 9s have been learning about the circulatory system this term in Adrenaline Rush. They studied the structure of the heart, blood vessels and the different components of blood. As an extension to their studies, they observed a heart dissection demo of an ox heart. This is 6x the size of a sheep heart. Unfortunately, due to low stock from our usual suppliers, the students were unable to do their own dissection, but the structures visible in the ox heart were amazing. They got to touch the heart (which always brings out lots of ooohhhs and aaahhhs) and to see the valves and major blood vessels.

Business Studies
Kingsmead College took part in the Annual EMS/UJ FIMO High School Olympiad for 2022.

Proverto is the organiser of the National High School Olympiad in partnership with The University of Johannesburg, Department of Finance and Investment Management, School of Management, College of Business and Economics will be hosting

Congratulations to the following students who wrote the final round of the Proverto National High School Business Studies Olympiad:
Nomaswazi Mdluli (Grade 10)
Zinziswa Mlomempi (Grade 10)
Gabriella Dodd (Grade 10)
Tshiamo Mphambela (Grade 10)
Olivia Cooke (Grade 10)
Julia Tonetti (Grade 10)
Lily Holroyd (Grade 10)
Sange Sibiya (Grade 10)
Cara Nicholson (Grade 10)
Naafia Nanabhai (Grade 10)
Ntuthuko Masetlwa (Grade 10)
Liyaana Carim (Grade 10)
Mbali Ndlela (Grade 11)
Mitali Lalla (Grade 11)
Kate Dixon (Grade 12)
Kwanda Buthelezi (Grade 12)
Rebecca Anagnostellis (Grade 12)
Isabella Cockeran (Grade 12)
Ella-Louise Russon (Grade 12)
Noluthando Zwane (Grade 12)

National Geography Olympiad
37 Kingsmead College Geography students from Grade 10 – 12 took part in the annual South African National Geography Olympiad in May earlier this year.

We are pleased to share the following results and congratulate the students on their fine achievement:
3 students placed in the top 5% achieving gold certificates.
Nina Jacobs (Grade 11)
Chloe Taylor-Smith (Grade 12)
Chloe Collins (Grade 12)

5 students placed in the top 10% achieving silver certificates.
Fatima-Zahraa Asvat (Grade 10)
Chloe Wagner (Grade 11)
Emma Proudfoot (Grade 11)
Jessica Robinson (Grade 12)
Elizabeth Oelofsen (Grade 12)

5 students placed in the top 15% achieving bronze certificates.
Amelia Granig (Grade 10)
Lesedi Magondo (Grade 11)
Sarah Kwant (Grade 11)
Ntandoyenkosi Ngwenya (Grade 12)
Jessica Bennet (Grade 12)

Qaylah Choonara Kingsmead College

Qaylah Choonara was the only student invited to participate in the second round. She was placed 17th in South Africa and was the top student in the country for Grade 10. Congratulations Qaylah!

Arts & Music

This past weekend the Kingsmead Senior Debating team including Mwamini Bukanga, Elizabeth Hakizimana and Hameeda Malik took part in the SACEE Debating League Finals. Each round was an elimination; only the winning team would progress to the next round. Kingsmead won their semi-final and was set to face Jeppe Boys in the SACEE Developmental League finals. In a very heated debate in which the momentum kept swinging from proposition to opposition, Kingsmead lost the final by the faintest of margins, ending second in our division, a monumental achievement! In addition, in the preliminary rounds, Mwamini ranked ninth, Elizabeth ranked fifteenth and Hameeda thirtieth in a pool of more than 160 speakers from more than ten different schools around the province. Congratulations to our excellent team of debaters!

Mwamini Bukanga Kingsmead College
Hameeda Malik Kingsmead College
Elizabeth Hakizimana Kingsmead College

Public Speaking
Earlier this term our public speaking club members participated in the Johannesburg festival of Arts competition. Kingsmead entered three prepared teams, one impromptu team and seven individual speakers. Our students performed exceptionally! The Grade 11 team including Sameeha Gangat, Julia Aspoas and Hameeda Malik received an A+. The Grade 9 including Bibi-Fathima Peer, Oprah Orimoloye, Mahdiyyah Wadee and Layyo Dasso received an A ++ and the team including Thando Sibanda, Zahra Khan, and Ilhaam Adam received an A.

The impromptu team: Sameeha Gangat, Mwamini Bukanga, Onthatile Sennelo and Serena Taylor Parkins received an A. The individual speakers performed brilliantly as well, with Tyla Klassen achieving an A ++, Mwamini Bukanga, Mbali Ndela and Keitumetsi Makhanya A symbols, Tasmiya Peer, Sarah Kwant  and Hameeda Malik a B+.

On Saturday 30 July, our Marimba bands had the opportunity to perform for each other at our Marimba Fun Day. Marimbas provide the perfect platform for anyone who enjoy making music to have fun together.

Music ensembles benefit personal growth just as much as they benefit musical growth. You’re side by side with people of different ages, stages, ability levels, and social groups. The overcoming of these differences help us to grow, and help us to create beautiful music together. ~ Vaughan Fleischfresser

Choral Celebration Network Festival
On Sunday 31 July, our Senior School Choir participated in the prestigious Choral Celebration Network Festival at the Linder Auditorium. It was a privilege and honour to participate in this special event alongside some of the best choirs in and around Johannesburg. We were thrilled to be included and our choir did not disappoint, receiving the most enthusiastic applause from an appreciative audience. Thank you to all our Choir families and friends for supporting us at this special event.

Thank you to our Kingsmead community for your continued support of the Kingsmead Arts & Music Department.

Art & Music

Elsabé Fourie
Director of Arts & Music


Well done to the following players, manager and coach who represented Southern Gauteng Hockey at the various age group tournaments:
Charlie Dalling – team finished 3rd at u14 IPT
Nozipho Magondo – team finished 3rd at their u16 IPT
Nina Evans – team finished 1st at u16 IPT
Lesedi Magondo – team won the B section and promoted to A SECTION FOR 2023.
Muj Padayachy – coach of u18C team that won North Festival.
Des Golach – manager of u14 team that won IPT and has also been selected for the South African over 60 Hockey World Cup team!

Charlie Dalling Kingsmead College
Nozipho Magondo Kingsmead College
Nina Evans Kingsmead College
Lesedi Magondo Kingsmead College
Mr Mujahid Padayachy Kingsmead College
Des Kingsmead College

The Astro Turf will be replaced during August and September. These are the last pictures taken during a Grade 6 and 7 morning session.

Astro 1 Kingsmead College
Astro Kingsmead College

The team riders have qualified to represent the Johannesburg Central Team and will compete at Gauteng Regional Finals due to take place at Kyalami Equestrian Park on the 6th and 7th of August.

Congratulations go to Amy Falcon, Ella Hunt, Mia Byrne, Rania Motara, Sarah Florence, and Sarah (Storm) Warren.

Amy Falcon Kingsmead College
Rania Motara
Sarah Florence Kingsmead College
Sarah Warren Kingsmead College

Waterpolo Winter League
We have entered into a winter league and the teams have performed very well:
Open team have won 6 and lost 1 game
U15 team have won 5, lost 1 and drawn 1 game

Indoorpool Kingsmead College
Indoor Pool Kingsmead College

The following players participated in the Growthpoint SA Junior Nationals – Joburg Region squash tournament. The results are as follows:
Rachel Shannon: U19 winner
Leah Falcon: U19, 4th place
Amy Falcon: U17, 7th place
Milli Seekins: U15, 4th place

Rachel Shannon
Leah Falcon Kingsmead College
Amy Falcon Kingsmead College
Milli Seekins Kingsmead College

Robert Pullen
Director of Sport


The Grace Factory Packing Events
Kingsmead College has partnered with The Grace Factory to reach their goal of packing 1000 maternity bags for Mandela Day. The Grace Factory is a South African non-profit organisation who aims to help mothers at birth, supplying them with essential baby care products. 1000 maternity bags were packed for Mandela Day and distributed at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital.

Mandela Day
Kingsmead College hosted a Make-and-Donate-a-Sleeping-Bag event on Mandela Day (18 July 2022). 67 sleeping bags were made from newspaper and recycled plastic and donated to Doorway to Dignity for distribution to the homeless. Each sleeping bag is lightweight, water resistant and surprisingly warm. We welcomed members of the Fight with Insight Youth Council as our facilitators on the day.

The Grade 2 students made beautiful scarves, the Grade 1s made sandwiches and the Grade 0s coloured Mandela Day tags to be donated with each sleeping bag.

The 50 blankets knitted and crocheted by Kingsmead students were displayed on Mandela Day and will be donated to Dlala Nje.

Grade 8 Service Excursions
The Grade 8s visited Husky Rescue, The Society for Animals in Distress, The Children’s Memorial Institute, Lefika La Phodiso and Fight with Insight after their examinations.

Jenny Venter
Director of Service

The President’s Award

The Grade 9s enjoyed a day hike at Melville Koppies after the examinations. Melville Koppies is a nature reserve and a Johannesburg City Heritage Site. It is the last conserved remnant of Johannesburg’s ridges as they were before the discovery of gold. The vegetation of the Koppies is entirely indigenous and a remarkable example of the richness of highveld grasses, flowers, and trees. Grade 9 students were introduced to the flora, fauna, ecology, archeology, and history of this beautiful nature reserve and completed a 5 kilometre hike.


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