January 2022 Highlights

January 2022 Highlights

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January was a wonderful month filled with joy and hope for the year to come. We rang in our first month back at school with outstanding results from the Class of 2021, who achieved remarkable academic success in their final IEB examinations. We also had wonderful achievements across the Junior and Senior Schools, and our students started off their summer sports rosters with fantastic sporting achievements. See some of our January 2022 highlights below.

“Let us have wings – wings of courage, far-sightedness, hope and joy, but let us
be quite sure that we have roots too. It is no good flying unless you know to what
goal to fly.” DV Thompson, 1945.

May the year ahead be filled with hope, peace, happiness and possibility. Here’s to a prosperous 2022!

In January we welcomed our new staff to the Kingsmead family. We wish them a fruitful journey filled with lots of happy days.

“A new school – what is it? It is this that we see before and around us – the bricks and mortar, so well and truly built. It is the girls who will learn; the staff who will teach; it is the study and the games. Yes, this is the body, the framework; these are the dry bones. But something more is required, something to make these dry bones live. A spirit behind them, a purpose towards which to strive, some breath, a soul and spirit so that Kingsmead may not be just a building, not just an attractive garden, not just a collection of staff and girls going through a daily routine, but that it may have a soul, a personality of its own, that it may become a life-giving force, an active power in the land.
Guard that thing which is committed to your charge. Keep it safe, untarnished, happy, free and loyal.”

DV Thompson, 1934.

Kingsmead new staff 2 Kingsmead College

Along with our new staff, we welcomed our Grade 000 & 00 students. Mornington Preschool was booming with excitement. We wish our students a long, happy stay as they begin their journey at Kingsmead.
Happiness – Embrace beauty, love and goodness in all that we do. Courage Always.

Kingsmead congrats matrics Kingsmead College

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 on your exceptional results. Your hard work and dedication has certainly paid off. Kingsmead College achieved 100% pass rate and BD.
We are immensely proud and wish you well on your next chapter. To see our farewell messages to the Matric Class of 2021, visit our Facebook page here. 

Matric results Kingsmead College

We spent a beautiful morning in January celebrating our 100% matric pass rate. Our Class of 2021 arrived in numbers despite the rain on the day. The school was filled with so much excitement and happiness. Congratulations Class of 2021!

Newzroom Afrika covered the celebration in their morning segment on #BacktoSchool, which you can view below.

This is our Matric Class of 2021 leading a war cry during Inter-High Swimming in 2020. To watch the video, click here. Such beautiful memories! Class of 2021, your extraordinary spirit will forever live on.

Our Executive Head, Lisa Palmer, shares her message to our Matric Class of 2021, congratulating them on their exceptional exam results, and thanking them for their commitment to Kingsmead.

View the video clip on our Facebook page here.

Congratulations to Ammaarah Wadee on being awarded the Wits Vice-Chancellor Scholarship! The scholarship is awarded to the ten most outstanding matriculants. What an incredible achievement! We couldn’t be prouder of you Ammaarah, we can’t wait to follow your future journey.

Wadee Kingsmead College

Congratulations to Mira Naidoo who passed the Grade 4 ABRSM Theory Examination with distinction and Ava Naidoo who passed the Grade 2 ABRSM Theory Examination with 100%!
Well done to Jessica Robinson who achieved an impressive 90% for the Grade 8 Piano Examination.

Naidoo academics Kingsmead College
Academic achiever 1 Kingsmead College
Academic achiever 2 Kingsmead College

Kingsmead competed in the Annual St Mary’s Summer Splash Festival, which caters for swimming, diving and water polo. Well done to the students that participated and congratulations to the following students who achieved exceptional results in the different categories.

Diving results: Overall – 4th
2nd Grace Hefer
3rd Jada Williams
7th Kathrine Jones
14th Julia Aspoas
7th Anna Eyles
10 Nina Evens
6th Lilla Eyles
4th Camden Williams
Water Polo results
Our u16 team finished 5th out of 8 schools
Swimming Results
The swimming team was a combined u10 to u18 team and Kingsmead placed 6th out of 9 schools.

A big welcome back to our Kingsmead Community! Wishing you all a healthy, happy and wonderful year ahead. We’re skipping into 2022 like …

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