Kingsmead College has always distinguished between Scholarships – which have been awarded for excellence in a particular area and Bursaries – which have been based on excellence as well as financial need.

In support of the school’s Statement of Intent on Diversity and Inclusion, the Kingsmead College Council took the decision that from 2021 additional criteria would be used to award bursaries and scholarships.

In order to further advance our strategic intent and our transformation goals, as of 2022, the existing Scholarships and Bursaries will be consolidated into Kingsmead Fellowship Awards. 

In order to apply for a Kingsmead Fellowship Award, you will need to complete the following:

  • An application form
  • A copy of the student’s most recent school report
  • A letter of motivation written by the student who is applying for the Fellowship. Please highlight any area of excellence (Academic, Sport, Arts & Music, Leadership or all-round excellence)

Students who are short-listed will be contacted for an interview. Should you not hear back from the school within 3 weeks of the closing date, you can assume that your application has been unsuccessful.

Applications for 2022 fellowship awards have now closed.

We would like to congratulate the following recipients of the Kingsmead Fellowship Awards for 2022:

Internal (currently attending Kingsmead Junior School)

  • All round excellence: Mira Naidoo and Kaitlyn Brown
  • Academic: Hope Ngwenya and Zaara Banwa
  • Music: Anna Lipchin
  • Sport: Kate Sardi, Sienna Fry, and Jessica Galloway

External (currently attending other junior schools)

  • All round excellence: Nokwanda Buthelezi and Nuha Cassim
  • Academic: Aziza Carrim
  • Music: Grace Gilfillan
  • Sport: Clea Ellens
  • Discretionary: Murendeni Kone and Rosa Heatlie