Kingsmead February 2022 highlights - Shoe donations

February 2022 highlights

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February is the month of love, and this was no exception at Kingsmead, where we had a month filled with companionship, giving and togetherness. Read our February 2022 highlights below, where our staff donned the Kingsmead uniform, our students took part in exciting experiments and outings, and we celebrated each others’ similarities as women, and diversities in culture.

Grade 11 geography Kingsmead College

Grade 11s always have so much fun during their Geography lessons. In this lesson they covered the Global Air Circulation. They were consolidating the theory and placing it on their globes in 3D.

Chalk drawing 1 Kingsmead College
Chalk drawing 2 Kingsmead College
Drawing Kingsmead College

We were delighted by the turnout of new families, class and subject teachers, support teachers, interns and new students to our Thinking-Feeling School Orientation Workshop. The level of engagement of all involved created a sense of camaraderie between parents, as well as teachers and students. The Grade 7 Nest students (our Student Thinking Drive Team) shared their learning journeys with parents and teachers, and then assisted in teaching their fellow students about various thinking tools.

Thank you St David’s Marist Inanda for coming to serenade us on a Friday afternoon! We loved having you here.

Thank you to the Kingsmead community who generously donated 1700 pairs of shoes on Footloose Friday. The beneficiaries are our partner organisations Hotel Hope, Dlala Nje, Fight with Insight, Kids Haven, Isipho Primary, Sunshine Association, Lefika la Phodiso, Rays of Hope and Guild Cottage.

Kingsmead February 2022 highlights - Shoe donations

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the Grade 5s and 6s created multiples and factors love bugs during their Maths lessons. Sharing the spirit of love through mathematics! Our Grade 7s also hosted a festive, heart-filled cake and candy sale.

On Valentine’s Day, while the Senior School students wore civvies, the staff arrived to school in school uniform! Ms Palmer and our students had so much fun during the checking of uniform. House marks were deducted and detentions were given for the transgression of uniform rules. What a fun way to celebrate the spirit of the day! Lots of laughter, love and happiness.

Staff uniforms Kingsmead College
Staff uniforms2 Kingsmead College

On Saturday 12 February we were absolutely delighted to host our buddies from Rays of Hope who have not been to Kingsmead for two years. We had a wonderful afternoon baking, doing art, reading together and playing on the jungle gyms.

Our Grade 6 and 7 students celebrated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science by creating fun experiments.

The Grade 7s were ‘Making Magic Happen’ using an inquiry process. The students had to investigate what would happen if a Styrofoam cup is placed in a measured amount of acetone. They worked on establishing important skills used by scientists, including observing, hyposthesising, questioning, measuring, interpreting and recording.

The Grade 6s conducted a fun experiment to investigate whether ‘sponge animals’ would hatch in water of varying temperatures.

In preparation for the Grade 12 Geography outing on Monday, the students worked with Google Maps and My Maps to personalise their own maps and to familiarise themselves with the area and GIS functionality.

Geography outing Kingsmead College
Geography outing 2 Kingsmead College
Geography outing 3 Kingsmead College

21 February was International Mother Tongue Day! International Mother Language Day is a worldwide annual observance held on 21 February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. We celebrated by sharing greetings in all of our official languages in assembly. The teachers have also been greeting students in their own mother tongue and encouraging our students to share their mother tongue with their peers.

Congratulations to our 1st Team Water Polo. They took part in the Annual Prestige Cup at Roedean School. Our team played well and finished 3rd in their pool and will play for positions later in the year from 5-8 October.

The Inter-House Gala is one of the most exciting events in the first term, seeing our houses battle it out to be crowned the inter-house gala champions. After missing the gala the last two years, we were grateful to witness the excitement and fun once again. We saw amazing camaraderie and sportsmanship from all our students who participated in the gala. The supporters were nothing short of amazing, all deserving the spirit cup, as they cheered their houses with all they had!

Congratulations to all of the swimmers who participated in what was undoubtedly a great kick-off to sports for the year. A big “thank you” to our staff members who guaranteed the success of the gala and the PTA for the treats!

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