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Dear Parents


As Kingsmead girls and teachers, we are responsible for our individual lifelong learning, ensuring intellectual freedom and creativity; while remaining intent on a loyal commitment as members of our school community and beyond.

Our commitment to the development of intrinsic behaviour, choices and attitudes was celebrated during our assembly this week. Taking our deep traditional perspective of maintaining the values and ethos of our school into account, our girls took part in an assembly where this commitment was symbolized in an expression of personal intent to uphold our motto, ‘Franc Ha Leal’. During this assembly, we celebrated the significance of learning to be responsible for our thoughtful and caring behaviour through considered and respectful choices.

Our SP girls have been encouraged to reflect on their individual behaviour (previously symbolized by the Conduct Medal – an extrinsic display of their actions) and dedicate these badges as a symbol of their courage and intrinsic pursuit of expected mindful behaviour. We introduced a rite of passage this week, where the girls are able to sign their Conduct Medals and insert them into the newly beaded Inyoni – Kingsmead’s Thinking Bird, as we wanted her to take these into her heart and soul.

The united gathering of Conduct Medals and the symbol held within the bird assists our girls in realizing the impact of their behavioural choices, as well as encouraging them to seek personal progress as they live the Kingsmead values of Purpose; Responsibility; Happiness; Possibility; and Service. The motivation to commit to these behavioural expectations and values of our school is thus seen as an increasingly intrinsic process.

I trust that our senior girls will involve themselves in this deliberate, significant process this week.


Kim Lowman – Head: Junior School

Car stickers

It has come to our attention that the quality of the current car parking stickers is inferior. The stickers are difficult to remove as well as apply. We are in the process of investigating alternatives.


Wednesday 28 Feb   

  • Gr 3 visit to the Delta Environmental Centre, in Victory Park

Thursday 1 Mar

  • 08h00 Grade 4 – 7 Inter-house gala
  • JP – continue with normal school day
  • PTA Cake and Candy sales at gala
  • 10h00 JS closed for half term
  • Aftercare will run until 13h00

Friday 2 Mar

  • Closed for Half term

Saturday 3 Mar

  • Closed for Half term

Monday 5 Mar

  • Closed for Half term


Inyoni bird Kingsmead College

f6e2341c955cbeae68266e478bf78fac 2 Kingsmead CollegePTA – Cake & Candy and Boerewors Rolls sale

The PTA will be selling boerewors rolls and cake and candy at the Junior School Inter-house gala on Thursday, 1 March from 09h00 – 10h00.

Please send your daughter with cash as sign to account will only be available to parents.



Week Past:

On Thursday 22nd February, the A to D teams played against St Teresa’s. The A/B Teams lost by just 5 games and the C/D Teams won by 2 games. Well done to all the players! A great improvement in the tennis could be observed.

On Saturday 24th February, 5 of our Grade 4 players participated in a tennis festival at St Teresa’s. It was a great festival which provided our girls with the opportunity to play against different schools. Kingsmead won most of their games and enjoyed the morning of tennis.

Week Ahead:

8th March

  • A/B Teams:
    • Opponents: Brescia A/B Teams
    • Venue: BRESCIA
    • Time: Bus will leave at 13h15 and will return to Kingsmead by approximately 16h30, depending on the traffic.
  • C/D Teams:
    • Opponents: Brescia C/D Teams
    • Venue: KINGSMEAD
    • Time: Matches will start as soon as opponents arrive.

The following girls will play:

  • A – Team: Kristin Brown, Alexa Kohler, Anne-Marie Sutherland, Isabella Sardi, Megan Rogan, Natalie Morris
  • B – Team: Catherine Leppan, Morgan Kohler, Amy Dickinson, Kate Sardi, Kim Sutherland, Alison Marshall
  • C – Team: Ilani-Mari Prinsloo, Samantha Greyling-Nassi, Keratile Maboka, Emma de Kock, Kaitlyn Brown, Zoey Anderson, Zara Fleming
  • D – Team: Rachael Fifield, Caitlyn Stride, Georgia Wickins, Isabeau Blackie, Jenna Holmes, Anna Lipchin, Jemma Goussard

15th March:

  • A/B Teams:
    • Opponents: St Mary’s A/B Teams
    • Venue: ST MARY’S
  • C/D Teams:
    • Opponents: St Mary’s C/D Teams
    • Venue: KINGSMEAD

Information regarding TENNIS:

  • Extra private tennis lessons are offered at school:

Coach:           Jade Pondicas

Email:           jade.pondicas@gmail.com

Cell:               071 674 2108

  • NO tennis practices will be cancelled due to rain or bad weather — players will have practices in the Gym.
  • ONLY the players on the tennis ladder to attend TEAM practices.
  • NON-TEAM practices for Grade 4 & 5 on Mondays and Grade 6 & 7 on Wednesdays.
  • Challenge matches will ONLY take place at the END of the month and NOT every week. Players can challenge up to two spots above them. (Including the reserve players.)


Week Past:

On Friday, 23rd February, the A50m Gala was held at St John’s, A25m Gala was at St David’s and the B25m swam at St Andrew’s. The swimmers all swam extremely well.  A50m Gala ended fourth, with only 4 points behind Brescia.  In the B25m gala Kingsmead also ended in the fourth place and the B25m swimmers ended in the 7th place. The results were as follows:

A50m Gala:

Grade 3:

  • Breaststroke: 2nd
  • Freestyle: 2nd
  • Medley: 3rd

Grade 4:

  • Butterfly: 3rd
  • Backstroke: 2nd
  • Breaststroke: 3rd
  • Medley: 3rd

Grade 6:

  • Breaststroke: 3rd
  • Freestyle: 3rd
  • Medley: 3rd

Grade 7:

  • Breaststroke: 3rd
  • Freestyle: 3rd

A25m Gala:

Grade 3:

  • Breaststroke: 2nd

Grade 5:

  • Breaststroke: 3rd

B25m Gala:

Grade 3:

  • Freestyle: 2nd

Grade 6:

  • Butterfly: 2nd
  • Backstroke: 3rd
  • Breaststroke: 3rd
  • Freestyle: 2nd

Well done to ALL the swimmers! You did Kingsmead proud!  Keep on training hard and please attend all the practices.

Week Ahead:

1st March:

  • Interhouse Grade 4 to 7 Gala – 08h00 to 10h00

9th March:

Prestige Swimming Galas:

  • A50m AT Roedean
  • A25m AT Kingsmead
  • B25m AT St Stithians or St Mary’s (to be finalized)

Transport: Buses will leave from Cecil Road at 13h30 and will return to Kingsmead at approximately 17h00, depending on the traffic.

Hockey News:

On Saturday some of our Grade 7 Hockey players attended the first round of the D9 District Hockey trials at St Andrew’s. Congratulations to the following girls who selected to go to the next round of trials on the 27th February at St Andrew’s: Neo Shibambo, Lillian Turvey, Megan Rogan, Amy Dickinson, Natalie Morris and Anne-Marie Sutherland. Well done, girls!

The trials will start at 17h30.


Important Dates:

Johannesburg District 2018 Core League QUALIFIER DATES:

  • Q2: 17th and 18th March
  • Q3: 19th and 20th May
  • Q4: 16th and 17th June

Gauteng Finals:

Primary Schools:  28th and 29th July


Primary Schools: During October, dates to be confirmed.

For any information regarding Equestrian contact Ms Feroza Motara.

Email:  feroza@tangerineds.co.za

 Please Note:

  • NO EC School Activities will be cancelled due to rain and bad weather — Girls will be having practice sessions in the Gym.
  • Swimming: All girls who are members of a swimming team, are NOT allowed to leave the galas until it is finished. We are a team and by staying to the end, shows unity and builds team spirit.
  • Grade 0 swimmers: Please can all the grade 0 swimmers and parents take note that all the girls have to change in the change rooms and may not do so on the pool deck. Parents not allowed on pool deck during swimming lessons.
  • Diving: Grade 6 & 7 diving session will be on Thursdays from 14h30 to 15h30. Grade 3 “Learn to Dive” will be from 13h30 to 14h30 on Thursdays.

Jo Hamilton Kingsmead College

Click on this link to view the Parenting Panel Profiles



Bread tags and Bottle tops:

Continue to collect Bread tags and Bottle tops for Wheelchairs. Collection point is at the  medical centre.  We need 450 kg bottle tops for a wheelchair or 50 kg bread tags.  We have already donated 6 wheelchairs

We weighed  in December and we have enough bottle tops to donate  for our 7th wheelchair .We are looking for a recipient . Please mail  information to  medicalcentre@kingsmead.co.za

Keep up the good work!

Breadtag poster 6 wheelchairs Kingsmead College

NEW SALLY Kingsmead College


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