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Dear Parents

Thank you to all the parents who attended our information evenings. It was wonderful to share some insight with you as well as to engage during the event. Some parents have shown an interest in receiving some of the information shared during these events. We are in the process of collating the information for distribution.


Our Open Day is planned for the 13 February. This year we have reviewed the purpose and agenda of the Open Day. We have decided to only invite new and prospective parents to the event and not current parents as has been done in the past. We are following a detailed agenda which runs from 8-10:15 with the purpose of relaying information about the school. This will largely be facilitated by our Grade 7 leaders.

We have then, in turn, identified other opportunities for parents to see learning in action at a more suitable and appropriate time for our girls and for our parents. These times will be communicated termly.


The new parking allocated on Cecil road is in full use and has alleviated parking pressures at drop off and pick up. This is the ideal parking for parents with younger girls, who prefer to park and walk their daughters to class. A reminder to the parents who use the drop and go parking near our reception to please use this as a drop and go and not park there indefinitely – this caused congestion and frustration for some parents, especially in the mornings.


Please refer to the WhatsApp group documentation sent out to all parents last week. Please note that class groups are not administered by Kingsmead staff and all queries should be directed to class representatives.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.


Kim Lowman

Head: Junior School


Thursday 1 Feb

  • Grade 5 & 6 cycle test – Afrikaans
  • Grade 7 cycle test – Afrikaans/ isiZulu
  • Tennis matches: A & B teams @ Holy Rosary; C & D teams@ Kingsmead

Friday 2 Feb

  • 07h30 PTA General meeting
  • 07h45 JP Assembly
  • 10h45 SP Hymns
  • Swimming Galas
    • A50 @ St David’s
    • A25 @ Roedean
    • B25 @ Kingsmead
  • 17h00 U13 Waterpolo

Saturday 3 Feb

  • Summer splash – St Mary’s (Grade 4 – 7)


Dear Parents

The PTA would like to extend a warm welcome back to all our “old” families and a special welcome to the newest members of our school. We hope that you are settling into a happy routine.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need assistance in any area.

At the outset I would like to extend our gratitude to our class parents who have so willingly volunteered their time. Without your commitment and input none of what we do would be possible.  Should any other parent like to get involved in the activities of the PTA, we would be so very grateful.  To do this, please email me directly, or fill in the Volunteer Form on the school app (Click on the Parent’ Association icon and then on the Volunteer for School Function link.

Please be advised that the Junior School Parent Co-ordinator is Janet Kohler and her Senior School counterpart is Louise Whittaker. Please contact them should you require any assistance or clarity.

We thank the parent body for your very generous support last year and are looking forward to working with you again this year. Please note and diarise the following dates/events:

First Term:

  • Sale of Valentine rose bushes: February 05 – February 12, 2018.  An order form will be uploaded to the App and copies will be sent home with your girls.
  • Footloose Friday: February 16, 2018.  Girls are able to come to school in civvies on this day, in exchange for which we ask for a pair of gently worn shoes that will be passed on to those in need.
  • Shrove Tuesday: February 13, 2018.
  • Family Outdoor Movie Night: Friday March 23, 2018. Please look out for further information on this wonderful event.

Second Term:

  • Kingsmead Book Fair: Saturday May 12, 2018
  • Parent Social Evening: Friday June 8, 2018

Third Term:

  • Goodwill Day/Fun Walk and Major Raffle Draw: Saturday 6 October
  • 947 Ride for Bara: Sunday November 18, 2018

The School Shop

Our School Shop has a selection of uniforms and merchandise available for your convenience. Pop in and take a look!

MySchool Card

The MySchool fundraising programme is an effective way to raise funds for a beneficiary of your choice; at no additional cost to you the consumer.

The mechanics of the programme are quite simple – a percentage of your purchase value from a participating retailer (eg. Woolworths, Waltons, Engen Quick Shop, loot.co.za; Flight Centre) is sent to your designated beneficiary every month.

If you haven’t yet signed up, we encourage you to do so and select Kingsmead College as your beneficiary. This would help the  PTA raises funds for its various projects – both for the benefit of our school and for the various charitable projects we support.

In order to apply for a card click on the following link: https://www.myschool.co.za/supporter/apply/

If you are new to the school and have not yet changed your beneficiary school, please can we ask that you change to Kingsmead.

We thank you for your commitment to our school and hope that 2017 is a successful and happy year for you and your daughters.

Kind regards

Rizwana Bawa: Chairperson

2018 PTA Executive Committee



Week Ahead:

The first tennis matches for this term will be on the 1st of February.

A/B teams at Holy Rosary.

C/D teams at Kingsmead vs Holy Rosary.

Information regarding TENNIS:

  • Extra private tennis lessons are offered at school:

Coach:           Jade Pondicas

Email:           jade.pondicas@gmail.com

Cell:               071 674 2108

  • NO tennis practices will be cancelled due to rain or bad weather — players will have practices in the Gym.
  • ONLY the players on the tennis ladder to attend TEAM practices.
  • NON-TEAM practices for Grade 4 & 5 on Mondays and Grade 6 & 7 on Wednesdays.
  • Challenge matches will ONLY take place at the END of the month and NOT every week. Players can challenge up to two spots above them. (Including the reserve players.)


Week Past:

On Friday, 26th January, we competed in the first galas for the season. The Grade 7 swimmers did not participate, due to the camp. All the swimmers swam extremely well, but we still need fine tuning on the turns and finishing. The results were as follows:

A50m Gala:

Eight schools competed and Kingsmead ended 6th.

The Grade 3 backstroke swimmers ended 2nd in their relay. Well done, girls!

A25m Gala:

Six schools competed and Kingsmead ended 2nd. Well done to all the swimmers!

The results were as follows:

Grade 3:

  • Breaststroke: 2nd
  • Freestyle: 1st
  • Medley: 3rd

Grade 4:

  • Backstroke: 1st
  • Breaststroke: 3rd
  • Freestyle: 2nd

Grade 5:

  • Butterfly: 3rd
  • Backstroke: 3rd

Grade 6:

  • Butterfly: 1st
  • Backstroke: 1st
  • Breaststroke: 3rd
  • Freestyle: 1st

B25m Gala:

Five schools competed and Kingsmead ended 3rd. The results were as follows:

Grade 3:

  • Backstroke: 3rd
  • Breaststroke: 2nd
  • Freestyle: 2nd
  • Medley: 2nd

Grade 5:

  • Breaststroke: 3rd
  • Medley: 3rd

Grade 6:

  • Butterfly: 1st
  • Backstroke: 2nd
  • Breaststroke: 2nd
  • Freestyle: 2nd
  • Medley: 1st

Well done to ALL the swimmers! Keep on training hard and please attend all the practices.

Week Ahead:

2nd February:

  • A50m AT St David’s
  • A25m AT Roedean
  • B25m AT Kingsmead

3rd February:         SUMMER SPLASH (Grade 4 to 7)

All swimmers will receive a letter from Ms B.   Cartwright.


On Friday, 26th January, the U13 Water polo players participated at Roedean. They played against Crawford and Roedean and won both the games. Well done, girls!


  • Please note that NO EC School Activities will be cancelled due to rain and bad weather — Girls will be having practice sessions in the Gym.



Please note that we are in the process of scheduling all our music pupils and have made a start on the waiting list applications. Email Elsabé Fourie on efourie@kingsmead.co.za for an application form for individual tuition. There is no need to reapply if your daughter was taking lessons at Kingsmead in 2017. Music lessons will be charged at R205/half hour in 2018.

More information about the instrument projects will be communicated with the relevant grades. Please do not contact the teachers directly, we first place existing pupils from last year and then place waiting list pupils.


All parents of girls doing music lessons or participate in group music making, are invited to visit the Music Department during the week of 5-9 February. The goal is for the parents and music teachers to meet each other and for parents to see the spaces their daughters enjoy their music lessons. I hope to see many of you around next week!


Details regarding the Extra-curricular programme have been published in the past two Junior School Newsletter and the same details will be communicated on the app.

For more information, you can also contact the service providers whose details are enclosed with the Extracurricular schedule.

Please note the minor changes:

  • An Additional Marimba session
  • Additional Art Club session for Grade 4-7
  • Chess added on Tuesdays and Fridays for Grade 1-7
  • New additions to follow in February:
    • Baby Beat: Music Classes for babes ages 1-3 – see the app for details
    • Dance Mouse Tots for ages 15 – 35 months – details on the app

Our Choirs, Orchestras and Ensembles have a busy term ahead with the biggest highlight of the term a showcase of all our groups on stage on the 5th of April. Save the date!

Please consult the app for a detailed dates list, schedules and more information. The Arts & Music folder on the app will be updated this week.

Elsabé Fourie – Director of Arts & Music



Bread tags and Bottle tops:

Continue to collect Bread tags and Bottle tops for Wheelchairs. Collection point is at the  medical centre.  We need 450 kg bottle tops for a wheelchair or 50 kg bread tags.  We have already donated 6 wheelchairs

We weighed  in December and we have enough bottle tops to donate  for our 7th wheelchair .We are looking for a recipient . Please mail  information to  medicalcentre@kingsmead.co.za

Keep up the good work!

Breadtag poster 6 wheelchairs Kingsmead College

OKA Gin 2018 1 Kingsmead College


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