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Dear Parents


It would be an interesting study to ask adults today what they learnt at school. I know that the first few things on my list would not include the structure of a locust (although I remember drawing it a few times); it would not be the trigonometry challenges I struggled to complete. It would not be the tests I endured or the assignments I completed late at night.

So I ask the question again, why do we send our children to school? We live in the information, data-driven age where ‘Google’ knows more than our teachers and parents combined. You send your children to school to learn. Each day brings with it new challenges, new experiences, new opportunities to rise and occasions to stand when they fall. This is what they learn. Girls learn to understand friendship and companionship in the class, on the playground and on the sports field. Our children learn to meet deadlines, see a commitment through and become responsible citizens. School is a place where girls belong to a community; where we celebrate our milestones as a school and the achievements of our peers. Memories from school will most certainly be formed by the relationships, the celebrations and the new discoveries made every day. I often refer to the phrase: “school is not only about the teaching of the dots; it’s about connecting them”.

Send your daughters to school for each and every opportunity to experience the full offering at Kingsmead. When you are considering taking your daughters out of school a day early before the holiday or missing the day before half-term, please consider the fact that your daughter is missing out on  some of the most important learning opportunities. Some of these include community and individual celebrations, performances and inter-house events. We are given the gift of a certain number of days to engage with your girls to ensure that we offer them the best ‘full’ education possible. When we experience high levels of absenteeism during the days leading up to the holiday periods, these opportunities are diminished and lose impact. The message you send to your daughter if you choose to take her out of school is clear: “school is not that important”. Please support us in emphasizing the importance of commitment and responsibility and ensure that girls are at school every day. This is because you have our commitment that each day at school is worth it.

Kim Lowman – Head of Junior School


Tuesday, 11 September

  • Junior School EC photographs

Wednesday, 12 September

  • Grade 5 – 7 Parent Information Evening – Joel Hall

Thursday, 13 September

  • 13:45 Tennis Fixtures
  • 18:00 Kingsmead, The Ridge and St Katharine’s Music Evening – Lange Hall

Friday, 14 September

  • 11:00 Grade 1 – 3 Fun Sports Morning and PTA cake and candy sale

Saturday, 15 September

  • JS Family robotics morning
  • U13/U14 Waterpolo Festival
  • OKA Lunch

*** For all sports fixtures please see Sports News below

Enrichment Week

The Grade 5, 6 and 7 students will participate in focused enrichment days at the end of September. During this time, they will attend talks from Education for Living, regarding physical and sexual development, as per our Teen Talk Programme that we have run historically. In addition to this, an enthusiastic team of staff have put together an excellent programme of study skills, wellness and time management to ensure that our girls are well prepared and ready for the end of year examinations.

We look forward to telling you more about it on Wednesday 12 September, at our Parent Information Talk in Joel Hall at 17:30.


At the end of the semester, the Grade 6 and 7 students will be writing examinations. The purpose of this practice is to support the development of examination preparation and technique, which is a necessary academic skill. As such, we have decided to focus the examination period to concentrate on one week, examining the languages and Mathematics. The Grade 7s will also write an examination for Science, and complete an exam equivalent co-curricular task for Geography and History. The Grade 6s will write an integrated paper which will include Science, History and Geography. These examinations will be written over a 5 day period. During this time, the day will be structured differently to meet the needs of the girls. The timetable and communication regarding the arrangements for this examination period will be published by the end of September, to allow sufficient time for planning, as well as to provide the girls with the opportunity of using the schedule to develop their study timetable accurately in the Enrichment Day programme.

Dr. Marisa Di Terlizzi – Deputy Head: Head of Senior Primary

Grade 1 3 Fun Sports morning Kingsmead College


We are thrilled to be hosting Dr Kathie Nunley for a whole and neighbouring-schools professional development at the end of September. Dr Nunley is an educational psychologist, researcher and best-selling author of several books on the brain and learning in the classroom. She is an expert on understanding the development of the ‘Student Brain’ and presents an informative, down-to-earth and humorous talk for parents and other interested people. Please don’t miss this wonderful opportunity and book through the online invitation below…

Dr Kathie Nunley Your Childs brain from birth to teens1 Kingsmead College

Ingrid Beekhuizen – Head of Academics

Green 4 Kingsmead College

On 7 September 2018, all the girls were able to wear civvies to celebrate Recycling Day SA on the 15th September. In order to be allowed to wear their civvies, they were asked to please bring 2 recyclable items and put them on the lawn outside the tuck-shop.

The Junior School Green Committee had met with the Senior School Green Committee earlier that week to discuss what we could do with everyone’s recyclables in order to create an awareness about recycling. The idea we came up with was to design the 3 arrow recycling symbol out of the recyclables on the lawn and to place and sort the relevant items into different piles to create an impact.

It was so good to see everyone supporting this initiative and bringing their recycling while remembering to wear something green! Needless to say, it was a huge success! We are going to continue merging the 2 committees to come up with more ways to create a waste awareness around the campus.

We (the Green Committee) hosted an assembly on Monday 10 September, where the girls were informed about the importance of recycling, along with what items can

and can’t recycle. The committee also took the time to share the new whole campus recycling bin initiative that have been placed around the school.  We believe our message made an impact leaving our younger audience with a very catchy recycling song.

Thank you to everyone who brought their recyclables to school and for supporting our recycling GREEN campaign!

The Green Committee 2018

For additional information on Recycling and what you can do to support your planet please visit the following links:

Saturday 15 September is World Clean-up Day and coincides with Spruit Day. We are doing a Service excursion to show our support for Spruit Day.  We will be joining the clean-up at Zonda Ave, near the Victory Park / Parkhurst Bridge. If you would like to join this venture, please use the sign-up link below.


We will leave from school at 8h45 and will return at about 11h00.

Green 2 Kingsmead College

Green 3 Kingsmead College

Green 1 Kingsmead College


Robotics Morning Invitation Kingsmead College


On behalf of the PTA, welcome to the last term of 2018. It’s a rapid downhill to the holidays from here. Allow me to take the opportunity, upfront, to thank you for your enthusiastic support and assistance last term. We have hosted many events and fundraisers so far this year – all of which have been hugely successful thanks to you!

Now for what’s to come this term:

Friday September, 14 2018:

A cake, candy and prego stall will help to keep you sustained at the Grade 1-3 Fun Sports Morning

Saturday October, 06 2018:

Kingsmead’s Annual Goodwill Day and our fabulous Walk in Colour.  This event has become a much anticipated event in our school calendar.  All girls are expected to walk and all funds raised go towards the Kingsmead Junior School Bursary Fund.  Registration forms for the walk will be sent home with your girls this week.  Please ensure that completed forms are returned to school by Monday September 17, 2018.

Together with your Walk forms, your girls will be bringing home a My School form.  The My School programme allows you to contribute to our fundraising without any effort.  If you have not already signed up to the programme, we request that you do, and that you select Kingsmead as your beneficiary.

Thursday October 11, 2018:

A brand new event – an evening of fun dedicated to all the ladies.  Further details to follow.

Tuesday October 16, 2018:

Another annual event – the Evening of Wonderment and Awe.  The PTA will offer meals and snacks for the evening.  Further details to follow.  However, meals will have to pre-ordered. Please look out in the newsletter and on your class groups for further details.

Other events and details thereof will be communicated.

School Shop:

Thank you for supporting our school shop.  We are constantly trying to introduce new items that you might find interesting – so please pop in every now and then.

A specific note on the Parkas that were ordered by parents earlier this year.  Several parkas have not yet been collected.

Please note that should these not be collected by Friday September 21, 2018, they will be returned to stock and sold.

Printer Cartridge Recycling:

We would like to ask for your support in a new project that earns us some money and is good for the environment.  Look out for the printer cartridge recycling bins in both the Junior and Senior Schools.  We ask that you pop all used ink printer cartridges into these bins.

We are really appreciative of your support and assistance.  The PTA could not achieve what it does without the support of our girls, our parents and the Kingsmead staff.  All funds raised by the PTA are used for projects that benefit our school and our girls.

I wish you a wonderful summer term.

Rizwana Bawa – PTA Chairperson, 2018


Last Saturday afternoon, we held another fun-filled Buddy-Reading workshop at the Junior School. The children played a variety of games and thoroughly enjoyed using the Grade 1 and Grade 0 resources. Thank you to our Kingsmead ‘buddies’ who assisted at the workshop. It is always such a joy to watch our girls devoting their time and energy to the needs of others. They are patient and supportive; taking a sincere interest in welfare of the children.

We are looking forward to hosting the buddies on Goodwill Day.

DSCN0432 Kingsmead College

DSCN0435 Kingsmead College

DSCN0441 Kingsmead College


As a huge fan of Serena Williams, I was saddened to watch her performance at the women’s US Final over the weekend. Throughout my adult life I cannot remember a time Serena Williams was not amongst the top 10 best female players on the Association of Tennis Players log. With 31 singles grand slams (23 titles and 8 runner-ups); 14 grand slam doubles titles and 4 mixed double grand slams (2 titles & 2 runner-ups) there is no doubt that she is one of the greatest female athletes of all time.

Watching her play Naomi Osaka who is 16 years her Junior had me on the edge of my seat. However, with all the controversy on court it soon became clear that her focus and mental strength was no longer where it should be. This is such an important lesson for our educators and coaches as well as the players themselves. At the end of the day we are just human. Whilst our talents may be undisputed, our performance can easily be determined by external and internal factors. We need to be watchful of that student or player who is fighting battles we know nothing about.  Poor performance at physical education or sport practice can be the window into the student’s battles. With the right exercise programmes in place we may be the first line of defence for our students who fight anxiety and mood related disorders.

Who ever said teaching is a half day job!


National Championships: South African National Equestrian Association

A very well done to the following Junior School Equestrian Team Members who were selected to represent Gauteng at the National Championships in October:

Jade Anderson: Level 1 Show Jumping, Performance Riding and Dressage; Level 2 Dressage and Level 3 Prix Caprilli.

Lesedi Moloi: Level 5 Performance Riding.

Makhutsi Moloi: Level 1 Performance Riding.

Leeya Motara: Level 3 In Hand Utility and Level 5 Performance Riding.

Rania Motara: Level 1 Dressage, Level 3 In Hand Utility and Level 5 Performance Riding.

Paula Prinsloo: Level 1 Handy Hunter and Working Riding; Level 5 Working Hunter and Level 6 Equitation.

National Championships will take place from the 3rd to the 6th of October 2018 and we would like to take this opportunity to wish them all the very best.


Please note that the full co-curricular programme will start Monday 10 September 2018. In the event of poor weather, the students will be taken into the Gym. Any other changes will be communicated from the Sports Office only.

TENNIS (Grade 0 – 3): We are currently collating our numbers for Grade 0 – 3 Tennis so that the sessions can be efficiently managed with the right number of coaches.

TENNIS (Grade 2 – Tennis on Friday has been removed)

(Grade 3 – Tennis on Tuesday has been removed)

(Grade 4 – Tennis on Friday has new time slot 14h00 – 15h00)

(Grade 5 – Tennis on Friday has new time slot 14h00 – 15h00)

(Grade 6 – Tennis on Friday has a new time slot 14h00 – 15h00)

(Grade 7 – Tennis on Friday has a new time slot 14h00 – 15h00)

SWIMMING (Grade 0 -3): Mrs. Hanekom will be assessing the girls from this week. Our aim is to group similar ability kids in the same groups.


Date Sport Teams Venue Time Transport
11 Sept Sport Photos School Gym 07h45-13h10 N/A
13 Sept Tennis A&B



St Peter’s

14h30 N/A


14 Sept Fun Sports Morning Grade 1-3 School 11h00 N/A
15 Sept Waterpolo U13 & U14 Kingsmead 14h30
20 Sept Tennis A&B



St Andrews

14h30 N/A


21 Sept Athletics Grade 3-7 St Stithians 14h30 Bus


We are excited to have Nontle Gwavu (Former Protea Player) running our Kingsmead Netball Clinics. Nontle Gwavu was our guest speaker at our EC Assembly end of last term where she was an inspiration to many of the young girls who heard her speak. Her message was simple but powerful. She invited each child to look and find the courage that lies in each and every one of them. Nontle Gwavu will be running Netball clinics on the dates below. The aim of these clinics is to improve general Netball skills and prepare for our next season. All players are welcome. Please do not hesitate to communicate with her directly if you have any queries.

Achieving excellence through passion!

Gwavu Netball Academy (GNA) would like to offer Kingsmead pupil an opportunity to improve their Netball skills. Practice will commence on the 22 September 2018.

Dates Day Venue Time Age group
22 Sep 2018 Saturday Netball courts 07:45 – 8:45 GRADE 3 – 7
29 Sep 2018 Saturday Netball courts 07:45 – 8:45 GRADE 3 – 7
06 Oct 2018 Saturday Netball courts 07:45 – 8:45 GRADE 3 – 7
13 Oct 2018 Saturday Netball courts 07:45 – 8:45 GRADE 3 – 7
20 October 2018 No practice – Half Term
27 Oct 2018 Saturday Netball courts 07:45 – 8:45 GRADE 3 – 7
03 Nov 2018 Saturday Netball courts 07:45 – 8:45 GRADE 3 – 7
10 Nov 2018 Saturday Netball courts 07:45 – 8:45 GRADE 3 – 7
17 Nov 2018 Saturday Netball courts 07:45 – 8:45 GRADE 3 – 7
24 Nov 2018 Saturday Netball courts 07:45 – 08:45 GRADE 3 – 7
Banking Details

  • Account Holder          :   N Gwavu
  • Account Number         :  1342864830
  • Branch Number           :   470010
  • Name of Bank             :   Capitec
  • Type of Account         :   Savings
  • Fees: R1080 per child for 9 lessons (per term)
  • R150 a single session
  • NB! Please put your child’s full name as a reference
  • Payment to be made before the beginning of the season.
Nontle Gwavu

073 470 6859


Sheillah Denenga – 
Head of Junior School Sport sdenenga@kingsmead.co.za


Upcoming event in September & October:

All dates, letters, invitations and updates will be posted on the app under Arts & Music. 

Thu 13 Sep Kingsmead The Ridge, St Katharine’s Music Concert 18h00 – 19h00 Lange hall
Thu 4 Oct ‘The Sound of Children’ Choir Festival (Grade 3 Choir) 18h00 – 19h00 Linder
Tue 9 Oct ABRSM Practical Examinations 9h00 – 16h00 Music Dpt
Wed 10 Oct ABRSM Theory Exams 14h00 – 17h30 KC LC
Thu 24 Oct St Mary’s Ensemble Festival (JS Orchestra) 18h00 – 19h30 St Mary’s
Mon 29 Trinity Practical Examinations 9h00 – 16h00 Music Dpt
Tue 30 Oct Trinity Practical Examinations 9h00 – 16h00 Music Dpt
Wed 31 Oct Trinity Practical Examinations 9h00 – 16h00 Music Dpt

Kingsmead, The Ridge and St Katharine’s Music Evening

As per the calendar, Kingsmead will host a music evening on Thursday 13 September for instrumental groups from Kingsmead, The Ridge and St Katharine’s. The Kingsmead Junior School Orchestra and Marimba Ensembles will be involved in this event.

Our girls must wear their summer school uniform and blazer for this event. They must arrive at school by 17h15 to unpack their instruments in the Mackenzie room. Refreshments will be served to parents and staff from 17h30 outside the Lange hall, where the concert will take place. The concert starts at 18h00 and should be finished by 19h00. Entrance is free of charge. Please note that our girls are expected to stay until the end of the event.

Invitation KCRidgeStKaths 2018 final Kingsmead College

Grade 3 Choir Performance at ‘The Sound of Children’

As per the calendar, the Grade 3 girls will be performing at the annual  ‘The Sound of Children’ Choir Festival at the Linder Auditorium on Thursday 4 October.

Girls must wear their summer uniform and blazer for this event. The bus will depart from Kingsmead at 15h50. The girls will have a mass choir rehearsal from 16h30 until 17h15 and then have a refreshment break. The concert will take place from 18h00 – 19h15. Parents can purchase refreshments from the cafeteria at the auditorium.

Please note there will be no bus transport back to Kingsmead after the concert.

Tickets should be purchased online at https://online.computicket.com/web/event/sound_of_children/1250101782/


See details below of our NEW Drama teacher! Classes start on the 20th of September. Please contact Gera directly should you be  interested in enrolling your daughter.

Drama Kingsmead College

Elsabé Fourie – Director of Arts & Music


NEW SALLY Kingsmead College


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