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Dear Parents

A Note on Awards

Our students at Kingsmead are recognized for both their individual growth and achievements as well as their contribution to a group. We strive toHeart Kingsmead College recognise achievements so as to:

  1. Celebrate the individual achievements of students across the academic, sport, art and cultural platforms.
  2. Foster a sense of intrinsic motivation as opposed to acting in a manner for extrinsic recognition.
  3. Develop a realistic sense of self in comparison to personal progress within a healthy competitive environment
  4. Encourage holistic development at a developmentally appropriate level

While excellence is encouraged and celebrated in a number of ways, it is also imperative to focus on the process of learning and personal growth which occurs during this journey.

Students are acknowledged and celebrated in a number of ways:

  1. Immediate acknowledgement in the classroom and within extramural environments
  2. Public communication in newsletters and social media posts where appropriate
  3. Weekly assemblies, morning connections and break times
  4. Celebratory final semester and term assemblies

On Monday, Mrs Beekhuizen and Dr Di Terlizzi took the students through a reflective exercise during assembly, where they considered the topic of awards and what behaviours should be rewarded as one strives for success. The students then considered the concept of courage and the types of courage that they use every day. These will be shared on our noticeboard outside Joel Hall after half-term, please pop in and have a read! Here are just a few from Grade 2G that we would like to share with you:

Hearts Kingsmead College

Some of our JP Thoughts on Sharing their Courage with Others

At the end of this week, being the conclusion of our first semester of 2018, we will be holding a formal assembly. At this assembly, the Gillespie Cup, Nominations for Cartwright-Goodwill Cup, Music Examination Certificates, Inyoni Awards, as well as the Franc Ha Leal will be acknowledged.

As this is a formal occasion, we request that students come dressed in their school uniform (Grade 7 to come in their number 1s). At the conclusion of the assembly at 9:30am, the Grade 4 -7 girls will get dressed into either their Netball kit if they are representing their house in the Inter-house Netball events on the day; or alternatively, their house kit. The Junior Primary will continue with a normal academic school day.

The PTA will be holding a Cake and Candy sale at the Netball courts. Please bring small monetary denominations.

We look forward to this exciting event.

We wish you all a safe and happy break over half-term. We look forward to welcoming you back to Semester Two, starting Monday 2 July.

Marisa di Terlizzi – Head of Senior Primary


Tuesday, 19 June:

  • 14:00 – 18:00 JP Parent interviews
  • 14:45 – 18:15 SP Student led Parent Teacher interviews

Wednesday, 20 June

Thursday, 21 June

  • 07:30 Grade 0L Coffee Morning
  • 18:00 Grade 4 – 8 Parent Talk

Friday, 22 June

  • 07:45 Formal Assembly – Semester 1 (Grade 7s to wear number 1’s and Grade 1 – 6 in full school uniform)
  • SP Inter-house Netball matches
  • Normal School day for JP
  • PTA Cake and candy sale (JP girls are welcome to join in with their parents after school)
  • Normal closing time for Half term
  • Aftercare will operate till 17:30


Monday, 2 July

  • 07:45 Music Assembly
  • 08:30 Athletics Heats Grade 3 & 4

Tuesday, 3 July

  • 10:15 Hot chocolate sales

Wednesday, 4 July

Thursday, 5 July

  • 08:00 – 09:00 Grade 0 Breakfast
  • 08:30 Athletics Heats Grade 5, 6 & 7

Friday, 6 July

  • 07:45 JP Assembly
  • 10:45 SP Grade 4 & 5 Chapel and Grade 6 & 7 Hymns
  • 13:15 Hockey Matches
  • 18:30 PTA Mexican Fiesta

Saturday, 7 July

  • JS Hockey Festival – Grade 4 & 5

Sunday, 8 July

  • 08:00 – 12:00 Grade 7 Production rehearsal

*** For all sports fixtures please see Sports News below

Cyber-Etiquette Week

Cyber-Etiquette Week was a wonderful success. Our students enjoyed the APP-mazing race activities that were scheduled and all in all we were able to celebrate the great gift of technology! We also had an opportunity to reflect on the responsibilities of using technology and had a very informative address by Mrs. Sarah Hoffman who is a social media lawyer. It was wonderful to have both parents and children present in the talk, as this is a conversation that needs to continue, with many tips and suggestions provided. Some of the facts shared that struck us as teachers included the following:

  • There is no such thing as social media law, all laws apply within technology
  • No content should exist digitally if it cannot be placed on a billboard with your name, age and school next to it
  • We should assume that any photo taken can and will be shared on social media
  • Due to the chain of publication, you are responsible for content that you do not actively dissociate yourself from

Please click here to read the summary of the notes from this talk.

Please click here to read the updated iPad policy

Our APPmazing Race was launched with loads of excitement last week. Each morning started with a team challenge around online safety that had to be completed within a limited time-frame. Every team member, from Grade 4 to Grade 7, competed with such enthusiasm and great fun was had by all.

Congratulations to all students for their contribution to an awesome week of building Digital Awareness.

Cyber Kingsmead College

Some of our APP-mazing Cyber Students!

Coping with Challenges Talk by In the Know on Thursday, 21 June at 18:00 (Joel Hall)

Grade 4 8 Parent Talk Kingsmead College


Mrs Clare Hedding our private remedial therapist unfortunately has to undergo a knee operation in early July.  Clare will return to school after her operation at the beginning of the third term – 4 September.  All the girls in her care will be taken care of during the time in July when Clare is away.  We wish Clare a speedy and full recovery.

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed another speech and language therapist and audiologist to assist Anna Evlambiou, our present speech therapist.  Mrs Daniela Scalzullo will work part time on a Tuesday to start with at Kingsmead in a private capacity.  Daniela comes to us with a wealth of experience in schools and private practice.  Daniela may be contacted on 0836078531 or email: danigltr@gmail.com. We look forward to welcoming Daniela to the Kingsmead family on 2 July.

Should you have any queries please contact Jenny Dugmore: jdugmore@kingsmead. co.za or Helen Schreuder: hschreuder@kingsmead.co.za


Ola Muchachos Poster 2 Kingsmead College



Congratulations to our Hockey players who played St Peter’s this week. I commend the players on their commitment and sportsmanship thus far. I also would like to thank the parents who ensured that the players were correctly dressed. We looked very smart indeed.

Monday 18 June 2018 Page 1 Kingsmead College

Inter house Netball

Students must arrive in correct school uniform for the assembly. They will be given a chance to change into their house uniform before the Inter-house event.

School ends at 13h15. There will be no co-curricular activities on Friday 22 June 2018.

Athletics Heats

All students will be expected to participate in the Athletics heats. They are to please bring the following with them:

  • Packed lunch
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Physical Education uniform

Students on Monday 2nd July will attend assembly (in their correct school uniform) before they change into their running uniform. The bus will leave promptly at 8:30 and return between 12h30 and 13h00. Students will return to class thereafter.

Special Achievements

Congratulations to Meela Modi and Aalia Essack  on participating in the Budo Karate South African National Championship. They both received certificates of commendation.

Nuru Minyuku-Gutto is to be congratulated on attaining Karate Provincial Colours in the WKF All Styles  National  Championships.

We are very proud of these  young ladies and we look forward to following their progress.


The last qualifier was held on June 16th and 17th. This qualifier is important as it the last one before regional teams are selected. The following girls competed this weekend: Francesca Logan, Jade Anderson, Jessica Schroeder, Leeya Motara, Lesedi Moloi, Makhutsi Moloi, Paula Prinsloo, Rania Motara, Taylor Prinsloo and Zuhayra Ebrahim. It was an exceptionally successful qualifier for our Kingsmead girls. Notable results were:

Francesca Logan: 1st in Level 1 Working Riding and 5th in Level 1 Show Jumping Round 2 riding Gypsy.

Jade Anderson: 1st in Level 1 Dressage Test A; 4th in Level 3 Prix Caprilli Test A; 3rd in Prix Caprilli Test B and 10th in Level 1 Show Jumping Round 2 riding Surprise. 1st in Level 1 Performance Riding; 1st in Level 2 Dressage Test A; 1st in Level 2 Dressage Test B and 2nd in Level 3 Prix Caprilli Test B riding Galaxy Man.

Jessica Schroeder: 4th in Level 0 Show Jumping Round 1 and 4th in Level 0 Show Jumping Round 2 riding Jason.

Lesedi Moloi: 3rd in Level 1 Show Jumping Round 1 and 6th in Level 1 Show Jumping Round 2 riding Copper Creek. 6th in Level 1 Performance Riding with Rasheeq Bellamia.

Makhutsi Moloi: 1st in Level 1 Show Jumping Round 1 riding Foreign Reserve.

Paula Prinsloo: 1st in Level 1 Handy Hunter and 5th in Level 1 Prix Caprilli riding Nemo.

Rania Motara: 1st in Level 3 In Hand Utility; 2nd in Level 3 Working Riding and 3rd in Level 1 Dressage Test B riding Bedazzled.

Taylor Prinsloo: 5th in Level 0 Show Jumping Round 1 riding Komati.

3 Kingsmead College

Top: Francesca Logan riding Gypsy; Rania Motara, Jade Anderson and Leeya Motara; Lesedi Moloi riding Copper Creek.

Bottom: Jessica Schroeder riding Jason; Zuhayra Ebrahim riding Polar Power; Makhutsi Moloi riding Foreign Reserve.

Sheillah Denenga – Head of Junior School Sport sdenenga@kingsmead.co.za


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