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“It is not happiness that brings us gratitude, it is gratitude that brings us happiness”

New beginnings attract a warm sense of gratitude. Our girls are grateful for their friendships and experiences thus far; as staff we are grateful to be doing what we love doing – teaching your girls. Kingsmead Junior School is truly a happy place.

On Monday we were fortunate to have our matric leaders address our girls at assembly. Their message was clear; Our girls are all part of a strong sisterhood here at Kingsmead and we are all part of a close community. I look forward to continue building the bridges and pathways between the Senior and Junior Schools this year.

Thank you to the parents for your attendance at the recent information evenings and events. Please connect with your class or LEAD teachers should you have any immediate concerns and queries.

We have communicated a few shifts in our approaches to academics, discipline and pastoral care. Each will be sent through in writing via email as we introduce the changes to our girls.

We wish our Grade 7 leaders all the best for their camp this week. May it be just the beginning of a wonderful year of learning opportunities.

Thank you to the parents for communicating their concerns regarding the extramural timetable, particularly in Grade 4 and 5. Our team have drafted a revised schedule which will meet these specific needs. Should you have any queries, please direct them to Rob Pullen (Sport) or Elsabé Fourie (Culture).

A reminder to please ensure that your daughter wears her uniform with pride when at school or when she is seen publically in her uniform. Girls are expected to arrive to school wearing their blazer and to leave wearing their blazer. Should your daughter attend an aquatics extramural in the afternoon, please ensure that she is fully dressed before she is collected. I would appreciate your assistance with this.

Wishing you a happy week ahead

Kim Lowman

Head: Junior School


Tuesday 23 Jan          

  • 17h30 Grade 0 – 3 Information evening

Wednesday 24 Jan

  • 08h00 – Grade 7’s leave on camp

Thursday 25 Jan

  • Grade 5 & 6 cycle test – English reading comprehension

Friday 26 Jan

  • 07h30 PTA Exco
  • 07h45 JP Assembly
  • 10h45 SP Assembly
  • Grade 7 ‘s return from camp
  • Swimming Galas
    • A50 @ Brescia House
    • A25 @ St Andrews
    • B25 @ St Teresa’s
  • 17h00 U13 Waterpolo at Roedean

Saturday 27 Jan

  • Tennis Festivals:
    • Grade 5 @ St Stithians
    • Grade 6 @ St Andrew’s
    • Grade 7 @ St Mary’s

Issue 2 Kingsmead College

Supervised Prep

Please be advised that we offer Supervised Prep for our students in the afternoon. This session is a supervised homework opportunity for your daughter, and takes place in the library from 14:30-15:30 on Mondays and Tuesdays, and from 14:00-15:30 on Wednesday. We hope that this is a way to support your girls in preparing for any academic tasks so that if they do come home later in the afternoon, they can spend this time playing, unwinding and spending time with you as a family instead of starting their homework later in the day.

One new initiative that we are adding to this is, that we require girls to please confirm on the extracurricular board if they are attending the session for the afternoon so that the teachers know to expect students. We have asked your girls to indicate their intention to attend by lunch time on the day. Please could you chat to your daughter about this opportunity, as we feel it is a better use of time in the afternoon than remaining in the waiting area where it is hot, and it is difficult to work, if they are not engaged in extracurricular activities.

Thank you

Marisa Di Terlizzi

Head of Senior Phase


Welcome back after a well-deserved holiday. All the best for 2018!

We started the term with very successful swimming trials and tennis challenges. Thank you to all the girls who attended these days. We are looking forward to an exciting first term! The tennis ladder will be up on the notice board this coming week as well as the swimming teams for the first swimming galas held on the 26th January.

Important Dates for the beginning of 2018:

Tennis Matches:

ALL the teams have a Bye on the 25th January.

The first tennis matches for this term will be on the 1st of February.

  • A/B teams at Holy Rosary.
  • C/D teams at Kingsmead vs Holy Rosary.

27th January:

Tennis Festivals: (Only 4 players in each grade)

  • Grade 5:       AT St Stithians
  • Grade 6:       AT St Andrew’s
  • Grade 7:       AT St Mary’s

All players need to be at the respective venues at 07h30.

Swimming Galas:

26th January  

  • A50m AT Brescia
  • A25m AT St Andrew’s
  • B25m AT St Teresa’s


  • EC timetable will start on MONDAY 22nd January (Grade 1 to 7)
  • EC timetable will start on MONDAY 29th January (Grade 000 to 0)
  • Please note that NO EC School Activities will be cancelled due to bad weather — Girls will be having practice sessions in the Gym.


At Kingsmead, our girls have the opportunity to enroll for lessons in a range of instruments and get involved in a numerous group music making opportunities.

  • The Music application form is available at Reception or you can email efourie@kingsmead.co.za.
  • There is no need to reapply if your daughter was taking lessons at Kingsmead in 2017 we assume your daughter will continue unless you give notice by emailing the Director of Arts & Music.
  • Please do not contact the teachers directly, we first place existing pupils from last year and then start placing waiting list pupils.
  • Music lessons will be charged at R205/half hour in 2018. Please note that all scheduled lessons are charged for unless one full week notice is given, it clashes with a school calendar event, such as an outing/tour or the teacher is absent. In the case of school matches or extra-curricular commitments, please rearrange the lesson time at least a week in advance.


This year we have changed our approach to scheduling individual music lessons. We do not want the girls to miss out on the subjects such as Physical Education, Life Orientation, Class Music and Library, which they typically only have once/week. Chapel and Assembly are important times to have all the girls together, discuss school projects and topical issues and we therefore don’t want the girls to miss these either.

We have decided to adopt a system a few of our fellow independent schools have successfully implemented. Girls may miss a half hour of their daily Languages or Maths lessons, a half hour of the IBL or any other flexible time suggested by the class teacher. The class teachers, will suggest the best times for every girl to attend individual music lessons. We realise that it will initially present challenges but feel confident that this will work well for our girls.

We realise many parents will feel lessons should only happen in the afternoons, but it is simply not realistic to schedule all music lessons during the afternoons.

We have started scheduling lessons; some teachers are already teaching and we hope to complete the process and place waiting list pupils within the next week. The Grade 1-3 girls will be collected from classes for their lessons, while the older girls will hopefully quickly adapt to the new routine and remember when to attend their music lessons.

Please make contact with your music teacher from last year if you have not yet done so.


Girls need access to an instrument to practise on. If you do not have a piano/ the instrument your daughter chooses, at home, please ask your daughter’s music teacher or email efourie@kingsmead.co.za for information about renting or purchasing an instrument.

Grade 2 & 3 Choir/Ukulele/Music activities

All Grade 2 & 3 girls will sing in the choir during the choir time on their timetable (12:45-13:15 on a Monday and Wednesday)

Also during the time, on a rotational basis, the Grade 2’s will have Music Enrichment classes and the Grade 3’s will learn to play the ukulele. Please note that this is not optional as it is during school time, but not at any cost to parents.

 Instrument Projects

All the Grade 2’s will have the opportunity to learn to play the violin this year and the Grade 4-6’s will learn some wind instruments on a rotational basis. More information about these projects will be communicated to the relevant parents during the next week.

Music Theory classes

Music Theory classes will be offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 6:30 – 7:30 in the Beatles classroom (upstairs in the Music department). Please discuss this with your daughter’s individual instrumental/vocal lessons teacher. Girls can sign up for these classes starting on Tuesday 23 January. The cost will be divided between the number of pupils in class.

Music Groups:

It is essential that our young musicians participate in group music making. Besides the many skills they learn in ensemble playing or singing in a choir, it also makes music. I urge all our instrumentalists to join an ensemble or the Orchestra or both. Our Choirs, Orchestras and Ensembles are all fantastic and our girls love being involved in these groups.

Please consult the extracurricular schedule for rehearsal times.

Please note the following regarding the music group activities:

  • BOTH practices for the Choirs, Orchestra, String and Flute Ensembles must be attended. Please do not excuse girls to leave early or miss practices, it is important that we have the whole group together at each practice. Please ensure your daughters are on time for the morning practices before school – preferably 5 minutes early to unpack their instruments.
  • Marimba Ensembles – Girls should choose ONE practice and then always attend the same practice as each group functions as a team. The Grade 1’s can join the marimba ensembles in the last term.
  • Glee auditions for Grade 6 & 7 will take place during the next few weeks.
  • At the end of January, the registers for all groups will be finalized and after that we will expect 100% commitment and attendance.
  • Please see the change to the SP String Ensemble times; details regarding JP String Ensemble will be sent to all string players’
  • SP Flute Ensemble must still find a suitable time; the relevant parents will receive a message about this.

New Staff

We welcome Tiisetso Mashishi in Kate White’s place and Sarah Wolff in Gizela Labuschagne’s place. Gizels will return to Kingsmead in May although Sarah will likely stay on with us as we have such a wonderful interest in piano lessons.

You are welcome to contact me should you have any questions about the opportunities available in the Music Department.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR PROGRAMME  (Click here to download the latest EC Programme)

An updated scheduled will be put on the app today. Please read below for more information about the extra-curricular offering with our external service providers; should you have any more questions you are welcome to contact the relevant person directly. Please note that the activities listed below are all at an extra cost (except Debating). Payment arrangements and sign up procedures must be discussed directly with the service provider. Girls may attend and try out any of these in the first week of term and make a decision whether they wish to commit, by the end of month.

Contact details for Buzz, Robotics, Chess have been updated.


Art Club is on offer to Grade 4-7 girls on Monday afternoons by Mrs Maryanne Clegg. The cost will be R100/pupil/term and will be used to cover the necessary materials; this will be charged to the school account. We will only be able to accommodate 25 pupils on a first come first served basis. Should you have any more questions, please contact Mrs Maryanne Clegg on mclegg@kingsmead.co.za

Due to the incredible interest in Art Club, a 2nd session will be made available. This information will be posted to the app.

BALLET is offered by Denise Griffiths as per the extra-curricular schedule; she will communicate the cost and sign up information to parents.

BUZZ is a new activity at Kingsmead for the Grade 000-0 girls. Please contact info@buzzdrama.com or 0110252525 or visit the website buzzdrama.com/extramurals for more information.

The Grade 000-0 girls will be introduced to BUZZ this week in a demonstration lesson before you have to finalise sign up.

CHESS: we have found a new service provider: CHECKM8S. Please see contact details on the Extra-curricular schedule and the flyer which will be posted on the app. For more details please contact fatima@checkm8s.co.za or 083 739 1919. Chess will start on Tuesday 30 January. There will be two slots available: Tuesdays and Fridays, please consult the EC schedule for times.


Modern Dance is on offer on Thursdays and Fridays. Please go to the website: http://www.dmbryanston.com where you can enroll online. For more information please contact 083 600 9626 or email bryanston@dancemouse.co.za


Debating is on offer to Grade 4-7 girls free of charge on Tuesday afternoons. Please see the times on the extra-curricular schedule. Contact Oliver Dickson on oliver@authenticcommunication.co.za for more information.The Grade 4 girls will be introduced to Oliver this week some time.


Drama Club is offered to Grade 1-7 on Wednesday afternoons. This is offered by Dania Gelderblom from ‘The Playhouse’. This is a well thought-through curriculum and the girls will work towards small performances every term. Please contact Dania Gelderblomnshould you any have any queries or questions regarding the club on daniagelderblom@gmail.com OR 083 410 9299


We are pleased to let you know that our “GeekGirl Club” will continue this year as the “Robotics Club” for our girls.

The arrangements are as follow:

Every Tuesday 2:30pm – 5pm Junior School (JS Library) – drop in as and when is suitable

Every Tuesday 2:30pm – 5pm Senior School (Robotics Room next to Lange Hall) – drop in as and when is suitable

  • Girls will be able to join the Robotics Club for free where various challenges (Sphero/Minecraft/Scratch JR etc.) will be available for them to complete per term – in their own time and fitting it around their other extra-mural activities.
  • In order to extend and develop your daughter’s coding skills on a deeper level, you can apply for her to join the VJ Robotics on-line platform, which is an exciting journey of designing, building and coding using the Arduino platform. She will be challenged to automate areas in her room, build robots and engage in VEX Robotics. Please see flyer attached to sign up and for the cost involved. If you have any queries please contact Lulu or Jessica: Jessica@onsitegroup.biz or lulu@onsitegroup.biz
  • The ‘GeekGirls’ from 2017 will have Level 2 challenges, so they will not be repeating activities from 2017 this year.


Playball is offered to Grade 000-0 girls – a leaflet with information will be sent to all the relevant parents and the girls will have an introduction session with the coaches before the extra-curricular programme starts for these age groups. Playball will take place on the field or gym, depending on the weather. For more information, contact Nqobile Mnkandla on 072 8456 437 or yibosso@yahoo.com The Grade 000-0 girls will be introduced to Playball this week in a demonstration lesson before you have to finalise sign up.

POTTERY will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Grade 0 block; for more information please contact Sue Kuschke on 083 449 5617 or Kiddyk@telkomsa.net


Grade 000-0 parents will receive an orange leaflet to explain what this activity entails or you can visit their website http://tumblingtigerz.co.za to find out more and see the cost and payment options. Tumbling Tigerz will take place on the field or gym, depending on the weather. The girls will have an introduction session with the coaches before the extra-curricular programme starts for these age groups. For more information, contact Daniel Butler on 072 851 3413 or danielb@tumblingtigerz.co.za

The Grade 000-0 girls will be introduced to Tumbling Tigerz this week in a demonstration lesson before you have to finalise sign up. Tumbling Tigerz classes for Grade 000-3 will start on Tuesday 30 January.


Yoga with Yoga4kids is offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The sessions will take place in the LO room in the Junior School. Contact Nathalie Fagan on 084 341 2833 or info@yoga4kids.co.za or Suzie Manson on 08329965555 or Suzie@yoga4kids.co.za or visit their website: www.yoga4kids.co.za

Please visit the Kingsmead App and look under ‘Arts & Music’ and ‘Extra Mural Schedule’ for more information about what we offer.

Have a happy term!


Dante Alighieri has been teaching Italian in Johannesburg since 1927. With 90 years of experience, they still continue today. They teach Italian to children from the age of 3 to 18, as extramural activities or curricular subjects, in private courses and different schools making sure that learning is a fun and memorable experience. Dante Alighieri has also taken many pupils through Matric examinations.

It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce Italian tuition in 2018 at Kingsmead College from Grade 0 to Grade 7 as part of our extra-curricular offering.

Please contact Chiara Venturin on chiara.venturin@gmail.com should you be interested in Italian classes. Once we have an idea of the interest, the days and times will be communicated.

Elsabé Fourie – Director of Arts & Music



Bread tags and Bottle tops:

Continue to collect Bread tags and Bottle tops for Wheelchairs. Collection point is at the  medical centre.  WE need 450 kg bottle tops for a wheelchair or 50 kg bread tags.  We have already donated 6 wheelchairs

We weighed  in December and we have enough bottle tops to donate  for our 7th wheelchair .We are looking for a recipient . Please mail  information to  medicalcentre@kingsmead.co.za

Keep up the good work!

Breadtag poster 6 wheelchairs Kingsmead College

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