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Dear Parents

This is a week to raise awareness at our school regarding the individual responsibility that rests with each of our girls to make a real difference as future South African leaders.

We started our week in celebration of Youth Day, celebrated on June 16. Youth Day is more than just a public holiday. It is a time when South Africans celebrate their youth and remember those who have given their lives for a better South Africa.  While the history of Youth Day may be sad and difficult for our girls to understand, they do have reason to celebrate being a young person in South Africa. Youth day should be a reminder to us all as to the responsibility that rests with each of us within the Kingsmead community. Our girls have the privilege of attending a school where they are able to think, question and contribute to the educational path that lies before them. It excites me that they have the opportunity daily to be the centre of their education.

Liberation in our country starts with how we see each other; how we value each other; how we treat each other. It is so important for us to celebrate our unique gifts and be open to the stories of those around us. I encourage each and every family to discuss the relevance of Youth Day in the context of individual responsibility and inclusion.

I have encouraged each student to think of themselves as part of a really big family, where each member of the family is responsible for their own behaviour and the impact it may have on others. My hope is that they lift each other up and remember that they are the Youth – celebrate this weekend!

Eid Mubarak! The end of this week is also a time for our Muslim families to share special blessings. We wish all our Muslim families a blessed Eid.

This week is also CYBER-ETIQUETTE week. We are creating daily awareness through the “App-mazing race” in line with safe, responsible online behaviour. Please follow our social media pages to find out more. A reminder to our Grade 6 and 7 girls and a parent to attend the event advertised on Thursday evening.

I have the privilege of attending the National Coalition of Girls’ School Conference (NCGS) conference in Washington from Wednesday until half term. I look forward to sharing my learning and experiences with you.

Staff News:

We welcome Mrs Sharon Jones to our teaching staff. Mrs Jones has stepped in as a Grade 6 LEAD teacher as well as an Afrikaans teacher in Grade 4,6 and 7. Mrs Jones has taught at Kingsmead in a locum capacity before. We welcome her back to the Kingsmead family until the end of the year.

Cherie Turner, our private remedial therapist has decided to grow her practice closer to her home on the West Rand.  She will be leaving us at half term.  We thank Cherie for all that she has contributed to Kingsmead both as a Grade 4 teacher over the years and as a remedial therapist this year.  We wish Cherie everything of the best for the future.

The support department have started implementing a comprehensive, innovative teaching programme as part of our approach to inclusive education. Please read below for more information.

Keep warm.

Kim Lowman

Head: Junior School


Cyber Etiquette week

Tuesday, 12 June

  • 10h15 Hot chocolate for sale
  • 18h00 – 19h30 Jan Celliers Music Evening at Jan Celliers

Thursday, 14 June

  • 18h00 – 19h30 Digital citizenship – Grade 6 – 9 (parents and girls) in Lange Hall

Friday, 15 June

  • 07h45 – JP Assembly
  • 10h45 – SP Grade 4 & 5 Hymns /Grade 6 & 7 Chapel
  • 13h15 – JS Hockey Matches vs St Peter’s.  Grade 6 & 7 @ Kingsmead; Grades 3, 4 & 5 @ St Peter’s


Invitation cyber safety Kingsmead College


Kingsmead Junior School encourages inclusive practice within the teaching pedagogy. An inclusive practice is an approach to teaching that recognises the diversity of students, enabling all students to access teaching content, fully participate in learning activities and demonstrate their knowledge, strengths and areas of development. When we include all children in our teaching, they learn acceptance of other girls, and that each girl has unique abilities.

A dedicated time slot has been assigned to assist in classes from Grade 00 to 6. During this time a focus on differentiated instruction is emphasized, where we embrace the fact that all students learn differently. This includes those students who require support as well as extension. To enable for the differences to be celebrated we use different strategies, some examples include:

  • Break girls up into small groups. This way, teaching can be custom-made to the way each student learns best. These smaller groups may be as part of the classroom as a whole or at times (depending on the content and specific need) girls may come out of the class in small groups of 4 -6.
  • Utilizing supportive teaching strategies where girls may be given opportunities to move around or use fidgets.
  • At times we team teach, where the same concept is taught to a class divided in two.
  • Teachers model teaching lessons of certain content to each other.

Mrs Helen Schreuder, our new Inclusion Support Specialist is currently working in the classes offering inclusive academic support and teaching Lifeskills.  Belinda Aspoas is the Junior school’s psychologist assisting the girls with psychological support and teaching Lifeskills.

Clare Hedding and Gemma Ahlschlager are the remedial therapists who offer private remedial lessons. Franja Burger and Tarryn Kulber are our Occupational Therapists and Anna Evlambiou is our Speech Therapist. These therapists also work in the Junior Primary classrooms each week, assisting the teachers and girls.

Should you have any queries please contact Jenny Dugmore: jdugmore@kingsmead. co.za or Helen Schreuder: hschreuder@kingsmead.co.za


Well done to our wonderful Grade 5-7 Choir girls who did us so proud last week at the Singing Sistas’ Choir evening! Wow, you stole the show!

Untitled 2 Kingsmead College

Great job to our young musicians who performed beautifully this Saturday at out Kingsmead Eisteddfod.

Good luck to our Junior School Orchestra who will be performing at the Jan Celliers Music Concert tonight. Please see the whatsapp group for the final arrangements.

All the best to all our musicians who are playing their ABRSM Practical Examinations this Wednesday and Trinity Examinations on Friday. The Practical Examinations schedules are available on the app under Arts & Music.

Upcoming Events:

JS 11 June 2018 003 Kingsmead College

Elsabé Fourie – Director of Arts & Music  efourie@kingsmead.co.za



Hockey season is upon us! This sentiment was shared with our young budding and enthusiastic players on Friday when they embarked on the first set of fixtures. We played against APPS and below were our results.

Untitled 1 Kingsmead College

rESULTS Kingsmead College

I would like to take this opportunity to remind our players and their parents of the following:

  • All players need to have protective gear for matches. Mouth guards and shin pads are compulsory.
  • Players need to wear sleeveless V-neck vest for matches. No school green T-shirts will be permitted.
  • School T-shirts can be worn for physical education and extra mural practices only.
  • House shirts are only permitted for Inter house events only.
  • We please ask that players only leave once their age group has completed their games.
  • Special early departures need to be in writing at least 48 hours before the fixture to sdenenga@kingsmead.co.za If we are to raise the morale at our fixtures and increase our spirit we need the support of our community to do so.

Monday 11 June 2018 Kingsmead College

Sheillah Denenga – Head of Junior School Sport sdenenga@kingsmead.co.za

NEW SALLY Kingsmead College


Knitting Letter June 2018 Kingsmead College

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Bingo Kingsmead College


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