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Dear Parents

Today is World Environment Day. Our Environment Committee is raising awareness within our school and will start initiating some deliberate campaigns that will make a difference one day at a time. I encourage our families to start and continue initiatives at home which contribute to the conservation of our environment.

As we reach mid-year, it is important to celebrate the growth and development of our daughters. I am always amazed to see how quickly our girls learn new strategies and involve themselves in new relationships and activities as the year progresses. Our teachers and girls are preparing their reflections on this development in anticipation of the feedback given before half term.

Recently, our executive team had the opportunity of listening to Dr Lisa Damour at the South African Girls’ Schools Conference (SAGSA) held in Durban. Dr Damour is the author of Untangled, which is a book that Dr Di Terlizzi has referred to frequently in our newsletter communications, and if you have not yet read it, I would urge you to consider doing so.

Last week, In the Know presented a parenting talk for our Junior Primary parents. A full summary of the presentation will be made available for all the Junior Primary parents in case you were unable to attend.

Dr Di Terlizzi shares the pertinent summarized points from both In the Know and Dr Damour:

In the Know reminded us that as parents, we worry about our children, and while our intentions are good, that fear can interrupt the development of our girls. Our girls will only be able to develop the skills they need through competence, which creates confidence. Dr Damour (the author of Untangled) likens this to an athlete lifting weights. We have to give our children the opportunity to engage in challenges in order to build their ‘muscles’. Without doing so, we stunt their growth. This is an important reminder that stress is a necessary and important part of development. Obviously, it is important that as parents we are monitoring that this is still at a healthy level, and In the Know provided some great tactics to help us with how to support without saving, and remind us that if we step in, what we are doing is overestimating the problem and underestimating our children’s ability to cope.

In the Know suggests 7 practical ideas to try and support your daughter in dealing with challenges at school, in a way that promotes independence, but also provides support. These include the following:

  1. Expect challenges
  2. Listen and ask your child to tell you more about what has happened
  3. Tolerate (sit with) negative feelings-both yours (first) and theirs
  4. Model being calm and verbalise solutions as you talk through ideas
  5. Raise a problem-solver. Use the strategy Stop-Think-Choose
  6. Foster autonomy-allow your child to try
  7. Rethink what you praise (persistence and courage for example are good qualities)

We would like to invite the SP parents to attend a repeat presentation of In the Know’s presentation, as it was so well received by the Junior Primary, and pertinent to the developmental needs of our senior primary girls. We will communicate the details of this with you on our APP.

Kingsmead is built on a tradition and heritage of strong women, and our motto, Courage Always certainly affirms that. Sometimes, when we are worried about our daughters, anxiety and angst interfere with our ability to allow them to try, which denies them the opportunity to stretch. One misconception that Dr Damour shares, is that being strong does not mean being fearless. Dr Damour emphasizes the importance of talking to our children and shares a key concept, ‘avoidance nourishes anxiety’. This is a good reminder that by removing obstacles we create greater fear and unhealthy stress on our girls. We urge you to please assist us to help our girls to face challenges, and not to avoid them, for example, avoiding school on days where things may be tough. Please communicate with us so we can be aware of the situation and come around your daughter with you to provide the support she needs.”

At Kingsmead Junior School, we know our girls and walk a path with you as parents to give them the opportunity to work through challenges and celebrate opportunities.

Kim Lowman

Head: Junior School


Tuesday, 5 June

  • 10h15 Hot chocolate for sale

Wednesday, 6 June

  • 17h15 – 19:30 Grade 5 – 7 Choir – Singing Sistas at St Mary’s

Friday, 8 June

  • 07h45 – JP Assembly
  • 10h45 – SP Grade 4 & 5 Chapel/Grade 6 & 7 Hymns
  • 13h15 – JS Hockey Matches


1178 Kingsmead College

Knitting Letter June 2018 Kingsmead College

hot Kingsmead College

Bingo Kingsmead College


Wednesday 6 June: ABRSM Theory Examinations

The Theory examinations will take place in the Macroom upstairs in the Learning Centre. Candidates who are entered to write these exams, must leave class at 13h30, register at the venue at 14h00 and start writing at 14h30. The length of the examination depends on the grade they are writing.

Singing Sistas Choir evening Wednesday 6 June

The Senior Choir and Glee group will be performing at the annual ‘Singing Sistas choir evening‘ at St Mary’s School Waverley on Wednesday 6 June. Please let Mrs Loock know if your daughter will not make use of the bus.  Please note that only Grade 5-7 girls can be included due to limited space on stage at St Mary’s. The Grade 4 choir members will be featured at another event.

  • Venue: The Edge auditorium, St Mary’s School
  • Time:
    • 15h30 Buses leaves from Kingsmead
    • 16h15 Schools arrive and get settled in the auditorium
    • 16h30-17h15 Combined choirs rehearsal
    • 17h15-18h00 Refreshments served to the children and parents
    • 18h00-19h30 Concert
    • Only ONE bus will return to Kingsmead

Although refreshments will be served, please make sure your daughter packs an extra snack for after school and a water bottle as it will be a long day. The girls are to wear their Winter school uniform and look smart.


Saturday 9 June: Kingsmead Eisteddfod – individual musicians – details to be communicated via the individual music teachers to the girls who have been entered.

Tuesday 12 June: Jan Celliers Music Concert – Orchestra to participate: more details to follow when they become available.

*Wednesday 13 June: ABRSM Practical Examinations

*Friday 15 June: Trinity Practical Examinations

*The Practical Examinations schedules are available on the app under Arts & Music.

Annie Kingsmead College

Congratulations to Sophia Pearse in Grade 4, who has been cast in the role of the orphan Tessie in the upcoming production of Annie Jr, to be held at the People’s Theatre in Braamfontein from the 4th of June to the 29th of July.

This is the first time that the People’s Theatre will be putting on this production. Sophia went through 3 rounds of auditions, singing dancing and acting, to get the part.

Sophia is currently involved in 3 intense weeks of rehearsals before the show opens. We wish her well in this fantastic opportunity and hope many of our girls and parents will go and watch this exciting musical stage production. We are proud of you, Sophia!

Elsabé Fourie – Director of Arts & Music  efourie@kingsmead.co.za



 Physical activity in whatever form is physically beneficial.  It reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol which can in time would lead to heart attacks and strokes. Exercising also helps improve memory and concentration. Psychologically there is some evidence that exercise can also help with people who suffer from depression. However, one of the most important benefits of team sport which is often overlooked is the communal benefits.

When children play team sport they learn to develop:

  • friendships and camaraderie
  • co-operation and teamwork skills
  • appreciation of different abilities
  • respect for team mates/ opponents/officials – this helps them later on in life when they have to deal with adults or authoritative figures
  • social interaction skills

Children learn to:

  • overcome adversity by failing forward. When kids fail they learn how to best overcome the barriers when they attempt the task again. With persistence they build up resilience.
  • solve problems as they generate new ideas in the group.

However, the most important benefit is that team sport provides a sense of belonging.

It is therefore important that we encourage our young players to sign up for a team sport as the communal benefits are invaluable for their progress and development.

Here is to a fantastic Hockey Season!


On Friday 1st June, the Grade 4 to Grade 7 girls played their last matches for the season.

The girls played their hearts out. The results were as follows:

  • Grade 4 A:                  Won    9 – 1
  • Grade 4 B:                   Won    18 – 0
  • Grade 4 C:                   Won     1 – 0
  • Grade 4 D:                  Won    5 – 1
  • Grade 5 A:                  Drew   5 – 5
  • Grade 5 B:                   Drew   4 – 4
  • Grade 5 C:                   Won    5 – 4
  • Grade 5 D:                  Won     4 – 1
  • Grade 6 A:                  Won    11 – 6
  • Grade 6 B:                   Lost    4 – 2
  • Grade 7 A:                  Lost     8 – 4
  • Grade 7 B:                   Won   8 – 5
  • Grade 7 C:                   Won    14 – 4
  • Grade 7 D:                  Won    11 – 1

Monday 4 June 2018 002 Kingsmead College


Elabo Jekwa who received a Silver medal at the recent Central Gauteng Gymnastic championships. She also qualifies for her provincial half colours.

Soultana Tzitzivacos received a Gold in the recent South African Karate championships held on the 26 May. She is therefore the South African champion in her category. This will see her representing South Africa in the African cup in Tokyo.

Sheillah Denenga – Head of Junior School Sport sdenenga@kingsmead.co.za

NEW SALLY Kingsmead College


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