innovationBy Sarah Wild

Published by MacMillan in association with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS)

As a Science teacher at Kingsmead College, this book is certainly an inspiration. This book speaks to the humanitarian in us: the endeavour that we need to have so as to save our country, as well as the world. It speaks of solutions that need to be persued in order to meet the needs and demands of simple and sometimes profound crises that face us on a daily basis.

‘While ‘science’ is the pursuit of knowledge, ‘technology’ is the application of that knowledge, the kind that can be used by people to improve their lives and their circumstances.’

You cannot separate technology and science and innovation. There are many academics who are tirelessly trying to do research in many fields: technology, education, biodiversity, disease control, agriculture et al. I am astounded by the many advancements that have already being made in these fields.

‘Innovation’ points out the many accomplishments that South Africans have done and the fact that we have people who are searching for the basic solutions that the average South African needs, from not being Malaria infected to saving fields from fire hazards to basic ammenities in rural areas and trying to find solutions to mining underground. These are some of the success stories made by our very own South Africans. We are a country rich in resources and thirsty for innovation.

Research funding seems to be one of the major setbacks. This reasearch is not merely commercially driven, but the need to resolve real life issues.

I commend Sarah Wild on her excellent research. A must read for every South African and certainly, my Kingsmead pupils.

Sharekha Banwa

Kingsmead HOD Science