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April highlights

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Our bright, smiling students and staff continued to shine during this challenging time. Here are a few highlights from Kingsmead College over the month of April:

We miss all your sunshiney, smiley faces! Thank you for the video Grade 2S.

Our very own Deputy Head of the Junior School – Dr Marisa Di Terlizzi, telling us more about the daily Self-Care Snippets that she shares with the Junior School Staff to keep the connection and relationship stronger during this difficult time. Well done Dr Di Terlizzi on this incredible article and embracing one of our values “Purpose” – play a part in the world, and play it worthily. #CourageAlways 💚

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On the 3rd of April, the PTA did it’s KCC draw for Term 1 online. It was different but we’re so pleased that we were able to. Congratulations to the Levi and Boyd families – our winners for this term!

Megan Cleminson completed the Wilderness First Responder course through Wild Medix in late 2019. This course provides advanced training in wilderness emergency care and covers the basic principles of wilderness first aid and safety. Congratulations Megan, this is an incredible achievement.

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Music has the power to lift our spirits and gives us the courage to face the obstacles in our way. Enjoy the beautiful video our Glee group put together, making music together even while apart. We will continue to make music wherever we are!

One of our Grade 7 students, Mahdiyyah Wadee, has continued to feed her passion for birding, even during lockdown. She has paid careful attention to ‘feathered friends’ visiting her garden and flying overhead and recently captured these magnificent photographs! Mahdiyyah is excited to share that the Crested Barbets have flown back to Houghton Gardens this week. She also spotted the likes of the Red Ringed Parakeets, Grey Louries and Grey Herons.

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The Grade7s have some special messages for their younger sisters! #WeChooseHope

Kingsmead College proudly partners with Fight with Insight and salutes the work they do for inner city youth, even during the lockdown.

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Thank you to everyone for taking on the challenge of distance learning over the past few weeks, you have all been incredible. We miss you all and pray that we will be able to see each other soon!

Following on from our message in early April, our Kingsmead Community have sent us their own rainbows and messages of hope. #wechoosehope

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In the week before lockdown, Satara Koolen, in Grade 11, was elected Chairwoman of the Outreach Committee on the Johannesburg Junior Council. Congratulations to Satara on this incredible achievement.

As Chairwoman of the JJC 2020 Outreach Committee she is very proud to share the first outreach campaign. It can be viewed and shared here – https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-6mti8jyTE/…

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In collaboration with the Service@Home project, Sister Monica has put together a video on how to make a face mask. Students will be awarded service hours for each mask made and all masks will be donated on our return to school. Watch the video and get the whole family involved!

We continue to live our Service slogan “Give Without Expecting Reward” from the confines of our homes. This is a sneak preview from the Service@Home platform. Items will be donated to our partner organisations after the lockdown.

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Our Grade 5s conducted interviews as part of their distance learning programme for History. Their objective was to find out more about another person’s story and their experiences growing up. It was a moment for Responding with Wonderment and Awe as they listened to the fascinating stories!

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A shout out to our incredible security team who come into work daily to look after our Kingsmead College campus. We salute and thank you for your hard work and dedication at this time. We can’t wait to be back on campus and see you again.

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A message from the Senior School Student Executive:

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