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School History

Kingsmead College school historySt Brigid’s Chapel

Doris Vera Thompson helped to plan St Brigid’s Chapel on the school grounds and she considered the simple building to be the “heart of the school.” From 1939 onwards, the Boarders used the Chapel regularly until 1999, when the Boarding House was closed.

Each class attends Chapel Assembly regularly during the term.

The Chapel is open daily during the week from 07h00 to 17h00 and, on Sundays, it is used by the Kingsmead Christian Fellowship for Christian worship and prayer. Many Old Kingsmeadians return to the Chapel for weddings and Christenings.

In about 470 AD, St Brigid founded the first religious community of women in Ireland. She was renowned for her scholarship and service to the poor and her monastery became a centre of learning and spirituality.

As Abbess, she was admired as a strong, fun-loving and compassionate character, whose commitment to service in the community was highly valued. It is therefore fitting that Doris Vera Thompson decided to dedicate the Chapel to such a wonderful role model of Christian charity.

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