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Welcome from the new Junior School Headmistress, Kim Lowman

Kingsmead College is a unique environment which embraces the individual needs of girls within our community, where we have the opportunity to offer outstanding education at the foundation of all learning.

Kingsmead Junior School aims to meet the developmental needs of girls within a greater South African and global context. Our international accreditation, as a Thinking School, ensures that our approach to learning and personal development is progressive and innovative. With the support of outstanding teachers and resources, developing differentiated and dynamic curriculum remains a priority.

At Kingsmead Junior School we stand together as a community of teachers, girls and parents and give more than hope for excellence. We give our girls the courage to learn to understand who they are and be truly secure and comfortable within that identity. Our staff and children embody spirit, creativity, initiative, flexibility, and confidence. We embrace personal and social challenges and empower each other towards a common goal of excellence in girls’ education. We lead academic, extracurricular, cultural and spiritual conversation, pioneer primary education pedagogies and lead reflective lives.

To be a Kingsmead girl, parent and staff member is to belong to a community of welcome and wonder. We find opportunities to celebrate small successes and share the importance of girls’ education with a wider audience. We work together to move forward.

As you browse our website, I trust that you will begin to experience the happiness that surrounds us.

Kim Lowman
Head: Kingsmead College Junior School