Kingsmead College technologyTechnology plays a vital role in streamlining most aspects of modern day living and the need for an adequate understanding and utilisation of technology has become obvious from the early stages of our children’s development.

The Junior School is committed to advancing the use of technology in the classroom and has two fully equipped IT Labs, one equipped with Apple iMacs, which operate on Windows as well as Apple Macintosh operating systems. Many other venues and classroom are equipped with computers, interactive whiteboards and data projectors so as to further enhance the learning experience and to allow for the integration of online resources in the classroom and engage students in curriculum lessons.

The Junior School offers computer-based learning and interaction from as early as Grade 0. During Computer Literacy lessons the Knowledge Networks Programme is followed and this enables the accelerated and progressive development of ICT skills in the Windows environment and using MS Office software and other applications.

During project-based lessons the relevant computers skills are acquired and simultaneous development of thinking skills, listening, concentration and memory skills, lateral thinking and creativity, problem-solving skills, research, planning and time management and user-independence takes place.

In addition, The Junior School offers computer-based learning through the use of visually stimulating interactive e-Learning programmes such as ‘Readers are Leaders’, ‘Cami Maths and Cami Reader’, ‘Mathletics’ and ‘Typing Master’, which not only develop skills in Language, Mathematics and Keyboarding, but also open their minds to learning through the use of technology.

Kingsmead College technologyThroughout your daughters’ years at Kingsmead College, the responsible and creative use of technology will be nurtured. From Grade 4, each girl is provided with her own email address and server side storage to increase the efficiency of learning and communication. Internet access is available to all girls during lessons and during free time, which is supervised.

Foundation Phase:

The girls learn to present information using presentation slides created in PowerPoint and in Grade One they can produce their first spreadsheet in order to prepare a weekly plan. These vital skills are developed further as the girls learn to use ICT as a tool for working with and communicating information. Word-processing, desktop publishing, animation, spreadsheets, graphics and image manipulation, Internet and electronic research, databases and multimedia presentations are all included in the programme.

Intermediate and Senior Primary:

The older girls are introduced to the Apple Mac operating system and user interface and this provides the perfect platform for media-rich projects during which they learn to use a variety of digital media such as digital photographs, recorded voice and music, digital video and other online media to communicate information effectively in a variety of formats. The girls experience the thrill of taking their own photographs and creating a multimedia photo slideshow, composing their own musical scores, shooting and editing their own movies and creating podcasts and radio and TV broadcasts.

Kingsmead College technologySenior School

The Senior School has two dedicated ICT Labs, as well as the versatile Learning Centre which allows work to be done anywhere throughout the building via a wireless network. Every Teacher has a PC in his/her classroom and there are many computers available throughout the campus for the students to use.

Throughout your daughters’ years at Kingsmead College they will become more adept with the creation of podcasts, movies, music created by them, if so inclined, and even the creation of blogs and wikis.

The full usage of the Microsoft Office package is also utilised throughout the Senior School and more specialised packages are used for subjects like Art, where girls are taught how to use PhotoShop to manipulate and create graphic art. Our Mathematics Department uses brilliant and visually stimulating programmes to help provide the girls with a better understanding of Mathematics. From Afrikaans to French, Geography to Biology and Science, ICT is integrated into almost every aspect of teaching throughout the School.

Each girl is provided with her own email address and server side storage to increase the efficiency of learning and communication. Internet access is available to all girls anytime the school is open.

How ICT is introduced in the Senior School:

The Grade 8 Orientation includes the creation of a movie about the first Grade 8 Camp and while working in groups, the girls create a movie from still photos, create their own sounds and visual effects and collaborate all of this into transitional works of art. They create this project on one of the many Apple Macbooks available in our state-of-the-art Learning Centre. This Centre provides the students with wireless connectivity via the Macbooks in literally any corner of the Learning Centre. This facilitates both group work as well as individual learning. The final product is then displayed in our Conference Room (which is also located in the Learning Centre) in an almost Cinematic Theatre set-up for the entire Grade to see, learn and laugh together. Most of the Apple-based projects are displayed in this manner as well as presentations to the class and even speech reading.

Technology is a tool for life and for learning and digital media provides invaluable opportunities for creating rich learning experiences for students.

Children today, coined as the first generation of ‘digital natives’ by Marc Prensky, are born into and raised in the digital world and remote controls, sms’s, blogs and smartphones are a natural feature of their world and they adapt to the ever increasingly pace of technological change with ease. They will reshape and transform the future in their image.

Lora Foot

Director of Technology