Make-and- Donate-a- Sleeping-Bag at Kingsmead College on Mandela Day

Kingsmead College, in collaboration with Community Hours, is hosting a Make-and- Donate-a-Sleeping- Bag event on Mandela Day (18 July 2017). Sleeping bags will be made from newspaper and recycled plastic and every sleeping bag will be put into a sturdy cover made from billboard material and sewn by Fleur Fashion House. These sleeping bags will be distributed to the homeless.

Schools and visitors are invited to give 67 minutes for Mandela Day to make a sleeping bag and raise awareness for homelessness. Sessions start from 8h00 until 16h30 at Kingsmead College (entrance in Tottenham Road). A registration fee of R67 will cover the cost of the material. Teams of 5 can be entered, or individuals can join a team on the day. For more information please email service@kingsmead.co.za.

Mandela Day Kingsmead College

Service is at the heart of the whole of Kingsmead College: the Staff and Junior and Senior school girls are committed to serve the community.

Kingsmead College endeavours to embue an attitude of service within our girls, so that they can step out into the world and make a real difference.

Old Kingsmeadians who have made a significant difference include:

Irene Mennell, the founding chairperson of READ, who was awarded the Order of the Baobab in Silver for, “Her tireless efforts in community service and the educational empowerment of black youth.” She serves as a trustee and executive member of the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

Topaz Page-Green who founded The Lunchbox Fund. The Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu is the Patron of the fund. Kingsmead College supports The Lunchbox Fund which feeds 100 children a day at three Soweto High Schools: Meadowlands, Reasuma High School and Sandtonview.

Topaz spoke at the annual Kingsmead Speech Evening in 2014.

Gillian Wilkinson, who has given decades of teaching service to Kingsmead College, is on the board of directors of the fund.

“Service is the silent flow of love, in action, to meet the needs of others. It is service that helps to wipe away the pain of the past, forty years of denying the humanity of men and women. It is service that allows for the sharing of time, resources and skills to those who are making steps to grow. It is service that stops rampant materialism from enthralling the mind and heart with self-interest. It is service that lifts us from the selfishness of our ego and enables us to reveal the natural love and generosity that is within each one of us. Service touches the community and makes a difference – it is done with heart and real intent. Our nation has great need of healing. It is good to take time off to serve that need.”
– Gillian Wilkinson, Director of Community Services

Some aspects of Service within Kingsmead College:

Grade 8 Project

Each Grade 8 pupil researches all the community service possibilitites within 2km of their own home. They are often surprised by how many projects that find within their own community. Then, in the second term, each girl selects one organisation to which to give their time and service. They then present their experiences in project form.

Grade 10 Weekly visits to Soweto

Every Wednesday, four to six Grade 10 girls visit a school in Soweto. They observe and assist a class teacher, helping him/her in whatever way is possible. With over 60 children in a class, the girls often help with marking or listening to reading. They also have the opportunity of visiting the Regina Mundi church which exposes them to some of the history of Soweto’s past. The girls then complete a portfolio piece for Life Orientation.

African Self Help Association Creches

There is a very close link between Kingsmead and the ASHA creches. This is an organisation educating pre-school children in 40 creches in Soweto.

Aurora Project

The Aurora Project is held on three Saturdays during the year. This is a remarkable porject organised by the South African Association of Women Graduates, Soroptomists International and Kingsmead College. The Aurora project aims to give young women self-esteem and skills for their first entry into the world. The pupils are from Aurora High School, Letsibogo High School, Meadowlands High School and George Khosa High School.

Mentorship Programme

Since 2000, Kingsmead has sent seven teachers into the workplace having obtained their Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of the Witwatersrand and having completed their learnership at Kingsmead College.

Principals’ Luncheons

These luncheons are attened by the principlas of 12-15 Soweto schols. This provides opportunity for discussions between Kingsmead College and the Soweto Heads. There is sometimes a workshop, but always a guest speaker. This event allows for educational collaboration and is also an opportunity for social interaction.

Tree and Grass Soweto

Kingsmead College joined in a programme called TAG (Tree and Grass Soweto). UK-based David Boddy established the project, the aim of which is to upgrade the environment of schools in Soweto, and to enhance human dignity by helping to plant trees and grass in the schools linked to Kingsmead.

“If you want to uplift a nation you must uplift the heart of a nation.”
– David Boddy

The President’s Award

There is a strong social service element to the award and the girls participating are all encouraged to serve their community.

Joint Aid Mangement (JAM)

JAM supports and empowers many underpriviledged people. The funds raised from the Grade 6 initiative enabled children of Moseka Pre-Primary in Diepsloot to be fed with fortified porridge.

Kingsmead College service

Kingsmead College service

Kingsmead College service

Kingsmead College service