April 2015

Dear Parents,

As the days become shorter with a definite crispness in the air, we sadly bid farewell to summer, and with it the first term of this school year. It certainly has been a busy, productive and eventful few months and the coming holiday is indeed welcomed.

The PTA, with the unwavering support of staff and parents, has had a successful first term, ultimately aiding in the many activities at the school. A huge thanks to all our Class Representatives for playing such a vital role in communicating information and keeping us all abreast of school happenings.

With your generosity, funds raised by PTA initiatives i.e. rose-selling, parking bay raffles and the fun-filled Quiz Evening, have helped in various ways to improve College facilities as well as benefitting worthy causes. We are delighted to have contributed toward new and safer Electrical DB Boards that will be used for many a year. PTA funds have also enabled the Sports Department to purchase new scoreboards and computers that allow for safer and more effective lightning detection. These will be available early next term.

Furthermore, we are currently in the process of a cost analysis with regards to the purchasing of a larger school bus versus heating the second pool. On the horizon are also plans to build a shelter that the Junior school girls can use for protection from the elements whilst waiting for parents to navigate the ever-busy parking lot 😉 Please feel free to contact me should you have suggestions or comments with regards to the above.

Kingsmead College is committed to Outreach, and to this end there are numerous projects happening at any given time. This term, through your generosity, we managed to donate over 1 500 pairs of shoes to the less fortunate, have adopted Babanango as a recipient of sanitary items; where R7 000 has already been used to help girls in need and we have also assisted in a small way with the needs of our internal bursary fund. Thanks to your aid, the Junior school has also supported the SPCA and various recipients of Easter Eggs.

Thank you to all the parents who have been involved in the many activities that we constantly seem to undertake, be it the supervision of an event, selling tickets, baking, donating or supporting.  Your generosity is truly valued.

The winter term promises to be jam-packed, and we are very excited about theKingsmead Book Fair on Saturday 23 May from 9h00 to 20h00. This is not only our school’s signature event, but has fast become the buzz-word in literary circles. For more information see http://kingsmead.co.za/bookfair/

That’s all for now. Wishing you and yours a happy holiday. See you as the last leaves fall.

Best Regards,