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Our Connection : Issue 8 2023

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Dear Kingsmead Community,

Why Book Week Matters

It’s officially Book Week at Kingsmead. Thank you in advance for your support during the Book Week, which will no doubt be a roaring success, yet again. Our students will be entertained in so many different ways during their school day. As teachers we delight in the experience and the thrill of Book Week through our students’ eyes. Our Book Week programme will be full of many fabulous experiences, challenges and fun. Some highlights will include Book Drive, Hooked-on Books and “Wiggle Woggle” shows, character dress up day and our Annual Book Fair.

Within the Senior Primary we will be taking full advantage of our exciting Book Week to base the week’s learning experiences on a constructivist approach through inquiry. By collapsing the timetable, thinking on meaningful and critical levels will be provoked, allowing the students to make deep, meaningful and inspiring connections across all subjects. With rigorous opportunities to inquire and make meaning of the world around them within the ‘world’ of books. The students will be able to ask questions, compare, wonder, take risks, solve problems and come up with wonderous creations and ideas.

As teachers and parents we have a pivotal role in helping our children develop and maintain a positive attitude towards learning and literacy. Motivated readers read more, use more complex cognitive strategies, and become better readers, who in turn have access to a world of information and knowledge. With this in mind one of our goals should be for our students to see reading as fun. We all know that reading is the bee’s knees when it comes to education. It is great for:
Increasing vocabulary
Mastery of language
Increasing creativity
Developing imagination
Providing knowledge
Teaching grammar and spelling
Communication skills

Further to these skills …

Reading creates empathy
When a child reads they see through the eyes of others. They understand why people who are different to them might behave differently. There is something unique about that. There is no other medium where we can spend hours immersed in another person’s thoughts and experiences. Surely that has to make the world a better place. If our children are empathetic they are likely to be more understanding, compassionate and caring adults.

Reading teaches concentration and discipline
We live in a sound-bite world. TV, social media and internet entertainment assumes you have the concentration of a goldfish. We are fed all our information in tiny chunks. It is little wonder that kids don’t develop an extended concentration span or discipline. Books, particularly novels, demand these skills.

Reading is great for wellbeing
Reading is very calming. If you are reading you are still but you are engaged. Your mind is soaring in someone else’s world, no room for anxiety. Reading can also be a very cathartic experience. It’s great for processing emotion. Finally, reading is a solo activity. No child can feel lonely or left out when they are reading. It is solely and deliciously for them alone.

We thank you as parents for inspiring and motivating our girls by demonstrating your own passion for reading; acting as role models; encouraging them to value reading; linking reading with their interests; providing a rich and varied literacy environment that includes interesting reading material at their current reading level; giving them opportunities to choose their own reading material and for the encouragement and validation you give them daily.

“In some cases we learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.” Lloyd Alexander.

Wishing you all a Happy Book Week!

Tarryn McLaren
Deputy Head: Senior Primary

Welcome Ceremony in Mornington
Entering a new environment can be daunting for anyone, especially for young children attending preschool. A welcome ceremony can play a crucial role in easing this transition by creating a sense of belonging and identity. We prioritise such ceremonies and acknowledge the significance of fostering emotional well-being and building a strong foundation for your child’s educational journey. Our Welcome Ceremony was a thoughtful combination of storytelling, Kingsmead rituals, music, and personalised tokens that we hope will positively impact the beginning of your child’s preschool experience.

Building a Sense of Belonging was an important part of our ceremony. The foundation of a child’s early educational experience lies in feeling welcome and accepted. Through an engaging storytelling session by Ms Ebrahim, children were introduced to Kingsmead’s values, expectations, the importance of working together, being courageous and never giving up. This narrative sets the stage for the formation of relationships and helps children feel like they are part of a warm and supportive community.

Cultivating a Sense of Identity was the second part of our ceremony. Our Welcome Ceremony also serves as a means to nurture a child’s developing sense of identity. Each child was actively involved in the ceremony, they took turns to beat the Dun Dun, placed their painted pebble into Kingsley’s basket and received a personalised Kingsley keyring, they were made to feel special and unique. These individualised gestures not only boost self-esteem but also encourage children to express themselves confidently within their environment. The ceremony set the tone for embracing diversity and encouraged children to appreciate and value their own identity as well as the differences they observe in others.

Arts & Music

📆 Save the Date
We are thrilled to be hosting the African Music Evening in collaboration with Pridwin at Kingsmead this year. The event will feature various music groups, including the Orchestra, Grade 4-7 Choir, Glee and Grade 4-7 Marimba groups. Snacks and food will be on sale before the concert. The event starts at 18h00 and all musicians must meet us at Lange hall no later than 17h00 so we can unpack, warm up and be ready to welcome our guests. We hope to see you there!

Pridwin Kingsmead African Music Evening 1 Kingsmead College

Congratulations to Sabreen Motala for being chosen to participate in the upcoming Children’s Theatre production of Dr Seussical JR. This delightful show includes beloved childhood favourites like “the Cat in the Hat” and “Green eggs and Ham,” and will run from 13 June to 30 July. We are immensely proud of Sabreen and wish her success in this exciting production.

Dr Seussical JR Poster 1 Kingsmead College

We take pride in the dedication, persistence and effort demonstrated by our musicians who have taken part in Eisteddfods outside of the school over the last while. Congratulations to the following students who performed at the Trinity Eisteddfod last week: Sankhya Ramiah, Alexis Rossouws, Zoe Stark, Sophia Roos, Sabreen Motala, Aarya Patel, Kganya Rakumakoe, and Bella Lizamore. Their commitment and investment in their music studies are commendable.

Congratulations to Mya Brown, Madison Botha, Malaika Sibanda, Lisakanya Tshabalala, Kristen Benjamin, Julia Sequiera, Georgie Dalling, and Omolemo Tebeila who completed their Rockschool Voice Examinations towards the end of last year. The results were fantastic!

Ava Naidoo is commended for successfully completing the Grade 3 ABRSM Theory Examination with superb results. Well done!

Ava Naidoo Kingsmead College

Elsabé Fourie
Director of Arts & Music

Arts and music 2 Kingsmead College

Mia Loock
Head of Junior School Music


11 May 2023

On 11 May 2023, our Grade 3 netball players took part in their first netball fixture. We went to Roedean School for the afternoon and our players thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to play against different schools. There was a phenomenal turnout of supporters, and our mini netballers thrived on the energy the crowds brought. Parents and coaches alike were taken aback at the level of netball delivered by our dedicated players. We are so proud of our teams and look forward to their blossoming netball careers.

12 May 2023
We enjoyed an afternoon of netball with St Teresa’s on 12 May 2023. Our A – D teams were given a chance to implement the skills learnt during practices and on tour in our first match back since the holiday. There was great excitement leading up to match day and our players arrived at the fixture with positive mindsets and ready to courageously represent our school. The results we received were excellent, with players and coaches alike leaving the events with full hearts. Well done to our participating players and teams – you made the Kingsmead community proud!

Grade 7:
KMC 7A vs St Teresa’s A: 3 – 3
KMC 7B vs St Teresa’s B: 2 – 0
KMC 7B vs St Teresa’s A: 1 – 4
KMC 7C vs St Teresa’s B: 0 – 3
KMC 7C vs St Teresa’s C: 3 – 0
KMC 7D vs St Teresa’s C: 0 – 0

Grade 6:
KMC 6B vs St Teresa’s 6B: 10-2
KMC 6D vs St Teresa’s 6C: 0-5
KMC 6C vs St Teresa’s 6C: 12-3
KMC 6A vs St Teresa’s 6A: 4-3
KMC 6C vs St Teresa’s 6B: 5-6
KMC 6B vs St Teresa’s 6A: 8-8

Grade 5:
KMC A vs St Teresa’s A: 3-8
KMC A vs St Teresa’s B: 8-2
KMC D vs St Teresa’s D: 1-7
KMC C vs St Teresa’s C 6-0
KMC B Vs St Teresa’s B: 2 – 3
KMC D Vs St Teresa’s C: 0 – 6
KMC B Vs St Teresa’s A: 0 – 13

Grade 4:
KMC B vs St Teresa’s B: 14 – 2
KMC B vs St Teresa’s A: 4 – 7
KMC D vs St Teresa’s D 7-1
KMC D vs St Teresa’s C 4-6
KMC A Vs St Teresa’s A: 4 – 6
KMC C Vs St Teresa’s C: 6 – 0
KMC A Vs St Teresa’s B: 11 – 2
KMC C Vs St Teresa’s D: 11 – 0

13 May 2023
St Andrew’s Grade 7A Festival
Our Grade 7A netball team took part in the St Andrew’s Grade 7A Festival on Saturday 13 May 2023. With perfect weather and an electric atmosphere, our players courageously took to the courts to face the opponents in their Pools and the Play-Offs. Each match showed further improvement in our players’ performance – we commend the team for their efforts and for the hard work they put in on the day!

KMC vs St Mary’s: 2 – 22
KMC vs Roedean: 4 – 2
KMC vs Reddam: 5 – 14
KMC vs Our Lady of Fatima: 4 – 10
KMC vs St Teresa’s: 6 – 7

18 May 2023

Our second Grade 3 fixture took place on Thursday 18 May 2023. Kingsmead, St Stithian’s, St Katharine’s and Brescia House spent the afternoon playing and learning more about netball. The spectator outcome exceeded that of our first fixture, with courts surrounded by doting families and friends. It was such fun for everyone attending. The improvement from our first fixture to this one was unbelievable – it was a privilege for everyone watching to witness the confidence in our players grow. We are so proud of our courageous young players!

19 May 2023
Kingsmead’s Grade 6 and 7 C/D teams played against Bellavista on Friday 19 May 2023. Our players showed grit and proudly carried the school’s name as they took to the courts with their teams. The teams worked hard and gave their best. Well done, Grade 6 and 7 teams! You have made our school very proud.

Grade 6C team vs Bellavista A: 4 – 11
Grade 6D team vs Bellavista A: 4 – 9
Grade 7C vs Bellavista A: 13 – 0
Grade 7D vs Bellavista A: 0 – 4

20 May 2023
Holy Rosary Festival

Grade 6 and 7 A/B teams took part in the Holy Rosary Festival this past weekend. The atmosphere was indescribable, and the results are testimony to the incredible hard work and dedication these players have put into their teams and sports this season. The matches were short, which allowed teams the opportunity to play against schools they had not played against before. Our players were admirable examples of what it means to be a Kingsmead Sportsperson – playing hard, respecting opponents and umpires, and never giving up. Well done, players!

Holy Rosary festival results:
KMC 6A vs Assumption 6A: 3 – 2
KMC 6A vs Holy Rosary 6A: 4 – 0
KMC 6A vs Roedean 6A: 4 – 3
KMC 6A vs APPS 6A: 5 – 0
KMC 6A vs Brescia 6A: 5 – 1
KMC 6A vs St Dominics: 3 – 8
KMC vs St Mary’s DSG: 8 – 1

KMC 6B vs APPS: 3 – 2
KMC 6B vs St Dominics: 2 – 6
KMC 6B vs St Mary’s DSG: 3 – 3
KMC 6B vs St Teresa’s: 2 – 1
KMC 6B vs Holy Rosary: 4 – 1
KMC 6B vs Brescia: 4 – 1
KMC 6B vs NET: 2 – 6

KMC 7A vs Holy Rosary: 3 – 2
KMC 7A vs Hurleyvale: 2 – 5
KMC 7A vs APPS: 5 – 3
KMC 7A vs St Katharine’s: 2 – 1
KMC 7A vs St Mary’s DSG: 2 – 3
KMC 7A vs Assumption: 3 – 3
KMC 7A vs Roedean: 6 – 2
KMC 7A vs St Peter’s: 0 – 6

KMC 7B vs St Mary’s DSG: 1 – 3
KMC 7B vs St Peter’s: 1 – 8
KMC 7B vs St Katharine’s: 1 – 3
KMC 7B vs Brescia: 2 – 3
KMC 7B vs APPS: 6 – 1
KMC 7B vs Roedean: 2 – 2
KMC 7B vs Assumption: 4 – 3

Kingsmead 7A Netball St Andrews Festival Kingsmead College

Grade 4 & 5 Fixtures
Grades 4 & 5 played in a fixture at Kingsmead on Saturday morning. The spectators’ outcome was unbelievable – it was a privilege for our school, and our players, to have so much support for our teams. Players were given the opportunity to show off their ever-developing talents and they did not disappoint. Kingsmead is incredibly proud of our players – well done!

KMC 4A vs BH 4A 4-5
KMC 4B vs BH 4B. 3-7
KMC 4B vs BH 4A. 6-7
KMC 4A vs BH 4B 5-3
KMC 4E VS HR 4E: 4 – 1
HR 4D VS KMC 4D: 1 – 3
KMC 4C VS HR 4C: 1 – 4
KMC 4D VS BH 4D: 0 – 13

KMC 5D vs HR 5E: 1-2
KMC 5A vs BH 5B: 10-1
KMC 5A vs BH 5A: 9-0
KMC 5C vs BH 5C: 4-5
KMC 5B vs BH 5B 1-5
BH 5A vs KMC 5B 3-0
HR 5C vs KMC 4-3
KMC 5D vs BH 5C 1-4

Well done to the Squash players for the amazing results in the first Squash matches of the season. Our next fixture will take place on Thursday 25 May at Roedean.

Squash 1 Kingsmead College

Outside Sport

Congratulations to Zothile Ndiweni for qualifying to take part in the 38th Gym Stars International Women’s Competition, from 7 – 9 July 2023, in Malta. Zothile was selected to represent Wanderers Gymnastics Centre in her age category. In addition, she will be participating in the Sunlive international women’s training camp immediately after the competition, from 10 – 15 July 2023, also in Malta. Well done, Zothile. We wish you all the best for your competition and training camp.

Zothile Ndiweni Kingsmead College

Congratulations to Amelia Southey for being selected to represent Gauteng at the National JKA Karate Championships in July. Amelia won 2 silver medals at the Gauteng Trials in her green belt category. Congratulations, Amelia!

Amelia Southey Kingsmead College

Abigail and Hannah participated in the Electric Eels Medal Gala on Saturday 20 May 2023. They both did amazing and received the following results for their events in the U8 25m category:
Abigail – 2nd (silver medal)
Abigail – 5th
Hannah – 8th
Abigail – 5th
Hannah – 19th
Well done, Abigail and Hannah!

Upcoming Events
25 May – Grade 3 Netball festival at Kingsmead. (More information will be sent to parents of the selected players via email.)
25 May – Squash Fixture (A, B & C Teams – Roedean)
26 May – Grade 4-7 Netball fixtures vs APPS/St Katharine’s (Grade 4 & 5 – Kingsmead, Grade 6 & 7 – APPS)
Please use the Tyrwhitt Avenue entrance for parking. Alternatively, vehicles may park in Cecil Avenue. All other entrances will be closed for the set-up of the Book Fair.
29 May – Grade 4-7 Hockey Trials (These trials will take place in the Netball slots due to Netball season being)

Hockey & Netball Training
Please note that due to the Netball season coming to an end, the Monday Netball training will become Hockey training from Monday 29 May for Grades 3-7 and there will be no morning Netball training. Grade 2 Netball will continue as per schedule on a Wednesday (this session will become Hockey after half term).
Please make sure that your daughter has a gum guard for all hockey practises.

A few reminders for parents & guardians:
1. Please send any sports achievements (school & non-school) to Mrs Hanekom.
2. A reminder to please download the Kingsmead app as this will be the direct method of communication to parents on sport fixture days.
3. All team lists will be published on the app by no later than Tuesday for a Thursday fixture and the Wednesday before the Friday/Saturday fixture. Please ensure that you let the coaches know if your daughter is not able to attend a fixture.

Yours in sport
Shavaun Hanekom
Head of Junior School Sport

14172 KM Sports Logo RGB 02 HS 20220919 01 Kingsmead College

Conversation Starter

We hope that you enjoyed the last conversation starter…as we know, one of the signs of a healthy family is open and meaningful conversation/communication. But often finding the time or the points to speak to, don’t always come easily. We thought we would share some prompts to facilitate this process, which are ideal to share around the table, on a trip – anytime, anywhere.

cONVERSATION STARTER 1 Kingsmead College
14392 KM Bookfair 2023 Web banners FA ME 20230317 150DPI Kingsmead College

Kingsmead Book Fair – 27 May

The 11th annual Kingsmead Book Fair is just a few days away.

If you haven’t already booked your tickets, our programmes can be found here:
Kingsmead Book Fair Adult Programme
Kingsmead Book Fair Children Programme
Kingsmead Book Fair Teen and Young Adult Programme

Tickets can be bought on Webtickets.

The Book Fair tickets are structured as follows:
Event entry:
Entry ticket (age 3 upwards): R100
Grade 6-12 students in school uniform: free entry

Session tickets
Session tickets for the teen and adult programme: R75 each
Session tickets for the children’s programme: included in the R100 entry

Please have a look at our exciting programme filled with a diverse and interesting range of topics and authors that we have been working hard at curating. Please also stay tuned to our event media partner, Hot 102.7. We look forward to seeing you on 27 May!


Book Drive

Book Drive

Hot Chocolate Sale

OC Grade 6 Hot Chocolate Sales for Kingsmead College

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