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Music: The Ultimate Team experience

The Kingsmead Music department strives to provide a place where girls can enjoy making music together. Music is a safe space to express yourself. A place of inclusion, where people can come together. A happy place, where anyone is welcome and everyone matters.

Group music-making is the ultimate team experience. You may play or sing your part perfectly on your own, but the magic happens when it all comes together and the full picture emerges. In our Choirs, Orchestras and Ensembles, we see girls blossoming, making new friends and learning about themselves, while developing a range of musical and other skills along the way. Young people grow in confidence when they perform alongside their peers while being inspired to strive to be better, when playing with more experienced and skilled musicians than themselves. It also offers the unique opportunity to play or sing alongside professional musicians, being mentored and guided all the way.

We hope that every Kingsmead girl will at some point of her school career, benefit from participating in a music group of some form, and experience the exhilaration when the music comes together and everything makes sense.

“Music is one of the most powerful things the world has to offer. No matter what race or religion or nationality or sexual orientation or gender you are, it has the power to unite us.”
Lady Gaga

So what have we been up to…


“Arts Education is a big part of building a 21st century creative mind and I think we have let too many kids lose their way by not drawing in their young minds with music, dance, painting and the other various ways we can express those things we do not have words for.”
Heather Watts

We decided to incorporate more of the Arts into our day this year. The Grade 1-3 girls are involved in an exciting Creative Arts programme, ‘Intokozo’, which means ‘Enjoyment’. Each class has a turn to participate in of Drama, Dance or Music. The girls are having  fun, expressing themselves in these creative and energizing lessons.

Instrumental Programmes
We aim to give every girl an opportunity to play a variety of instruments in their Junior School career. The Grade 2s are learning to play the violin, the Grade 3s, the flute and the Grade 4 and 5 girls are trying out the JSax (a beginner instrument which is like a saxophone and clarinet) and brass instruments, including the trombone, trumpet and French horn. We are excited to see more girls starting individual lessons in these instruments and look forward to having our own Junior Wind Band soon!

Singing Sistas
The Gr 5-7 Choir girls and Junior School Glee group delivered a stellar performance at the annual Singing Sistas Choir Evening, hosted by St Mary’s. They performed some popular songs and a beautiful rendition of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ in Swahili. Well done to our Choir and Glee girls who did Kingsmead proud!

Music Concerts & Assemblies
Many of our young musicians showcased their hard work over the last two weeks at the Music Concerts and assemblies. It is evident that our girls work with persistence and dedication. Thank you to our friends and families who came to celebrate our musicians by supporting them at the concerts and assemblies.

Kingsmead Ensemble Festival
This week we are hosting our 8th annual Ensemble Festival. Our new Drum Gym group started the concert last night with an exciting tribal rhythm piece. The Junior Orchestra and String Ensemble ended the evening on a high note with absolutely brilliant performances! Many girls and boys will share the joy of group-music making this week, including Pridwin, Holy Rosary, St. David’s Inanda, St. Stithians Girl’s and Boy’s Preparatory Schools, St Andrew’s, Cornwall Hill College, St Peter’s Girls Prep, St. Mary’s School Waverley and the Morris Isaacson Centre for Music from Soweto.

Kingsmead Eisteddfod
We held our termly Kingsmead Eisteddfod this Saturday and girls from both the Junior and Senior Schools participated. The Eisteddfod aims to provide girls with the opportunity to play in front of an audience, in a non-threatening environment. They receive some feedback from an external adjudicator, a certificate and a treat to say ‘Well done!’.

IMG 5549 Kingsmead College IMG 4098 Kingsmead College IMG 4073 Kingsmead College IMG 4066 Kingsmead College IMG 4064 Kingsmead College IMG 4061 Kingsmead College IMG 4031 Kingsmead College


We will be hosting our termly extracurricular assembly during our normal assembly time on Monday 8th April. This will be an opportunity for us to recognize our swimmers for the season. Mrs Kaplan will also join us to announce the scholarship winners for Grade 8 2020.

A reminder that academic, leadership and music awards are announced at the end of Semester One in June.

Our final assembly on the 12th April will be our annual Easter Assembly presented by our Grade 7 leaders of 2019. Grade 7 parents are welcome to attend this occasion.


Dear Parents

We invite you to touch base with your daughter’s LEAD teacher for a conversation regarding her growth as a learner in our school environment.  Bookings are open and invitations have been sent out via email.

If you would like to meet with the LEAD teacher, please book on-line for a 10-minute session during the following days and times:

Grade 4           Tuesday             9 April              15:00 – 19:00

Grades 5 – 7    Wednesday     10 April            15:00 – 19:00



A huge thank you to all the families who have handed in their forms and money for swimathon. We are aware that there are some girls who are yet to do so. Please could we ask that all outstanding forms be returned by Wednesday 3 April 2019. Forms are to be dropped off with Ms. Sithole at reception.

We would like to share with you the total amount raised next week before we break up for the holidays.


We are pleased to announce that the Term 2 EC schedule will be ready to publish on the 8th April 2019. Please would parents and girls note the following:

  • Girls are expected to attend 2 practice sessions for their chosen sport
  • As it is Netball season, Hockey players wishing to play both can do so and need only attend 1 Hockey session.
  • If a player has chosen only Hockey, then they still need to attend their 2 sessions
  • If there is a clash with goal shooting and other activities then girls can choose to attend the other goal shooting session regardless of grade.
  • Goal shooting sessions however take preference over Hockey.
  • Please note that the only amendment we envision to make will be the movement of Grade 6 & 7 early morning to an afternoon session once the astro is available from the SS. We recognise that as the term progresses it will become very cold, however, we are unable to make this change at the moment as our SS is busy with their league fixtures.

EC Assembly  

We will be hosting our EC Assembly on Monday 8th April 2019 at 7:45am in Joel Hall. Our guest speaker will be our very own Director of Sport, Mr. Rob Pullen.  We will also be presenting swimming awards at this assembly.

St Stithians Sport Festival

Kingsmead will be taking part in St Stithians sport festival from the 11th – 13Th April. We will be sending our A-Team tennis, Grade 6A and Grade 7A Netball squad. Please note that these teams are not the selected teams for the season but rather a squad of players identified to play in the upcoming festival. More detailed information will be available on the live calendar in due course. Please come and support our girls.

Grade 0 -3 Integrated sport letter

Please keep an eye out for the Grade 0 – 3 Intergrated sport letter. This was sent out today.

Netball coffee Morning

A huge thank you to all the parents who attended the Netball coffee morning. Below is a summary of what was discussed.

  • Sports department gave an outline of the Netball policy at KC. This embraces the philosophy of mass participation without compromising on competitiveness and striving for excellence.
  • Feedback on the various coaching, grading and umpiring courses that all coaches have attended or are attending in the future (this to ensure all coaches are fully qualified).
  • Sports department addressed the issue of team selection, which was reiterated later by the Head coach (Nontle Gwavu)
    • In Grade 3 all netball girls participate in matches; although there may be fewer fixtures than the senior teams as they ratio of practice to match should be 3:2 at this age. In Grade 3 the teams are named ‘blue’, ‘green’ etc. as opposed to A, B, C, D and depending on Festival, players are placed into mixed ability teams
    • For Grades 4-7 teams will be chosen on merit and are fluid – there will be changes to teams depending on form, fitness, skills and general attitude. Girls are encouraged to keep trying if they would like to make a higher team; equally girls in the higher teams need to maintain their levels of play to remain in the team.
    • For festivals (these generally take place during weekends) there will be a squad of 9 or 10 players who will rotate throughout the matches. For league fixtures, there will 7 players selected per team with one reserve from the next team down (who will be notified). Reserves will play a full match for their own team and then substitute for the higher team if necessary because of injury or illness.
    • To be eligible for a team, girls must attend BOTH Netball sessions each week. If they are ill a doctor’s note is required.
    • On the issue of all SNR prep teams participating equally, sports department is approaching schools that we don’t normally play and trying to set up fixtures for those teams who don’t get an opportunity to play if our opponents can’t field as many teams as we can.
  • The new head of Netball, Nontle Gwavu, was introduced to the parents. She is responsible for the technical Netball skills in both Junior and Senior school. She is former Proteas player and has an impressive CV of playing and coaching.
  • Coach Nontle Gwavu outlined the strategy for coaching and emphasised how important it is to introduce top level coaching from the very beginning (Grade 1). All coaches are on board with the coaching strategy and form an integral part of rolling it out cohesively so that our Netball can go from strength to strength.
  • Grade 1 and 2 – the emphasis will be on balance, coordination, hand-eye coordination, ball skills and basic fitness. Age appropriately, the coaches introduce these skills by playing games that are fun while achieving the results.
  • Grade 3 – matches begin and coaching focuses on Netball rules, more specific ball skills, footwork and teamwork. While the umpiring at this level is more lenient, our coaches are going to ensure that the girls are fully prepared for the next phase where rules are strictly enforced.
  • Grade 4 – similar to Grade 3 with more emphasis on game strategy while still focusing on the skills of footwork, balls skills etc.
  • Grade 5 – 7 girls are now using full sized balls and 3.5m shooting posts which will remain the same until matric. The coaching focus here is on more intensity, teamwork, fitness drills and combinations.
  • Coach Nontle emphasised that girls MUST try out different positions. In primary school they should know at least two positions, however, more is beneficial. The coaches need to pick the best combinations of players and match their particular skills to positions, even if the girls / parents believe they are better suited to a specific position. The more positions they can play, the more of an asset they are to the team.
  • Parents were asked to support their children through disappointments and encourage them to keep trying and working hard. Parents are welcome to address issues with the coach, but not in the presence of any of the girls. Girls will be notified of any team changes before lists are published.
  • Parents are also asked not to criticise umpires and coaches at matches.
  • Sports department confirmed that league matches will be full length matches.
  • Reading glasses and hats are not permitted during practice or matches.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. AK akoekomoer@kingsmead.co.za or Sheillah Denenga at sdenenga@kingsmead.co.za  if you have any further queries.


SANESA Vaulting Qualifier 2 – 21st – 24th of March

Congratulations to Jade Anderson who had an incredible 3 days at the Gauteng qualifier. She had the following placings:

1st Level 3 horse overall
1st Level 3 barrel
1st Level 1 horse compulsory
1st Level 1 barrel

Equetrian Kingsmead College


f3 1 Kingsmead College

A FEW GREY HAIRS Kingsmead College


The PTA is an integral part of Kingsmead College – made up of Class Reps for each class from Bluebells to Grade 12 as well as an Executive Committee – it serves as the interface between the parent body and the school. Through its events calendar, service initiatives and various fundraising activities, the PTA strives to build a sense of community within the school – with the interests of the
Kingsmead girl top of mind always.

As we draw to the end of a really busy Term 1, the PTA would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our incredible parent body and the Kingsmead staff for supporting all our initiatives this term.  As a community we have participated in two big events this term:

ALL ABOUT THE DRESS – brought together the Junior and Senior Schools in a celebration of both our matric and our Grade 1 girls.
MOVIE NIGHT – The Greatest Showman watched by over 400 of our community, under the stars on the Garth was once again really special.

TERM 2 – has our annual parent social, the Mexican Fiesta scheduled for June 21 and we are hopeful that this year’s evening will be as successful as last year’s.

Fundraising, 2019
The PTA raised a net total of R548 700 in 2018 and have budgeted an income of R 800 000 for 2019. Together with the School Executive, we have earmarked the construction of the Wellness Centre in the Gym Building as our big project for this year. We anticipate that this will be undertaken and completed by the end of the August break. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all our Class Reps and parents who tirelessly assist in making our fundraising efforts a success.

FOOTLOOSE FRIDAY – The PTA together with the School’s Service Department, collected 1960 pairs of shoes during Footloose Friday for distribution to a range of beneficiaries. Thank you to all of our girls for bringing in your gently worn shoes.
SHARE WHAT YOU CAN – the Easter collection of Easter Eggs and canned food is currently underway.

School Shop
The Shop has relocated to Etunzi.
We have commissioned shop fitters to undertake a fit out of this new space and this will be ready for
us all to enjoy at the beginning of the second term. Look out for lots of new and fun offerings in the

We wish you all well over the holidays.
Travel safe and rest well.

Rizwana Bawa: PTA Chair
The Committee, 2019:
Rizwana Bawa: Chair; Karlene Schwegman: Treasurer ; Brunah Thulo-Sisani: SS Coordinator; Amanda Fleming: JS Coordinator; Joanne Naidoo: Secretary; Janet Kohler: Outreach; Debbie Havercroft: School Shop; Louise Whittaker

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