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Dear Parents


 During the past 18 months, I have had the pleasure of meeting several budding entrepreneurs. Girls as young as nine have made appointments to see me to launch their next grand business proposal. I have been very impressed by their business etiquette, inspiring presentations and preparation. Every proposal brought to my attention has shown a drive to contribute meaningfully to community initiatives too.

Our students are becoming increasingly interested in business principles. As schools we should begin teaching financial literacy not only because the interest is high but because it is essential for future financial competency  as adults.

A recent blog written for Inside Education by Mduduzi Luthuli, an Investment Manager at Luthuli Capital, reinforces the desperate need for financial literacy to be taught in schools. He writes that “Many young people can be empowered and equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take charge of their lives and build a more secure future for themselves and their families. More needs to be done and it starts by changing our education system.”

Imagine an education system which empowered women to take charge of their financial futures just by understanding key business principles. At a preparatory school level this needs to be done through practical experience, games and initiating ideas through thinking skills frameworks in a safe, secure environment.

Next week we launch our very first Entrepreneurship Week. This aims to provide opportunities for our students to really start experiencing developmentally appropriate financial literacy skills (details below). Thank you to our parents who have partnered with us in making this an inspiring week for our girls. Our Grade 5 girls have also been involved in a full IBL programme called Real-Life 4 Kids this semester.


(Marisa Di Terlizzi)

Our Grade 5s have embarked on a very new and exciting programme as part of their IBL programme. This has been well-received by the girls and they are really enjoying the real-life lessons they are learning. Herewith an excerpt from the Real-Life4Kids website:

Real Life 4 Kids is an exciting, 3 dimensional life skills programme for children aged 10 to 16. The game allows children to open bank accounts, earn a salary and interest, purchase land, build a home, own a business, build various city contracts and get a snapshot of what awaits them in real life.

  • The game is fun and exciting and its full academic curriculum is easily assimilated into the normal school day, across all subjects taught.
  • The game’s online banking software ensures ease of operation for the teacher, as salaries are paid automatically and all the children’s payments are done online via EFT.
  • The full programme runs for six months ensuring hours of fun and learning. A must for every classroom.
The teaching through action and Real life approach ensures the children’s interest and enthusiasm for the game. Also included in the game:

  • Learn the rules of the road and get your road safety licence.
  • Children buy medical and house insurance to protect them from medical bills or disasters…
  • Children earn cash in all subjects. Financial fines are issued for incomplete work or misdemeanours.
  • How to track their debits and credits, as well as how to write cheques.
  • Compound interest on their personal bank accounts.
  • Hawkers license can be purchased to allow children to sell homemade goods for cash
  • Children buy stocks on the game exchange
  • Take part in a live auction to purchase land.
  • Tax and taxation
  • Legal battles and court appearances
  • Elect a Mayor and Councillors
  • Loads of excursions organised by Real Life 4 Kids to banks, courts, factories etc.

Inyoni’s Market and Entrepreneurship Week 19 – 23 November:

(Ingrid Beekhuizen)

Based on the interest shown by our students in wanting to sell things at school, we decided to hold this enrichment week to inspire, inform and give space for individual interests in this regard. The Thinking Drive team brainstormed and shared ideas with staff:

The conversation in each grade could revolve around the following, or similar, 5 questions:

  • If you could open one kind of store around the corner, what would it be and why do you think it would be successful?
  • Did the people at the supermarket today do anything to make you feel happy that you shop there? What would you do if you were in charge?
  • What made you want to buy that fidget spinner (or any other toy, book or game they’ve received recently)? Was it word of mouth or an ad you saw or something else? Why do you think that worked?
  • The Gap: What is an annoyance in your day to day life that a new product or service could fix? What do you think it would take to make that thing or provide that service?
  • Do you think this restaurant is making a profit? Let’s do a quick back-of-the-envelope estimation of all their expenses and how much we think they might make in revenue each night. (This is a fun way to get them thinking about all the things business owners have to pay for — supplies, staff, electricity etc..).

The week will include:

  • Assembly Launch. Guest entrepreneurs explain what the concept means and describe its value and challenges.
  • Gr 3 – 7 vertical groups choose one of 9 inspirational sessions, including budgeting and financing, marketing, websites, finding the gap in the market, their story of perseverance, amongst others.
  • LEAD/class teachers facilitate discussions regarding entrepreneurship – what stuck with you from talks?
  • Use TASC wheel to guide process and Thinking Maps for planning

Inyoni Day

  • Before tea break:
    • Gr 0 – 4 will plan and make products to sell at Inyoni’s Market on Friday.
    • Gr 7 will help their Gr 0 buddies to learn about money during the selling process
    • Gr 5 – 7 will buy products from Gr 0 – 4 stalls
  • After tea-break:
    • Gr 5 – 7 exhibit their entrepreneurship ideas and prototypes. This will not involve sales, although, they may have items to taste or experience for their target market.
    • Gr 0 – 4 go to the exhibition to experience and learn about their older peers ideas
  • Close of day will be a reflection regarding what stuck with them and ideas for improvement for 2019.

Congratulations to the students who also participated in the Kingsmead Christmas Market. This was a wonderful success for all concerned. Thank you again to the PTA for role-modelling excellence during this event for our girls!

We congratulate Nthabiseng Maseko (Grade 0 class assistant) on completing her NQF4 Early Childhood Development Qualification. Nthabiseng has been mentored by Denise Schefermann in Gr 0D and has shown enormous growth in her teaching journey. We look forward to her continued growth as she completes her NQF 5 qualification.

Kim Lowman – Head: Junior School

Pic 1 Kingsmead College


Wednesday 14 November:

  • Grade 1 – 3 Gala at APPS

Thursday 15 November:

  • JS Inter schools Diving competition
  • 14:00 Grade 2 – 7 2019 new girls orientation
  • 17:30 – 18:30 Grade 0 and 1 Music Concert

Friday 16 November:

  • JS Cross Country

Monday 19 November:

  • JS Enrichment week

Tuesday 20 November:

  • 08:30 – Grade 0 2020 Coffee Morning
  • 17:30 – 18:30 Grade 2 and 3 Music Concert

Inyoni Day Advert Kingsmead College


Upcoming Events:

Thu 15 Nov Grade 0 & 1 Music Concert 17h30 – 18h30 Rehearsal Space
Tue 20 Nov Grade 2 & 3 Music Concert 17h30 – 18h30 Joel Hall
Thu 22 Nov Grade 4 & 5 Music Concert 17h30 – 18h30 Joel Hall

Elsabé Fourie – Director of Arts & Music


Clipboard01 1 Kingsmead College



Tennis Challenges

  • 14 January 2019                      08h00 – 12h00
  • 15 January 2019                      08h00 – 12h00

Swimming Trials

  • 16 January 2019                      Grade 3; 4; 5
  • 17 January 2019                      Grade 6; 7 


We would like to congratulate the following pupils on their gymnastics achievements for 2018.

Grace Hefer

Grace competed class 1 in 2018 and achieved full Central Gauteng Gymnastics colours for her outstanding performance. She achieved the following results:

  • Provincials: 3rd Overall on uneven bars, 5th Overall
  • Nationals: 3rd Overall on Balance Beam

Jessica Galloway

Jessica competed level 5 in 2018 and achieved full Central Gauteng Gymnastics colours for her outstanding performance. She achieved the following results:

  • Regionals: 1st overall on Vault, 2nd overall on uneven Bars, 1st overall on
  • balance Beam, 3rd overall on floor exercise, 2nd Overall at Regionals
  • Provincials: 3rd Overall on Uneven Bars, 1st Overall on floor exercise and 3rd
  • Overall. She was also selected to participate in the nationals.

Taryn Faure

Taryn competed Class 2 in 2018 and achieved full Central Gauteng Gymnastics colours. She was selected to go through to the provincials and Nationals competition in 2018.

Amelie Sabbioni

Amelie competed Class 2 in 2018 and achieved full Central Gauteng Gymnastics colours. Amelie achieved the following results:

  • Regionals: 4th overall at Regionals
  • Provincials: 2nd Overall on uneven bars and 4th Overall for provincials
  • Nationals: 3rd overall on floor exercise

Lucia Sabbioni

Lucia competed Class 3 in 2018 and achieved full Central Gauteng Gymnastics colours. She achieved the following results:

  • Regionals: 3rd Overall on Vault, 3rd Overall on uneven Bars, 2nd overall on
  • Floor exercise.
  • Provincials: 2nd Overall On vault, 3rd Overall on balance beam, 3rd overall on
  • floor exercise.
  • Nationals: 3rd overall on Balance beam.  Lucia Sabbioni has been selected to represent Central Gauteng at an international competition in Serbia in 2018. Lucia leaves for
  • Serbia on the 4th December 2018. We wish her all the best.


Diving Competition (8th November 2018)

Kingsmead College vs Brescia House

Grade 3B

  • 4th Mhile Ngani
  • 3rd Grace Reese
  • 2nd Lily Bona

Grade 3A

  • 3rd Ella De Goede
  • 1st Rouxle O’Neill
  • Gr 4B
  • 4th Makhutsie Moloi
  • 3rd Nicole Dyer

Grade 4A

  • 5th Lusanda Nazo
  • 4th Hope Ngwenya

Grade 5B

  • 4th Matsie Mageza
  • 3rd Bibi Peer

Grade 5A

  • 10th Nuhaa Mahommed
  • 9th Victoria Staples
  • 3rd Morgan Easter

Grade 6B

  • 2nd Zara Motala
  • 1st Tessa Gutierrez-Garcia

Grade 6A

  • 6th Haana Patel
  • 2nd Andza Mbelengwe

Grade 7B

  • 5th Scarlett Muirhead
  • 4th Lesedi Moloi
  • 3rd Elis O’Mara

Grade 7A

  • 6th Julia Aspoas
  • 5th Katharine Jones

Cross Country

Please note that Kingsmead will not be taking part in any of the Inter School cross country meeting scheduled this term at St Peters. Training will continue as normal.

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