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Dear Parents

It is that time of the year again, when we start allocating our girls to new classes for 2019. This is a comprehensive process that takes careful planning and consideration. Our teaching teams take into account fair academic, social and demographic distribution across the classes. Decisions are made in the best interest of each student in our care. A reminder that we do not take into account parent requests as this complicates the process even further. Classlists and LEAD groups will be communicated to all parents on Friday 30th November.

The opportunity to be a part of various social groups is essential for our girls’ development and often a very positive experience. Please support us in encouraging your girls if they have concerns regarding 2019. It is sometimes a good idea to arrange ‘playdates’ now and during the December holiday to allow girls to build relationships before school starts. Remember that girls spend some of their academic day with their class, but also so much time with their friends during breaks, extracurricular activities and during integrated lessons.

Please take the time to visit the Art Exhibition this week. The display of creative talent is remarkable. I am confident that you will find the experience interactive and inspiring.

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see” E. Degas

We look forward to the remaining few weeks of the year, sharing and celebrating with your girls.

Kind regards

Kim Lowman – Head of Junior School


Tuesday 30 October

  • JS Art exhibition
  • Trinity practical exams
  • 15:00 Gr 8 Orientation

Wednesday 31 October

  • 06:30 Grade 4 camp depart
  • JS Art exhibiton
  • Trinity practical exams
  • 08:00 Grade 1 – 3 Gala
  • 18:00 TDI meeting – Mckenzie

Thursday 1 November

  • 07:30 Grade 1 2019 Coffee morning (Library)
  • JS Diving competition
  • Tennis vs Holy Rosary @ KM
  • Grade 3 Teannis Fesitival at Rodean

Friday 2 November

  • Grade 4 camp returns
  • JS Inter schools Prestige Athletics


The Grade 0s visited Wag ‘n Bietjie Farmyard in Olifantsfontein last Thursday.  There was much excitement as they boarded our magnificent Kingsmead bus as this was their first outing off campus and for many of them, the first time on a big bus.  The girls were able to feed and interact with the farm animals and were delighted to see that the Shetland pony had a foal.  The donkeys were very pleased with the quantity of apples and other treats that the girls offered to them and Mrs O’Donovan attempted to milk a cow, realising that it is not as easy as it looks!  It was a hot and dusty morning so we welcomed the delicious ice lollies to quench our thirst before we headed back to Kingsmead.  Well done, Grade 0s, we are very proud of you!

IMG 20181025 113245 Kingsmead College

IMG 20181025 110245 Kingsmead College

IMG 20181025 095114 Kingsmead College

IMG 20181025 094857 Kingsmead College


Well done to our fabulous Orchestra and wonderful teachers, Morné van Heerden and Ashlea Martin, who performed absolutely brilliantly at the St Mary’s Ensemble Evening!

DSC 0179 Kingsmead College

DSC 0200 Kingsmead College

DSC 0217 Kingsmead College

Elsabé Fourie – Director of Arts & Music


The importance of exercise during examinations

Examinations are a stressful time for both parents and child. As a parent you may feel like your daughter should be spending every waking hour revising for their exams. However; in order for them to achieve great results and fulfill their potential from both a health and an academic perspective, they need to do more than sit behind a desk all day.

Movement triggers the release of hormones that have an important effect on the brain’s function. Below are a list of these hormones and their effects:

  • Serotonin – boosts one’s mood and sleeping patterns
  • Dopamine – aids learning and increases attention span
  • Nor-epinephrine – increases motivation and mental stimulation.

When we exercise, the increased blood flow to the brain combined with the cocktail of these hormones improves the cognitive function and the ability to focus for longer periods of time. Research has also shown that regular exercise increases the size of the hippo-campus (memory retention).

So as a parent how can you assist your daughter to fit exercise into their busy schedule:

  • Be flexible and find what works for them
    • Early morning session – increases their focus for the rest of the day
    • Lunch time workout – helps to break monotony of studying
    • Evening workout – helps to distress before bed time
  • Short and intense workouts are more beneficial than long drawn out sessions
  • Keep exercises simple – walk around the block; skipping; stretches in the garden or good old house hold chores.

Finally; that their mental performance is also determined by what they eat. Aim for plenty of nutrient dense fruits and veggies and don’t forget the omega-3 rich nuts and seeds.


On Friday 26th October, we competed at St Andrew’s. This was the last friendly athletics meeting before the Inter – Primary Meeting on the 2nd November.

The following athletes ended in the first 3 positions:

Grade 3:

  • 60m: B-race: Joy Cilliers 1st
  • Isabella Abbate             2nd
  • 100m: B-race: Joy Cilliers 1st

Grade 4:

  • 80m: A-race: Jade Anderson            2nd
  • B-race: Priyanka Geness 2nd
  • Hannah Schwegmann             3rd
  • C-race: Lara Boltt                         3rd
  • D-race: Emma Cruickshanks             2nd
  • 150m: A-race: Jade Anderson 1st
  • Kaitlyn Brown                                   2nd
  • B-race: Priyanka Geness 3rd
  • Lara Boltt             2nd

Grade 5:

  • 80m: A-race: Carys Glyn-Jones        2nd
  • Morgan Easter                         3rd
  • B-race: Zahra Khan             2nd
  • Lucy Davis             1st
  • C-race: Zintle Papiyana 2nd
  • Francesca Druce             1st
  • D-race: Unathi Phala                           2nd
  • Nobuntu Mkwanazi                         3rd
  • 150m: A-race: Morgan Easter 3rd
  • Lucy Davis             2nd
  • B-race: Carys Glyn-Jones 1st
  • Francesca Druce             2nd

Grade 6:

  • Hurdles: A-race:Tessa Gutierrez-Garcia 1st
  • B-race: Zintle Papiyana             1st
  • C-race: Zahra Khan             1st
  • D-race: Erin Hill                                              1st
  • 100m:A-race: Tessa Gutierrez-Garcia           1st
  • Neo Shibambo                                     2nd
  • B-race: Jessica Black                         3rd
  • D-race: Gabriella Dodd                                   1st
  • 200m: A-race:            Tessa Gutierrez-Garcia           1st
  • B-race: Neo Shibambo                         1st

Grade 7:

  • Hurdles:A-race: Paula Prinsloo 1st
  • B-race: Natalie Morris 1st
  • C-race: Gabriela Potgieter 3rd
  • D-race: Jessica Stevens                        2nd
  • 100m: A-race: Natalie Morris 2nd
  • B-race: Tasmiyya Bham 2nd
  • 200m: A-race: Natalie Morris 1st
  • Paula Prinsloo                         2nd
  • B-race: Gabriela Potgieter 3rd

Kingsmead won this meeting, with St Andrew’s in the second place, Holy Rosary 3rd and Assumption in the 4th place. Well done to all the athletes! You did Kingsmead proud!

Our next meeting will be the Inter-Primary Athletics Meeting to be held at St Stithians on Friday 2nd November. The team will be announced on Tuesday.

Please KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!! Remember: What you put in at practices, is what you are going to get out! ONLY the INTER-Primary Athletics Team must attend the practices this coming week.

Monday 29 October 2018 Kingsmead College
Grade 6 and 7 Examinations

There will be no extra murals for the grade 6 and 7 students during the exam week. Please do encourage the girls to still participate in some physical activity during this time as it is so beneficial for them and will assist in their raising their alertness and concentration when studying.

Grade 1-3 Fun Gala

“Grade 1-3 Fun Gala (31 October 2018) will start 8am and be finished by 10am. Parents are welcome to come and support. Students to arrive to school in Games Kit. NO HOUSE SHIRTS. Please bring hat, water and plenty of sun cream due to limited shade. Swimmers to bring swimming caps and goggles.”

Special Achievements

Congratulations to Zintle Papiyana and Emma Simmonds who has been selected to represent Central Gauteng Action Netball (C.G.A.N.) in the Under 12A team at the 2019 little league inter-provincial tournament (IPT) to be held in Brackenfell, Western Cape from the 21st to 26th March 2019.

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