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Our Connection Issue: 23 2020

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Dear Kingsmead Community,

This week we have the complete joy of celebrating our heritage. Our children will share their stories through flavours and social celebrations regarding food. As recently quoted by Karen Dudley, “When people gather around something delicious, they create culture”. However you choose to celebrate National Heritage Day on Thursday, do so with joy and happiness!

Our powerful assembly message ‘It’s all in a name”, reminds us all of the importance of our names and our identity. If we do anything this week and the weeks hereafter, let us listen more, learn more and embrace the power of our diversity. We are blessed with a long weekend to find the time to slow down and find the beauty in our story; who we are and who we want to be. I have often referred to the power of community. This might also be the time that we seek to learn more about each other, our community and how together we can RISE.

R – Respect. When we celebrate our stories, let us remember to ‘see’ and hear each other, respect ourselves and respect others. Respect through listening, understanding and celebrating our heritage.

I – Integrity. Be true to yourself. Stand up for your values, when alone and when together.

S – Serve. We have a responsibility to serve our community. To find ways to engage meaningfully with each other. We will make a difference with each and every small act of kindness.

E- Environment. Let us not forget the importance of protecting our natural inheritance. South Africa has so much to offer the world. In amongst the craziness of pandemics and world tension, please do not forget our drive to take care of our environment.

We have been reminded this week of our constitution. We have placed the preamble of this constitution as posters around our school. Through this, we will RISE.

With courage,
Kim Lowman

Preamble to SA Constitution scaled Kingsmead College


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As practices and competitions have decreased, many athletes are deconditioned, putting the athlete at much higher risk for injury if pushed too hard and too fast. Over-training, defined as prolonged or excessive repetitive activity/workouts in efforts to “catch up,” does not allow the body to adjust and recover, which can lead to decreased performance and/or increased risk of injury.

The Junior School sport department are currently working on conditioning during fitness sessions in order to get our students conditioned for when sport does return.

Phase two will allow us to do more localized sport such as swimming, tennis, ball sports with no contact. This will only be allowed once the Department of Education has given schools the green light.

The sports department are making sure that we allow all students the opportunity to improve their current fitness and muscle strength both in class lessons and after school.

Robert Pullen
Director of Sport


Grade 0 Art

Grade 0 Arts Kingsmead CollegeGrade 0 Art 2 Kingsmead CollegeGrade 0 Art 3 Kingsmead College

Art inspired by the novel Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. Created in Mornington!

Stick Man Art 1 Kingsmead CollegeStick Man Art 2 Kingsmead College

D.E.A.R – Drop Everything And Read

D.E.A.R Kingsmead College

Story walks in action

Story Walk in action Kingsmead College

RDC – Senior Primary potato character constructions underway…

RDC Senior Primary Potato Character scaled Kingsmead College

BOOK character dress up

Presentation1 1 Kingsmead College

BOOK character dress up – teacher edition

Book Character Dress up Day Teachers 1 Kingsmead College

Book Character Dress up Day Teachers 2 Kingsmead College

Book Character Dress up Day Teachers 3 Kingsmead College

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