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Our Connection Issue: 2 2021

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Dear Kingsmead Community,

I greet you from a noisy, joyful Kingsmead. It has been so wonderful welcoming our students back to school this week. It’s amazing how quickly we remember the importance of the connection we have as a community, as a sisterhood. Whether you are at home, or far away from home or right here at school, let us remember that we are together in heart and with love.

It is critical in girls’ education to remember the importance of social connection and belonging as an integral part of learning. Each child has returned to school with her own story and her own experience of being at home with limited contact with her peers. The school almost ‘exploded’ with social engagement and a hungry need to be with friends once again. We will need to spend time reconnecting, and reestablishing relationships within the classroom and within the playground. As a parent said to me this morning – We are back in business! And we are loving every moment to do what we were born to do.

Thank you for your patience this week as we have navigated this full return to school. I am confident that with time and patience we will soon return to the rhythm of onsite learning and teaching.

We continue to drive home the importance of following our Covid protocols during the school day. Our students do need consistent reminding. Please could you support us in this endeavor and continue to reiterate the importance of keeping our community safe and keeping our schools open from the home front too.

Our Grade 7 leaders shared an important message with their peers this week, reiterating the importance of living each day as Girls with Grit. May we all step gently into 2021 determined to embrace one day at a time; making peace with the present; and gratefully enjoying time together.

With love and Courage Always,

Kim Lowman
Head: Junior School

Senior Primary Assessment and Evaluation Schedule, Term 1 2021

Assessment within the Senior Primary is an integral part of learning and teaching. Assessments, including cycle tests, class tests, class activities, rich tasks, projects, speeches, as well as individual and group tasks, all form part of an on-going, effective teaching and learning cycle. Our students are learning how to learn, and parents and teachers are there to support them in this process. Formal summative assessments will only commence when we are back onsite, however, other formal assessments will be taking place online in the interim.

As part of the greater assessment programme, a summative assessment opportunity evaluates a student’s understanding of a concept taught, or skill practiced and learnt in class. These assessments will take place for Grade 5 to 7 students within the week indicated in the table below. Teachers will continue to teach metacognitive skills and to encourage students to try different ways for personalised effective learning. Specific learning strategies will also be taught through the various subjects, to assist the students to build a repertoire of personalised effective study habits.

Teachers will inform the students a week in advance about what to learn and practise for their subject, as well as the specific date (within that week) on which they will take the assessment. Our students may well be expected to participate in and prepare for other assessments during that week. While teachers will be mindful of managing the students’ loads, it is important that we support the students in prioritising and managing their time effectively, especially when tasks are given in advance. This is an opportunity for our students to practise their time-management skills.

Subjects assesments table Kingsmead College

Academic Support for all students is offered during the weekly Self-Support & Stretch sessions within their timetable. Please encourage your daughter to seek assistance if she needs consolidation, clarity, or extension of any concept/topic.

Infogram Kingsmead College

Tarryn McLaren
Deputy Head: Head of Senior Primary


In 2021, we will continue to strive to instill a sense of community responsibility and generosity through the various Service initiatives at Kingsmead College.

Footloose Friday

Footloose Kingsmead College

South African Guide Dogs Association for the Blind

We are pleased to introduce the South African Guide Dogs Association for the Blind as the new Grade 1 Community Engagement partner. South African Guide Dogs Association train and provide guide dogs, service dogs and autism support dogs and their mission is to enhance the lives of visually and physically impaired people and children with autism.

You can support the South African Guide Dogs Association by purchasing a 2021 calendar from them at

Calendar Kingsmead College

Jenny Venter
Director of Service


Please note the extra-curricular programme return to campus:
Week of 8 Feb:

  • All activities offered by service providers (Chess, Pottery, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Yoga and Drama) return to campus
  • Marimbas for all grades
  • Music groups (choir, orchestra, strings, theory) will continue online, teachers will communicate with parents and students involved directly

Week of 15 Feb

  • Music groups start rehearsals on campus – specific arrangements and details will be communicated to those involved

Sign up for all Arts & Music sessions and activities offered by service providers is imperative. Sign-up links can be found in the extra-curricular folder on the App.

Apply for music lessons by visiting the Arts & Music folder on the App.

Music is the most fun when we play or sing together!
Encourage your daughter to join a choir, orchestra or marimba band. All string and wind players should join the orchestra, we have the best time!

  • Please sign up on the link on the App to be added to the WhatsApp groups for Orchestra or Grade 1-3 Strings group.
  • Grade 4-7 Choir – students can sign up by joining the MS Team – details are on their Music Class Teams.

Since we can’t have our annual ‘Meet your Music Teachers’ week this year, watch this video to meet the Kingsmead Music staff!

Youtube Kingsmead College  Meet the Kingsmead Music staff 2021

Art Music Signature Kingsmead College


The Extra-Curricular Integrated Programme will commence on Monday, 8 February. Further details will be available on the school App.

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