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Our Connection Issue: 16 2021

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Dear Kingsmead Community,

SP 10 11 21A Kingsmead College

Play- An essential strategy for effective learning

It’s that time of the year when teachers and parents are meeting and discussing student’s progress. The Senior Primary are navigating their way through examinations, assessments are continually being conducted throughout the school and reports are soon to be distributed. One almost expects to find a campus filled with silence and tension as academic evaluations reach a culmination.

But instead, you hear laughter and joy. Here and there you will find student’s climbing trees, engrossed in the reading of a fantastical story, maneuvering little robots around a maze, using specimens and iPads to create a thinking routine to make sense of a new concept, exploring the world around them and …playing!

One of the fundamental keys in our teaching and learning philosophy is the idea of FUN and PLAY in teaching and learning! The idea of fun in learning or play in education can be challenging to understand and prioritise. Yet, at heart, we all know that learning is fun. Or at least… it should be. Because when we are playing and having fun we become excited and curious, and curiosity is the birthplace of learning. Children are intrinsically motivated to play, which makes it fertile ground for learning and developing new skills. Winston Churchill said, “Personally, I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught”. How blessed are we to be at a school where teaching and learning is FUN!

Learning needs play, if learning isn’t fun, it won’t be effective. Here are a few facts about learning and play:

  • According to research by Dr. Karyn Purvis, scientists have discovered that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain, unless it is done in play- in which case it only takes 10 to 20 repetitions.
  • A study in the journal, College Teaching, found that students could recall a statistics lecture more easily when the lecturer added jokes about related topics.
  • Neurologist, Judy Willis has established how fun encounters increase levels of dopamine, endorphins, and oxygen – all things that promote learning.
  • As part of their ‘Fun Theory’, Volkswagen turned a staircase into a giant fully-functioning piano keyboard. 66% more people then chose the stairs over the escalator. This just goes to show that fun can change the way people behave in a situation that would otherwise be a chore.
  • Hendrick Automotive launched their H.A.L.O. platform in July of 2015. The gamified elements boosted engagement and supercharged learning throughout the company making the last quarter of the following year the most successful in Hendrick’s 40-year history.

These are just a few examples from the multitudes of research into the impact of creating a fun learning experience. Though it’s a small sample, the impact that fun and play can have on learning effectiveness, memory retention and in promoting self-led learning is evident. Fun, excitement, discovery, play – call it what you will, the essential factor in any learning experience is engagement.

So in these last few days as the year comes to a close, urge your daughter to share what exciting adventure she went on. Be inquisitive with your child and encourage her to share her latest discovery at school.

At the end of the day the fun in learning is not only for the students. It’s for you
and me too.

SP 10 11 21B Kingsmead College

Sjaneen Pretorius
Deputy Head: Academics and Innovation



 Well done to all our musicians who participated in the Music Eisteddfod, wrote Music Theory or played graded Practical Examinations last week. The examiners and adjudicator gave wonderful feedback and commented on the outstanding teaching at Kingsmead. Thank you to our supportive parents and exceptional music staff!

Eisteddfod Prac Kingsmead College

Theory Kingsmead College

Practical Kingsmead College

Instrument Programmes

At Kingsmead we introduce all our students to the joy of playing an instrument. We want to make sure students are aware of the range of instruments on offer as well as to experience first-hand what it is like to play an instrument. All our Grade 2s play the violin, Grade 3s the flute and Grade 4s, single reed instruments (as introduction to the clarinet and saxophone), orchestral percussion and brass (trumpet, horn, and trombone). In 2022 we are extending this to the Grade 1s who will learn the recorder as a general introduction to wind instruments.

Last week, the Grade 4s concluded their programme, while the Grade 2s and 3s will wrap up their instrumental experience in the next week or two. If your daughter enjoyed playing any of these instruments or you would like more information about our offering, please contact us.

We will continue to ‘rent’ our instruments at no extra charge to parents in 2022.  Application details can be found in the Arts & Music folder on the app.

Grade 4 Instrument Project Kingsmead College


We are so excited to see how our musicians have developed in their playing over the last few months. Diarise the dates of our upcoming concerts. Please note:

  • Only two adults per participant should attend as the theatre has limited seating.
  • The concerts are in the theatre (see the map in the Arts & Music folder on the app)
  • Note the different starting times of the concerts.
  • Participants must please wear school uniform.
  • Screening will take place in the theatre foyer a half hour before the start of the concert by scanning a QR code and completing an online form.

JS 3RD TERM EVENTS Kingsmead College

Congratulations to the following dancers who achieved excellent results in the Gauteng Dance Festival.

Emma Clowes: A+ for two Solo item , Improvisation and Modern Trio. Carla Palmer A symbols for her solo and improvisation and A+ for Modern Trio. Zara Stewart an A for her Improvisation and A+ for Modern Trio.

Well done to Scarlett Haslam who participated in the Classical ballet category of the National Eisteddfod. She achieved Diplomas for her Solo and Group items. Scarlett will also be participating in a dance competition this weekend and we wish her success!

scarlet Kingsmead College

*If you have any Arts & Music achievements, please email so we can acknowledge our students’ achievements in the fortnightly newsletter and the school facebook page. Please give written consent whether your daughter’s school photo may be published in the newsletter/facebook when the results are shared. Certificates for assemblies may be dropped off at the Arts & Music reception. We love hearing about our students’ achievements and sharing their successes!

EM Signature Kingsmead College


Service giving poster Kingsmead College


A few reminders for parents and guardians:

  1. Our first soccer fixtures will be taking place at Kingsmead on Friday 12 November against St Mary’s.
  2. Please check the Live Calendar on the App for the weekly fixtures. Team lists can be found on the App when clicking on the fixture.
  3. Please be sure to check your phone on a regular basis when your daughter is attending a fixture. All communication will be sent via the class WhatsApp groups.
  4. Please send any sport achievements (school & non-school) to Mrs. Hanekom.
  5. Our extra-curricular sport schedule will end on Friday 26 November.


Congratulations to our divers who did a phenomenal job at the diving fixture against Roedean. The results were as follows:

Grade 3
1st Stephanie Rees
5th Darcy Anderson
2nd Kayley Browner
6th Madison Crozier
7th Sarah Jensen

Grade 4 A
1st Milan Williams
2nd Kylie Dugmore

Grade 4 B
2nd Charlotte McLay
5th Piper Keizan
6th Mikayla Rono

Grade 5 A
1st Maya Rono
2nd Shané van Lith

Grade 5 B
6th Reneilwe Ramutla
4th Olona Mbele
2nd Scarlett Haslam

Grade 6 Elite
1st Grace Hefer
2nd Jada Williams
1st Ella Watermeyer
4th Robyn Herold
3rd Paula Anderson

Grade 7 A
2nd Amy Teeling-Smith
2nd Camden Williams

Grade 7 B
1st Sophia Pearse
2nd Charlee Davis
4th Victoria Kahwa

Unfortunately, our fixture against St Mary’s last week was called off due to bad weather.

The following divers were selected to participate at the Gauteng Schools Diving trials which were held at Roedean. Congratulations to the following divers on their outstanding achievements:

Milan Williams 3rd place
Jada Williams 2nd place
Maya Rono 1st place
Grace Hefer 1st place
Ella Watermeyer 2nd place
Sophia Pearse 3rd place
Amy Teeling-Smith 5th place
Camden Williams 4th place

A further congratulations to the following divers who were selected for the Gauteng Schools Diving Team:

Maya Rono – Kingsmead College
Milan Williams – Kingsmead College

Grace Hefer – Kingsmead College
Jada Williams – Kingsmead College

Ella Watermeyer – Kingsmead College

Sophia Pearse – Kingsmead College

This is such an amazing achievement. Well done!

Grace H Kingsmead College

Grace Hefer performing her dive at the Gauteng Schools Diving Trials where she won the Grade 6 Elite Category.


The following players played in our final matches against St Andrew’s:

A – Team:
Kate Sardi, Anna Lipchin, Annabelle Rattray, Ziyanah Mahomed, Jessica de Zeeuw, Neo Mkwanazi

B – Team:
Amy Teubes, Olivia Turck, Piper Keizan, Allison de Zeeuw, Zoe Kennedy, Mira Naidoo

The players enjoyed themselves showing great sportsmanship to the opponents. Unfortunately, not all matches were completed due to bad weather.

Outside sport

We would like to congratulate Noa van Zalk on an exceptional swim. Noa participated in her 1st open water swim event at Cradle Moon Lodge on Sunday 7 November. It was the first seeding event for the Midmar Mile. Noa finished 2nd out of a total 185 participants of all ages. Congratulations!

OS 10 11 21a Kingsmead College

Congratulations to Georgia Lenaerts on making her first Podium finish on Saturday 6 November. She placed 3rd overall in the Rotax Regional Go Karting at FK Benoni. Well done, Georgia!

G. Lenaerts 10 11 21 Kingsmead College

Shavaun Hanekom
Head of Junior School Sport 

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