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Our Connection: Issue 14 2022

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Dear Kingsmead Community

The highlight of our week behind has undoubtedly been our Heritage Day celebrations. What a wonderful opportunity for us to come together as a community and to truly see the ‘individual’ in us all. We have always loved to hear the stories that we each share and occasions like this give us the platform to appreciate the gift of our diversity in such a momentous way.

When each new child or staff member joins our Junior School, they place a stone in our Isivivane Garden. This is a symbol of the path that starts here and the journey that is shared together from that point on. This is the symbol of belonging. We are hopeful that each person feels a strong sense of belonging for who they are and for the stories and heritage they hold in their hearts.

Ms DV Thomson founded our school on the principle that “The individual matters first and foremost”. It is this individual who exists within the dynamic social context who has the responsibility and energy to use her uniqueness to serve a greater purpose at home, at Kingsmead and in South Africa.

“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve everyone I’ve ever known” Chuck Palahniuk. This quote rings true of Ubuntu: I am what I am because of who we all are. The strength of the individual is in the collective power of humanity. May we share our stories, and our strengths as we continue to serve greater humanity.

With love and Courage Always,
Kim Lowman

Assisting your daughter with Social Media

Think about the technological advancements that have taken place over the past 40 years. The majority of people now own at least one computer, tablet, smartphone and watch, if not multiple devices. These are used for email, social media, the internet and gaming in our daily lives both at home and in our relevant places of work. We are now in what is known as the fourth industrial revolution. While some of the technology and innovations of this revolution have been around for 20-30 years, we are only at the beginning. The fourth industrial revolution is the computer era on steroids, is what the media suggests.

So, with this being said, we as schools and parents/guardians are responsible for navigating our students and daughters through this revolution with utmost care, confidence and clarity. This point aligns with our Kingsmead values of purpose coupled with possibility.

Social media is here to stay – keeping your daughter safe and strong within themselves should be at the forefront of our minds when providing them with various technological devices. While we acknowledge that social media can be powerful for our students. Our goal as educators with technology as a learning tool is to ignite curious minds and allow them to research within the parameters that keep them ‘safe’.

However, social medica can simultaneously be both beneficial and harmful if misused or the responsibility bestowed up your daughter is not entirely understood. As parents we encourage you to ask yourself, how long is my daughter spending on social media? What is she doing on ‘that’ platform? What is the age restriction of the various platforms she is using?

As parents you may be finding yourself grappling with the ever-increasing demands of social media. We as a school remain committed in supporting and upskilling you in this fast paced ‘world’ that is now an integral part in your daughter’s life. She is taught various skills on a continued basis during her Digital Literacy lessons, with Roxy Harman-Leak on the values of being a responsible digital citizen. The various polices around the use of social media platforms and use of the iPad, all aid in protecting your daughter.

Furthermore, one aspect of our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) taught by Moira Severin, our school psychologist, and Ntombizodwa Manyike, looks at the values of self-preservation and reputation, which are critical to bear in mind while being an active digital citizen.

Social Media Resources for Parents – A website expressing practical digital parent tips. – A useful resource and downloadable

Thank you for partnering with us.

Mrs. Tarryn McLaren
Deputy Head: Senior Primary

Arts & Music

Over the past week, three of our Kingsmead students, Meera Luksmidas, Melokuhle Zungu and Thandeka Nzimakwe competed in the International Dance Open in Croatia, Novalja. This competition is one of the biggest dance competitions in Europe and had over 4600 participants, competing from twenty-nine countries. The South African team from Jozidance dominated and achieved an impressive number of awards at this prestigious competition. We are incredibly proud of these three Kingsmeadians who did spectacularly at this event!

Meera Luksmidas was awarded three 1st places: in a duet, and two contemporary group performances, a 3rd place for a lyrical solo and 2 4th places, for a ballet solo and open solo.

Melokuhle Zungu was awarded a 1st place for contemporary group performance, a 2nd placed in a contemporary duet with Thandeka Nzimakwe and went to finals with her contemporary solo where she was placed 4th as well as going through to the finals for her lyrical solo where she was placed 5th.

Thandeka Nzimakwe was placed 2nd for the contemporary duet with Melokuhle Zungu and achieved 1st place for the contemporary group performance.

These three students were invited to the Gala event for their Contemporary group performance.

Grayston Arts Festival

On Saturday the 17th of September, our Grade 4-7 Marimba bands participated at the 1st Grayston Prep Arts Festival. This new event has taken the place of the annual ‘Magic of Music’ concert organised by Grayston for many years. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather and our marimba band members had a blast performing at this lovely all-day festival and browsing the many food stalls and markets before and after their performances. This festival will definitely become a new favourite on our Arts & Music calendar! Watch some extracts of our performances HERE.

Marimba bands Grayston

The Sound of Children Choir Festival

We were delighted to participate in this wonderful Choir festival again this year. It is just fantastic to see the joy on our young choir members’ faces when singing with and for each other. Performing with an orchestra on stage makes it even more exciting! Thank you to all our Grade 3 parents for your support at this event.

If you want to improve the well-being of a child, you let them sing in a choir, you let them learn an instrument, and you let them get lost in all of the beauty, support, and connections that come from such things. That’s what you do. You immerse them in music and music-making. Vaughan Fleischfresser

Upcoming events to diarise

Tuesday 11 October The Ridge Choir Festival (Grade 4-7 Choir) Linder Auditorium
Tuesday 18 October St Mary’s Ensemble Festival (Orchestra) St Mary’s
Wednesday 19 October Grade 1-3 Showcases Joel Hall
Wednesday 2 November Grade 000-0 Showcases Joel Hall

Acknowledgements in the Performing and Visual Arts: Arts & Music: Dance, Music & Drama

If your daughter participates in activities at or outside of Kingsmead that fall in the performing or visual arts, please let us know. We would love to acknowledge your daughter in an assembly, the school newsletter and/or Facebook. Send us an email with as many details as possible; photos are also welcome if you are happy for your daughter’s picture to be published on any of these school platforms.

Thank you for your continued support of the Arts & Music department at Kingsmead.

Elsabé Fourie
Director of Arts & Music

Art & Music

Mia Loock
Head of Junior School Music 


We have had a very busy two weeks filled with sports and phenomenal achievements to share with the Kingsmead community:

Water Polo
Congratulations to Chloe Chapman and Robyn Herold who attended the Collegiate U15 Water Polo tournament over the past weekend. The team did very well and placed 9th overall. Well done to the U15 team!

Water Polo


We had divers participating in the Gauteng Diving trials which took place at Roedean over the weekend, and they all did exceptionally well. Results were as follows:
Maya Rono 1st place (selected for Gauteng team)
Milan Williams 8th place
Jada Williams 3rd place
Olona Mbele 1st place
Kylie Dugmore 3rd place
Mikayla Rono 11th place

Well done to all the above divers.

The following divers have been chosen for the Gauteng diving team:
Maya Rono
Kylie Dugmore
Olona Mble
Jada Williams

We are super proud of you!


Our first athletics meeting was all we had hoped it to be – the weather was delightful, plenty of spectators came to support and our athletes gave everything they had during each of their events. Our students ran with tenacity and showed true Kingsmead Courage. Although our second meeting had to be missed due to unfortunate illness and injury, it has left us even more excited for our next meeting. Well done to each of our determined, hardworking athletes.


Sessions at Wanderers on a Monday
A reminder that our grade 4-7 athletics and soccer sessions on a Monday will be taking place at Wanderer’s athletics club. (This will be the only day of the week that we will utilise their fields)
There will be buses doing shuttle services to Wanderers from Kingsmead and Wanderers back to Kingsmead. We will try our best to run according to the schedule below but please be aware that these are estimated times. please see below the estimated times of bus departures:

Trip one (Grade 4 & 5 Athletes – session 1)

Bus 1 Depart: 14:00
Bus 2 (if necessary for excess students) Depart 14:15

Trip two (Grade 4 & 5 Soccer players + Grade 6 & 7 Athletes – session 2)
Bus 1 Depart: 14:40
Bus 2 Depart: 15:00 (Marimba students & excess students)
Bus to Return: 15:30 (Bring session 1 students back)

Trip three

Bus to return to Wanderers to collect session 2 students.
Bus 1 return: 16:30
Bus 2 return: 16:45 (if necessary for excess students)

Should parents wish to collect students from Wanderers, we request that collection takes place at the field itself as students will not be allowed to walk through the parking unattended. Please ensure to then inform the coach that your daughter will not be travelling on the bus.

The Kingsmead Tennis team has faced very tough competition the past two weeks to get the season underway. Our students played their hearts out and showed impeccable sportsmanship on the courts. Well done to all players.


Our Equestrian team has done it once again!! Our riders attended the annual SANESA prize-giving last week and not only did our riders receive Regional full colours, but they also took first place in the category. A further congratulations to Hannah Cooke awarded 2nd Victor Ludorum in the Junior section. Congratulations to our riders: Hannah Cooke, Katherine Papadopoulos and Mila Hozack. We wish you all the best for this weekend at the SANESA Nationals.


Outside Sport

During the holidays Inés Bregman competed in two Gauteng Fencing Association schools league events. On 6 August she won gold (epee U13) and on 3 September she won silver (epee U13). Congratulations Inés!

Congratulations to Ella van der Hijden on qualifying for the SA Gymnastics Games which will take place next week in Pretoria. Ella did very well at the Provincials held at the beginning of the month. She placed 6th overall in a very competitive group and received a bronze medal for beam.
We wish you all the best for your upcoming competition, Ella!

Fallon and Scarlett Grundlingh participated in the CGA Gala last weekend. They both did exceptionally well, Fallon came first in all her strokes and Scarlett received two firsts and a third place.

Upcoming Events
Thursday 29 September – Grade 4-7 Tennis matches vs Roedean (Teams to be confirmed and on the app by Tuesday)
– Matches will take place at Kingsmead & Roedean. (A/B – Roedean, C/D – Kingsmead)

Saturday 1 October – Grade 3-7 Athletics Meeting (Teams to be confirmed and on the app by Wednesday)
– Meeting will take place at St Stithians.

Thursday 6 October – Grade 4-7 Tennis vs St Teresa’s (Teams to be confirmed and on the app by Tuesday)

– Matches will take place at Kingsmead & St Teresa’s. (A/B – St Teresa’s, C/D – Kingsmead)

Thursday 6 October – Grade 3-7 Diving (Teams to be confirmed and on the app by Tuesday)
– Competition will take place at St Andrew’s.

Friday 7 October – Grade 3-7 Athletics Meeting (Teams to be confirmed and on the app by Wednesday)
– Meeting will take place at Brescia.

A few reminders for parents & guardians:
1. Please send any sports achievements (school & non-school) to Mrs Hanekom.
2. A reminder to please download the Kingsmead app as this will be the direct method of communication to parents on sport fixture days.
3. All team lists will be published on the app by no later than Tuesday for a Thursday fixture and the Wednesday before the Friday fixture.
4. A reminder to refer to the week ahead document on the app under the Sports section.

Yours in sport
Shavaun Hanekom
Head of Junior School Sport


Throughout the winter term our Grade 6 girls sold hot chocolate to raise money for JAM (now called ForAfrika). The money raised goes towards feeding the children at Little Stars and Moseko Early Childhood Development centres in Diepsloot. The children are fed special fortified porridge which contains much of the daily required nutrients. Through the generous support of our Kingsmead community, the Grade 6s raised a staggering R51 144.21. We had a special handover of the money to CEO of For Afrika, Mr Sihle Mooi. We thank our Grade 6 staff and students for their service in preparing the hot chocolate during the cold winter months.

Congratulations Grade 6

Tour de Math

Congratulations to the group of Junior School students who took part in Tour de Math last week Thursday at St Stithians.
They are (L – R): Kristen Benjamin, Omolemo Tebeila, Maria Yiannoulakis, Emma Clowes, Suhani Dullabh, Zara Ganasen, Risha Hari, Drishti Desai

Tour de Math term 3

The Green Committee

The Green Committee are collecting Bread tags and Bottle tops again. There are 2 containers in reception, pink for JP and blue for SP where the girls can drop their bread tags and bottle tops. Whoever fills their container first will get a prize!

Conversation Starters for Families

You will have noticed a new insert in our last newsletter. Conversation Starters for Families… as we know, one of the signs of a healthy family is open and meaningful conversation/communication. But often finding the time or the points to speak to, don’t always come easily. We thought we would share some prompts to facilitate this process, which are ideal to share around the table, on a trip – anytime, anywhere.

We hope you enjoyed the last conversation starter.

Conversation Starter Image 1 e1664346281578 Kingsmead College


Goodwill Day Walk & Greet in Colour

We’re so looking forward to the return of the full walk route at this year’s Goodwill Day on 8 October. Everyone can dress up in their grade-allocated colour as crazily as they choose for the Walk. In addition, this year, we have allocated a language to each grade.
The idea is that the students learn to greet in the allocated language and celebrate our diversity in all its beauty and glory. They are welcome to make placards with their greetings.


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