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Our Connection : Issue 12 2023

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Dear Kingsmead Community,

“Of all the things that I hear most often about Kingsmead – is that it is such a happy place. There is a spirit of comradeship among staff and girls, which impresses itself upon people as soon as they come here. That is a priceless treasure and it does not come, nor does it stay, without effort – that effort to give and take, that effort to see that newcomers are welcomed and made to feel at home, that realization that everyone of us is in the same boat and that everyone of us, from the highest to the lowest is responsible for keeping the ship sailing smoothly and strongly.” DV Thompson, 1944

In a few short days, we will be closing for the August holidays. Term 2 has brought with it so many exciting opportunities for staff, parents and girls to learn and thrive. We have seen music performances; the Grade 7 production; Kingstock; Mornington Open Day; Coffee Mornings; workshops; national and international conferences; sports fixtures, camps and tours; community engagement outings; academic experiences; Book Fair; Book Week; festivals; academic reports; SLCs and parent interviews. The swimming pool renovation and Gates of Welcome and Belonging are well underway. Wow! This has been the most productive and exciting term ever.

I would like to thank you, our parents and guardians for your ongoing support, loyalty and trust. I hope that the PTA parent social on Friday is a wonderful time for happy reflection and celebration.

Thank you to our incredible teaching team, admin staff and facilities team for your ongoing determination to provide the most outstanding education for our children.

Please take a careful read through this newsletter for updates and final term arrangements.

A final term communication will be sent during the course of next week.

With Love and Courage Always,
Kim Lowman
Head: Kingsmead Junior School

The Values of Kingsmead

I am humbled and proud to be part of a community that shares a collective commitment to providing the best education possible for our students. At Kingsmead we strive to enable our girls to live lives of happiness, responsibility and purpose with courage and service. Kingsmead offers a well-balanced, individual experience aimed at recognising and enhancing the potential of each girl in a nurturing and inspiring environment

Tarryn Kingsmead College

Given our frenetic and turbulent world, our current society requires it necessary to highlight the significance of following a values-based education approach and its profound impact on shaping the character and future of our young students. At Kingsmead, we firmly believe that education goes beyond the classroom, it is about nurturing well-rounded individuals who will contribute positively to society.

Below are some reasons why a values-based education is critical:

  1. Fostering a Sense of Community: By emphasizing shared values, we create a supportive and inclusive school environment where each student feels valued and respected. This sense of belonging fosters meaningful relationships and encourages collaboration, teamwork, and mutual understanding.
  2. Building Strong Character: Academic excellence is vital, but it must go hand in hand with strong character development. Our values-based approach helps students develop resilience, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others.
  3. Preparation for Global Citizenship: In an interconnected world, cultural understanding and respect for diversity are essential qualities. Our values-based education instils an appreciation for different cultures and perspectives, nurturing well-rounded global citizens who can contribute positively to the international community.
  4. Ethical Decision-Making: As students face various challenges, they will need to make important decisions that can have lasting consequences. Our values-based education equips them with a moral compass, helping them make thoughtful and ethical choices throughout their lives.
  5. Lifelong Learning: Values-based education fosters a love for learning beyond the confines of the classroom. It encourages students to be curious, open-minded, and continuously seek knowledge, enabling them to adapt to a rapidly evolving world.
  6. Positive Impact on Society: By nurturing compassionate and empathetic individuals, we aspire to inspire our students to become changemakers and contribute positively to the betterment of society.

We strive to integrate these values into every aspect of our curriculum and school culture. However, we believe that our partnership with parents and guardians is pivotal in reinforcing these values at home as well. Your support and engagement are invaluable in fostering the holistic development of our students.

We encourage you to engage in open dialogues with your children about the values they are learning at school and to reinforce these principles within your family. By working together, we can create a powerful and lasting impact on the lives of our students, shaping them into compassionate, responsible, and empathetic individuals who will go on to make a positive difference in the world.

Thank you for entrusting us with your daughter’s education. Together, let us continue to nurture their potential and create a brighter future for all.

Tarryn McLaren
Deputy Head: Senior Primary

Arts & Music

Grade 7 Production 2023
After months of rehearsals, planning and preparations, it was finally time to entertain our audiences with the annual Grade 7 production ‘Have Courage, Be Kind’. We had so much fun and enjoyed every minute of it. Everyone was a part of the show whether backstage, onstage or in the band. This experience was very special to us, and some of us even cried when we were done as it was such a momentous week and we did not want it to end. In addition to performing it, we had a great time putting the play together. From auditions to rehearsals, everyone had enjoyed working together. Not only did we have fun, but we learnt about teamwork and how, if we work together, we can accomplish great things. We turned this production into our own and we worked really hard for it to be a success. I couldn’t be prouder of my fellow Grade 7s. This production has been a magical experience and we will all keep the happy memories of this time with us for years to come.

A massive thank you to Mrs Loock and Mr M for making this production come alive and for making us believe in ourselves. Thank you also to all of the other teachers and parents involved; we really appreciate all of your hard work and assistance.

By Kristen Benjamin
Grade 7 student

Masicule Sonke Festival

We are delighted to share some short excerpts of our Grade 2 and 3 choirs performing at our first Junior Primary Masicule Sonke Choir Festival, which took place on Monday, 24 and Tuesday 25 July. We are so proud of our choirs’ dedication and hard work, and as a result, their magnificent performances. Thank you to our community for the unwavering support for the Arts & Music department at Kingsmead.

You can watch the full video here

The internationally acclaimed opera, “Tosca,” by Puccini, will be gracing the stage in Johannesburg. Presented by the esteemed Cape Town Opera, this production promises to be an unforgettable experience. What makes this event even more special is the inclusion of young talent from our community. We are delighted to announce that Morgan Chen-Heyneke and Phoenix Shi have been selected to join the Children’s Choir featured in the opera. Morgan and Phoenix are commended for this incredible achievement.

Make every effort to support this rare occasion of live opera in Johannesburg. The show will run from 21 – 30 July. To book tickets click here.

Our music students recently participated in internal practical and theory examinations and received excellent results. Congratulations to the following students: Viola-Grace Asherson, Reese Grimley, Chloe Taylor Smith, Isabel Munro and Emily Lawlor.

Elsabé Fourie
Director of Arts & Music

Kingsmead Arts & Music

Mia Loock
Head of Junior School Music


The hockey season is in full swing, and we have had some great results from our recent fixtures:

15 July 2023 – U13 Spar hockey challenge
On 15 July 2023, the Grade 7A hockey team participated in the Spar U13 Hockey Festival which was hosted by Kingsmead College. The players were able to show off their skills within their pool and had some amazing results. We would like to congratulate the following players on their awards:

Top players of the team:
Maya Rono and Sofia Allison

Top goalkeeper of the festival:
Ren Clement

Top war cry/cheer:
Kingsmead College team

Kingsmead vs Roedean – 4-0 Win
Kingsmead vs Assumption – 1-0 Win
Kingsmead vs St Mary’s – 1-0 Loss

On 20 July 2023, the Grade 3 hockey players took to the field for their second round of hockey matches. They represented Kingsmead College showing off their skills and abilities. The afternoon was a great success with some amazing results from the teams. Thank you to all the players, coaches, and supporters for being there on the day. We look forward to the Roedean night festival.

Grade 3 Orange team:
vs St Peter’s Orange – win 5-0
vs Brescia 1 – win 7-0

Grade 3 Lime team:
vs St Peter’s Red – loss 4-0
vs Brescia 3 – loss 4-0

Grade 3 Green team:
vs Brescia 2 – draw 1-1
vs St Peter’s Green – win 1-0

Grade 3 Red team:
vs St Peter’s Dark Blue – draw 0-0
vs Brescia 4 – win 4-1

Grade 3 Blue team:
vs Brescia 5 – win 1-0
vs St Peter’s Yellow – loss 10-0

Grade 3 Yellow team:
vs Brescia 5 – loss 2-1
vs St Peter’s Light blue – loss 4-1

On 21 July 2023, the Grade 4-7 hockey players took to the field for their fixture against St Mary’s and St Katharine’s. The competition was tough, but Kingsmead went out with courage and played exceptionally well. Thank you to all players, coaches, and supporters for being there on the day. We look forward to the next match on Friday this week against St Andrew’s.

Grade 4:

KMC B vs St Katharine’s A – Win 2-1
KMC A vs St Mary’s A – Lost 2-0
KMC C vs St Mary’s C – Draw 0-0
KMD D vs St Mary’s D – Win 1-0
KMC E vs St Mary’s E – Win 7-1

Grade 5:
KMC A vs St Mary’s A – Lost 3-0
KMC B vs St Katharine’s B – Win 1-0
KMC C vs St Mary’s D – Win 2-1
KMC D vs St Mary’s E – Win 2-1
KMC B vs St Mary’s C – Win 1-0

Grade 6:
KMC A vs St Katharine’s A – Win 4-0
KMC A vs St Mary’s A – Lost 5-0
KMC B vs St Mary’s D – Draw 0-0
KMC B vs St Mary’s B – Draw 0-0

Grade 7:
KMC A vs St Katharine’s A – 1-0
KMC A vs St Mary’s A – Lost 2-0
KMC B vs St Mary’s B – Draw 0-0
KMC B vs St Mary’s D – Won 1-0

Outside Sport

Congratulations to Ava Jansen van Rensburg who competed in an equestrian competition at her stables and placed first in the dressage test. Keep up the good work, Ava.

Ava Jansen Van Rensburg 1 1 Kingsmead College

Congratulations to Madison Botha for competing at the Eastern Gauteng Winter Gala this weekend. Madison placed 5th in 200m breaststroke, 4th in 200m free relay and swam personal best times in all her strokes. Her races got her 7th place overall in her age group. Well done, Madison.

Madison Botha 1 1 Kingsmead College

Upcoming Events
26 July – Grade 3 Roedean Hockey Festival at St John’s – communication will be sent to selected players’ parents.
Please note that there will be a bus going to St John’s and will be departing at 14h30. Due to the later start, parents may take players to St John’s, however, we request that you please let Mrs Cahill know if your daughter will/will not be making use of the bus. Parents are to please collect students from St John’s after the fixture as the bus will be a drop-off only.

27 July – Grade 6/7 soccer team depart for Penryn Soccer Tournament
28 July – Grade 4-7 hockey fixture vs St Andrew’s – Grade 4 & 5: St Andrew’s, Grade 6 & 7: Kingsmead
(Please note that there will be a bus going to St Andrew’s and returning to Kingsmead after the fixtures)

31 July – Grade 4-7 hockey fixture vs St Stithians – Grade 4 & 5: TBC, Grade 6 & 7: TBC
(Please note that there will be a bus going to St Stithians and returning to Kingsmead after the fixtures)

2 August – Grade 3 Inter-House Hockey (During IC Sport)
4 August – Grade 4-7 Inter-House Hockey 08h00 – 10h00

Hockey Training
Please make sure that your daughter has a gum guard for all hockey practises & physical education hockey lessons.
Match kit: green sports kit with yellow socks. Please ensure that your daughter has shin pads and a gum guard. Players will not be permitted to play without these items.

A few reminders for parents & guardians:

  1. Please send any sports achievements (school & non-school) to Mrs Hanekom.
  2. This a reminder to please download the Kingsmead app as this will be the direct method of communication to parents on sport fixture days.
  3. Students are required to attend both practice sessions in order to be eligible for team selection.
  4. All team lists will be published on the app by no later than Tuesday for a Thursday fixture and the Wednesday before the Friday/Saturday fixture. Please ensure that you let the coaches know if your daughter is not able to attend a fixture or a practice.

Yours in sport
Shavaun Hanekom
Head of Junior School Sport

14172 KM Sports Logo RGB 02 HS 20220919 01 Kingsmead College


The Junior School has been abuzz with a variety of service initiatives that took place during the term. The cold weather has created a greater opportunity for helping those in need of food, warmth, learning and excitement. We participated in the Winter Warmer Collection, where several warm clothing items were donated as well as the Meal in a Bag Collection, where raw food packs were donated. A number of our various partners benefit from these collections.

“There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others.” – Nelson Mandela. This quote resonated throughout the Junior School this past Mandela Day. Our little people were eager to get involved in this day, which was a fun-filled morning for all the girls in Grades 00 – 7 who created handmade toys. They eagerly created hundreds of these toys to assist children in Early Childhood Development centres, with the help of Clothes to Good, who provided us with all the materials.

Book Fair is always a favourite for the Service team as we love engaging with our partners, Rays of Hope, to provide an enjoyable, educational day where the children listen to authors, read with our girls, and enjoy a range of delicious foods from the kind vendors. Well done to our Junior School on your amazing efforts, we appreciate YOU! “Service to others leads to greatness.” Jim Rohn.

Raeesa Kaka
Junior School Service Co-Ordinator

9026 KM Service Logo Kingsmead College

Paige Finch
Junior School Service Co-Ordinator

Media Committee
Reading daily is a magical journey that opens up a world of possibilities for children, and, without a doubt, the Reading Challenge run by the 2023 Media Committee has certainly ignited a further love and passion for reading in our school.

At the end of last week, a total of 544 books had been read since the start of this initiative and, with only one week left, we are encouraging as much reading as possible.

Reading every day is like embarking on an enchanting adventure for children. It allows them to discover new places, meet fascinating characters and learn valuable life lessons. By fostering a love for books from an early age, parents can ignite their child’s imagination and curiosity, laying the foundation for a lifelong passion for learning.

So, how can YOU help? Here are a few creative ideas to get your daughter’s noses stuck in a good book!
1. Create a Cosy Reading Corner: Designate a special nook in your home as a cosy reading corner. Fill it with colourful cushions, blankets and a variety of age-appropriate books. This inviting space will entice children to curl up with a good book and immerse themselves in captivating stories.

2. Be Reading Role Models: Children look up to their parents, so let’s set a positive example by being avid readers ourselves. Take some time each day to read your own book or share a story with your child. Seeing you enjoy reading will inspire your daughters to do the same.

3. Organise Family Reading Time: Introduce a family reading time where everyone can gather together to read independently. This dedicated time allows children to see that reading is a valued and enjoyable activity for the whole family. Encourage your daughters to share their favourite parts of the books they’re reading, promoting discussions and nurturing their enthusiasm for reading.

Next week during assembly, the Media Committee will be announcing the winning house, who will be awarded with a day in their pyjamas, as well as a warm cup of hot chocolate, to celebrate their wonderful achievement.

Let’s get reading!

Media Committee Image Kingsmead College

Every term, the English Department supports our Grade 4 – 7 students who are chosen to attend the highly anticipated inter-school Chatterbox public speaking event. Demonstrating poise, enthusiasm and pocket full of courage, our Kingsmead students bravely delivered their speeches and delighted listeners, along with the adjudicators.

A very well done to the 11 speakers who represented our school this term. Kingsmead proudly attained 9 gold and 2 silver certificates.

We are incredibly proud of your achievements.

Kim Lowman Farewell Assembly Kingsmead College

Our Beautiful Staff Creche
Our beautiful staff crèche is in desperate need of certain items, books and toys. If you are cleaning out your cupboards and bookshelves during the holidays, please consider donating items to our crèche. You can drop them off at the Junior School reception in Term 3.

Items needed:

  • Books for ages 0 to 3 years
  • Dress up clothes and accessories
  • Construction toys
  • Dolls for a dolls house
  • Ball pit and balls
  • Any other toys in good condition including cars, trucks, balls, bikes, etc
Save the Date Kingsmead College

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