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Our Connection: Issue 11 2022

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Dear Kingsmead Community,

Raising a Persistent Child

This newsletter reaches you during the final few weeks of winter, as we slowly prepare for our well-deserved August rest. Upon preparing this article, I found myself researching our newsletters from July 2020 and July 2021 and wow, have we needed to adapt, in order to thrive and survive. Kudos to all that you are achieving within our community.

At the start of the half term, you will have received your daughters first semester academic report, which highlights detailed moments of glow and areas of growth, as indicated by her team of teachers. We trust that you have enjoyed this time reviewing her report card with her and that you have found yourselves setting further goals, for greater gains as the next semester commences.

Both the Growth Mindset and a Habit of Mind, that will allow your daughter to go from strength to strength in various areas of her schooling, is that of Persisting. Persisting, is a habit of mind that relates to sticking to a task until it is completed, possibly including several strategies to reach an outcome. People who use this habit devise methods for analysing the situation and creating a plan to accomplish their goals.

Throughout the different grades, we encourage our students to develop an attitude of perseverance that carries into all aspects of their lives. Persistence is strongly linked to resilience and our aim is to grow girls that are able to work through life’s challenges and experience confidence in achieving success. Below is an excerpt from an article with a few tips on helping your child to exercise persistence.

All of us have days when things are ‘tough’, when it is hard to find the energy to persevere but persevering may determine our chances of success more than any other single characteristic. There is a school of thought that believes perseverance is an inherited trait. But there is also evidence that children can be upskilled to being more persistent. Experience is a wonderful teacher. Children who persist regularly tend to see the value of their hard work and efforts.

Some ideas to assist you daughter to keep on keeping on:

  1. Reward persistence. Recognise it and point it out. Set goals. Cheer her on, when she keeps trying.
  2. Practice makes progress. Help your child to understand that no one becomes accomplished overnight. Applaud effort as much as accomplishment.
  3. Model perseverance. Show your child how one can set out to master something and move through setbacks to do so. Talk about your feelings as you do it.
  4. Teach your child to take a break and then TRY AGAIN tomorrow. Sooner or later, they’ll make a break through, and it’s not a bad idea to stop before they get too frustrated.

Taken from an article by Dr. Laura Markham a Clinical Psychologist.

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I wish you a good few weeks ahead. Let us prioritise growth, kindness and compassion as we continue into 2022.

Courage Always,

Tarryn McLaren
Acting Head/Deputy Head: Senior Primary

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Our newly appointed Student-Led Drive Team have contributed to sharing something fun for the family to THUNK about! A thunk is a beguilingly simple question about everyday things that stops you in your tracks and helps you to look at the world in a whole new light…

‘If I don’t try, have I given up?’

The Joy of Reading

During half term, Bruce and I had the joy and pleasure of spending time in the bush with our two granddaughters, Amelia (5) and Abby (2 ½). One forgets just how much paraphernalia goes with little people and how busy they are. The playdough, paints, imagimags, puzzles, cars, scissors, glue, golf clubs, etc, left very little space for much else. There was, however, a bag of dearly loved books which absolutely had to be squeezed in and of course, Amelia’s Animal Book which could not be left behind.

The joy of having time to read aloud to them, discussing the front cover of the books, being curious about what might happen next, using different voices for different characters, having a good chuckle, letting them repeat sentences and join in the rhymes, while snuggled up on the couch in front of a crackling fire were moments to be cherished.

Reading aloud gives children the gift of language, literacy and stories. It inspires their imaginations and ensures they develop a love for stories, creating a life-long love of books. It is a gift that makes learning to read a joy, instead of a chore and it creates a wonderful bond between child and adult as they snuggle up together to read. These moments and memories are priceless and will be remembered for life.

Because we live busy lives we often forget how important the daily routine of a bedtime story is for our children. Why not turn off your phone, forget about your to-do list, and spend fifteen minutes just being fully present and loving with your child. Reading aloud every day simply because you love that special connection with your child and not because it is an expectation.

Irene Ilsley
Deputy Head: Head of Junior Primary

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Arts & Music

We are so excited to host our Kingsmead Masicule Sonke Choir festival this week for a ‘live’ audience at Rosebank Union Church. The Kingsmead Grade 4-7 Choir will perform this evening. Family and friends are welcome to attend; entrance is free of charge. There will be a bus for our Grade 4-7 Choir members to Rosebank Union Church leaving Kingsmead promptly at 16h15 from Cecil gate. The bus will not return to Kingsmead after the event, so parents must please collect all choir members no later than 19h00 from RUC. A letter with details can be found on the App.

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Grade 7 Production
We can count the sleeps to the annual Grade 7 production, ‘The Claw’. Tickets are available from Quicket: R100 for adults and R50 for children. The three shows are as follow:
Tuesday 19 July 15:00-16:00
Wednesday 20 July 18:30-19:30
Thursday 21 July 18:30-20:00

We are SUPER excited to see you there! Book your tickets NOW, by clicking here, to avoid disappointment. Bring the whole family to share in the fun.

Eprints School photography will be selling photos at the evening performances on the 20thand 21st of July from 17h00-18h30.  Cost is R40 per photo or 3 photos for R100. A link will also be sent to parents to order directly from Eprints after the concerts.

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Music Concerts
Well done to our Grade 0-3 musicians who played so beautifully at the concert last week. We are so proud of their progress and for sharing their music with us. It takes courage to perform in front of an audience.

Save the date for the upcoming concerts and events:
Tuesday 26 July: Grade 4&5 Concert
Thursday 28 July: Grade 6 & 7 Concert
Marimba Fun Day: Saturday 30 July
Tuesday 2 August: Junior School Voice Concert

Scarlett Haslam at World Dance Kingsmead College

On the 25th of June, Scarlett Haslam participated in the World of Dance competition and was placed 1st in the Junior Singles category. Well done Scarlett on this exceptional achievement!

Elsabé Fourie
Director of Arts & Music

11 1 Kingsmead College

Mia Loock
Head of Junior School Music


Friday Fixtures
Well done to all players who participated in the Hockey matches against St Andrew’s & St Katharine’s. The players showed excellent sportsmanship and teamwork.


8 July 2022
Kingsmead 4A vs St Andrews 4A 3-0 Win
Kingsmead 4B vs St Andrews 4B 1-2 Loss
Kingsmead 4C vs St Andrews 4C 2-0 Win
Kingsmead 4A vs St Katharine’s 4A 2-0 Win
Kingsmead 4B vs St Katharine’s 4B 4-0 Win
Kingsmead 5A vs St Andrews 5A 0-0 Draw
Kingsmead 5B vs St Andrews 5B 2-0 Loss
Kingsmead 5C vs St Andrews 5C 1-0 Loss
Kingsmead 5A vs St Katharine’s 5A 3-0 Win
Kingsmead 5B vs St Katharine’s 5B 2-0 Win
Kingsmead 5C vs St Katharine’s 5B 1-0 Loss
Kingsmead 6A vs St Andrews 6A 1-1 Draw
Kingsmead 6A vs St Katharine’s 6A 1-5 Win
Kingsmead 6B vs St Andrews 6B 1-0 Loss
Kingsmead 7A vs St Andrews 7A 1-0 Loss
Kingsmead 7A vs St Katharine’s 7A 3-0 Win
Kingsmead 7B vs St Andrews 7B 5-0 Win

I kindly request that on Fridays, parents only collect players after the conclusion of the final game. All players are strongly encouraged to stick around for the remainder of the afternoon to support each team.

Grade 6 & 7 Hockey Festivals
Well done to all players that participated in the Grade 6 & 7 Hockey Festivals which took place on Saturday 9 July. The players showed true grit and courage throughout the day.

9 July – Grade 6 Hockey festival at St Mary’s
Kingsmead 6A vs St Mary’s 6B 1-1 Draw
Kingsmead 6A vs St Andrews 6B 2-0 Win
Kingsmead 6A vs St Peter’s 6B 1-0 Win
Kingsmead 6A vs APPS 6A 1-0 Win
Kingsmead 6B vs APPS 6B 1-0 Win
Kingsmead 6B vs St Mary’s 6C 0-0 Draw
Kingsmead 6B vs St Peter’s 6C 1-0 Win
Kingsmead 6B vs St Stithians 6D 1-0 Loss
9 July – Grade 7 Hockey festival at St Stithian’s
Kingsmead 7A vs APPS 7A 3-0 Win
Kingsmead 7A vs St Peter’s 7B 2-0 Win
Kingsmead 7A vs St Mary’s 7B 4-0 Win
Kingsmead 7A vs St Stithians 7B 2-0 Win
Kingsmead 7A vs St Andrew’s 7B 2-0 Win
Kingsmead 7A vs St Stithians 6B 1-0 Win
Kingsmead 7B vs St Katharine’s 7B 0-0 Draw
Kingsmead 7B vs St Stithians 7D 1-0 Win
Kingsmead 7B vs St Stithians 7C 0-0 Draw
Kingsmead 7B vs APPS 7B 0-0 Draw
Kingsmead 7B vs St Peter’s 7B 1-0 Win
Briony Grubb Neo Mkwanazi Kingsmead College

District Hockey
A huge congratulations to Briony Grubb and Neo Mkwanazi who participated in the u13 D9 regional tournament during the half-term break which took place in Potchefstroom. Their team placed 2nd overall. Congratulations!

The Junior School Equestrian team did exceptionally well this year. We would like to congratulate them for being selected to represent the Johannesburg Central Team who will be competing at Gauteng Regional Finals.

Congratulations to the following riders:

Katherine Papadoppulos on Going Going Gone aka Beau (HR):
Gauteng A Teams –

  • HANDY HUNTER (Level 5),
  • JUMPING (Level 4)
  • EQUITATION (Level 2)

Gauteng B Teams –

  • B DRESSAGE (Level 3)
  • B WORKING HUNTER (Level 3)

Mila Hozak on Phaeton Park Potluck aka Potluck (PR):
Gauteng A Teams –

  • HANDY HUNTER (Level 1)
  • EQUITATION (Level 2)

Gauteng B Teams –

  • JUMPING (Level 2)
  • JUMPING (Level 2)

Hannah Cooke on Karg Sir Firefly aka Firefly (PR):
Gauteng A Teams –

  • HANDY HUNTER (Level 1)
  • WORKING RIDING (Level 3)
  • DRESSAGE (Level 2)

Gauteng B Teams –

  • DRESSAGE (Level 2)
  • JUMPING (Level 2)

Upcoming Events

Thursday 14 July – Grade 3 Hockey vs Brescia/St Katherine’s
– Matches will take place at Kingsmead.

Friday 15 July – Grade 4 & 5 Hockey vs St Mary’s (Teams to be confirmed and on app by Wednesday)
– Matches will take place at Kingsmead.

Friday 15 July – Grade 6 & 7 Hockey vs St Mary’s (Teams to be confirmed and on app by Wednesday)
– Matches will take place at St Mary’s. ALL PLAYERS TO MEET AT THE GYM BY 13:00 TO TRAVEL ON BUS.

Saturday 16 July – Grade 4 Hockey Festival (A, B, C Teams) at St Mary’s
Saturday 16 July – Grade 5 Hockey Festival (A, B, C Teams) at St Andrew’s

A few reminders for parents & guardians:

  1. Please send any sport achievements (school & non-school) to Mrs. Hanekom.
  2. A reminder to please download the Kingsmead app as this will be the direct method of communication to parents on sport fixture days.
  3. All team lists will be published on the app by no later than the Tuesday for a Thursday fixture and the Wednesday before the Friday fixture.
  4. A reminder to refer to the week ahead document and the Term 1B/2 Sports information on the app under the Sport section.

Yours in sport
Shavaun Hanekom
Head of Junior School Sport

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