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Our Connection: Issue 1 2020

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Dear Kingsmead Community,

Welcome to the start of a new term, a new year, a new decade. It has been so wonderful welcoming our community back together. We have so much to achieve together this year and I look forward to every step.

We continue to be at the forefront of education. We have the courage to not only think about how we sustain our school of excellence, but we also look at how we can lead education here at Kingsmead and, possibly even more importantly, how we begin to share our learning and influence the South African educational system and in turn South Africa, our country. Our staff feel strongly that now more than ever, we need to create a sense of hope. We, as a school, endeavour to teach our students to stay, to stay, and contribute as South African leaders.

As we plan ahead, we dream of a cohesive community. We invite you to contribute to building our caring community of parents and professionals. We dream of a school which continues to live its values daily, a school that recognises and nurtures and values the potential in each child, an innovative school which continues to reflect on its experiences and continues to teach for real life relevance; a school that defines success as progress for each individual student, as a personal maximization of happiness. Kingsmead is not only a thinking school, but a thinking, feeling school.

As we strategise ahead for 2025, we look forward to: A comprehensive plan for environmental sustainability; the growth of our preschool; encouraging courageous interactions and conversations as we live authentic lives and engage with diversity; deepening our understanding of inclusion; and expressing our gratitude to the professionals who care for your daughters daily through staff wellness and professional development programmes.

The future is bright for the Kingsmead community. May God’s richest blessings meet you and your loved ones as we journey through 2020.

Kim Lowman
Head: Kingsmead Junior School

SELF Time in our Senior Primary Grade 4 – 7 in 2020

IB 1 2020 1 Kingsmead College

Last year, we launched an idea to find a way to bring SUPPORT, EXTENSION, LEAD and FLEXI – TIME all into the school day, each week. These respective half-hours provide time for all our students to get the opportunity to clarify any academic questions with the relevant teachers during SUPPORT; to try their hand at something new and interesting, or to just slow the pace down and be quiet and mindful – EXTENSION; to have time to connect and build their relationships with their LEAD teacher and peers; and to have a space to plan and organise themselves and to get on top of their week – FLEXI.

This programme was very successful and appreciated by our students, so we decided it was an important requirement for the 2020 timetable.

  • Mondays at 12:15 are for SUPPORT.
  • Tuesdays at 12:15 are for EXTENSION activities – students signed up for one of 17 possible activities. These lists will be confirmed by the end of next week.
  • LEAD – the students connect with their teachers at 7:30 for 15 minutes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, as well as for half an hour – as per their grade timetables.
  • FLEXI time is scheduled at various times depending on the student’s class. These appear in your daughter’s timetable accordingly.

Assessment and Evaluation Schedule Term 1 2020

Assessments, including class tests, class activities, rich tasks, projects, as well as individual and group tasks, all form part of an on-going, effective, teaching and learning cycle. Our students are learning how to learn and parents and teachers are there to support her in this process.

As part of the greater assessment programme, a summative assessment opportunity evaluates a student’s understanding of a concept taught, or skill practised and learnt in class. These assessments will take place for grade 6 and 7 students within the week indicated in the table below. The grade 5 students will begin writing these assessments in term 2. Teachers will continue to teach metacognitive skills and to encourage students to try different ways for personalised effective learning. Specific learning strategies will also be the learning focus during an IBL unit in term 2 so assist them to build a repertoire of personalised effective study habits.

Teachers will inform the students a week in advance about what to learn and practise for their subject, as well as the specific date (within that week) on which they will take the assessment. Our students may well be expected to participate in and prepare for other assessments during that week. While teachers will be mindful of managing the students’ loads, it is important that we support the girls to prioritise and manage their time effectively, especially when tasks are given in advance. This is an opportunity for our students to practise their time-management skills.

Academic Support for all students is offered during the weekly SELF-Support sessions on Mondays at 12:15. Please encourage your daughter to seek assistance if she needs consolidation or clarity of any concept.

Week of… Gr 6 and 7 Assessment Subjects
03/02 – 07/02 English
10/02 – 14/02 Mathematics
17/02 – 21/02 First Additional Language
24/03 – 27/02   Half-Term Science
03/03 – 06/03 History
09/03 – 13/03 Geography
16/03 – 20/03 Second Additional Language
23/03 – 27/03 English
30/03 – 02/04 Mathematics

Ingrid Beekhuizen
Head Academics and Innovation


Service is a core value of Kingsmead College and we strive to instill a sense of community, responsibility and generosity through our various Service initiatives. Each grade has been carefully partnered with an age-appropriate organisation and every class will have the opportunity to visit their partner organisation throughout this year. Information on these partnerships and service excursions will be sent to the different grades.

Please take note of the following opportunities to support our partner organisations:


Footloose Friday         14 February     Please donate gently worn shoes
Share What You Can   6-9 April          Please donate canned food/Easter Eggs

Dance Marathon         26 February     In aid of Kingsmead’s community engagement partners.

JV 1 2020 Kingsmead College

We look forward to another year of giving without expecting reward, whilst impacting our community.

Jenny Venter
Director of Service



Welcome back to all our parents and students! All of us in the Arts & Music department are looking forward to an exciting, fun-filled year ahead.

The aim of the Music department is for every student at our school to have the opportunity to play an instrument at some point of her school career. It is for this reason that we offer a wide range of instruments and run various instrumental programmes. The Grade 2-5 students have the chance to try out a different instrument every year during their music classes. Details regarding these instrumental programmes will be sent to the parents of the relevant grades.

We also strive to make it possible for all our musicians to participate in group music making. It is when playing in an orchestra, band or singing in a choir, that music really comes alive!

A detailed explanation of all Arts and Music extra-curricular activities, as well as sign-up forms can be found in the Arts & Music folder on the App. Rehearsal times are on on the extra-curricular schedule in the extra-curricular folder on the App.

All Grade 2s and Grade 3s are involved in choir during school hours, so there is no sign-up for these choirs.

Group Theory Classes:

The sign-up form for Music Theory Classes can be found in the Arts & Music folder on the App. Please note that Theory Classes are for students who take individual instrumental or vocal lessons, ready for Pre-Grade One Theory, not for beginners. The hourly rate is divided by the number of students in the class. Theory Classes start on Monday 3 February.

Individual Music Lessons:

Use the application form on the Kingsmead App to apply for individual music lessons. The lesson fee for 2020 is R231/half hour lesson. Please read the notes on the 1st page of the form and on the online form for the charging policy.

Song-writing, Composition, Music Production and DJ courses:

These are offered as individual music lessons for students who want to pursue creating, composing and producing music. Please use the music application form  to sign up for these.

Let us know if you have any more questions or queries regarding Arts & Music at Kingsmead.

Have a happy term!

Elsabé Fourie                                      Mia Loock
Director of Arts & Music                 Head of Junior School Music             


From the Sports Desk

A warm welcome to all our parents. We trust that you have had a much-deserved rest and are excited to be back as we are. Our extra-curricular programme commenced on Monday 20 January. We would like to remind you that your daughter is expected to select a sport of her choice and attend both practice sessions if she would like to be eligible for team selection.


As we compete in competitions during the cycle 1A, our priority sports are swimming and tennis. There is no social swimming during cycle 1A. However, the theme for physical education for the term is aquatics. This will see the various grades taking part in general swimming fitness as well as creative and fun activities.


A reminder that the students need to be correctly dressed at all times for practices and fixtures. In the event that your daughter is selected for the swimming team, please ensure that she has the new school swimming costume. This can be purchased at the school shop.

Absenteeism and team selection

The sports department strongly believes in fairness; consistency and transparency. To this end, students who do not attend practice need to supply a doctor’s letter OR letter from Sister Loubser in order to qualify for team selection that week. If a student misses the 2nd practice session (session where the team is finalised for the week), then the doctor’s letter OR Sister Loubser must provide clearance for participation for that week. We believe that it cannot be in the best interest of the child to continue to participate when they have not been well.

Important Dates

We would like to invite you to the following events:

Tuesday 28 January                Grade 4-7 summer sports coffee morning

Thursday 30 January               Grade 1-3 sports coffee morning

These meetings will take place in the conference room (07:30 – 08:30).

Please join us as we share our ethos as well as answer any burning questions you may have.

Summer Splash

Good luck to our grade 4-7 swimmers and grade 7 divers who will be taking part in the Summer splash gala at St Mary’s this coming weekend.

Tennis challenges

Thank you to all the players who gave up their last days of holiday to complete the tennis challenges. The ladder will be up on the sports noticeboard this week. Please feel free to communicate with Mrs AK if you have any questions.

We look forward to a fun and productive term filled with many opportunities for learning. In order to make this a positive experience for your daughters we look forward to working closely with you. Your support in your daughter’s extra-curricular efforts forms a vital link in her holistic progress.  Please do not hesitate to contact the sports department if you have any concerns.

SM 1 2020 Kingsmead College

Sheillah Muchauraya
Junior School Head of Sports

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