OKA Newsletter: April 2015

April 2015

I’m sitting at my desk feeling so blessed as I think about all the special times that I have spent at Kingsmead as a pupil, teacher and current parent.

In 2015 I would like to connect with as many Old Girls as possible. My mission statement for this year is “Let’s Connect”. Last year inheriting a “family” of over four thousand members was quite something!

We held our inaugural “Let’s Connect” breakfast at an Old Kingsmeadian’s restaurant, The Arbour Café in Birdhaven, which was a great opportunity for Old Girls to connect: we all had a chance to stand up and speak about our lives and current careers, which enabled two women to start doing business together! We will hold another “Let’s Connect” breakfast this year, so watch this space for details!

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The Kingsmead Matric Dance always kicks off early in the year: this breathtaking   event took place in February, with an Arabian Nights theme. The girls looked so poised and elegant, like Oscar award winners!


I so enjoyed making a speech at the end of the year to the Matric Class of 2014, welcoming them into the OKA family.

Our gift to the girls was an umbrella, wishing them well as they face sunshine and showers, once leaving the Kingsmead nest, that so many of them had become so accustomed to over the past twelve or more years. The Matric class of 2014 have made us exceptionally proud, for a school that does not require an entrance exam, these results are staggering.

An average of 3.6 distinctions were attained.

Catherine Cohen was the head girl in 2014 and her speech that she made at Speech Evening has touched so many people, I thought it was only fitting to share it with all of you too.

I am a Kingsmead girl

In the reach of the purple-blossomed branches guarding the gates, in the triumphant waving of the flags in the wind.
In the determined noise that drifts down through the school, as strings are bowed and keys are pressed.
In the grace and poise of the dancers in the studio…

I am a Kingsmead girl

In the stomping of feet and the roaring of voices as the school unites into sixes
In the warmth and the joy in the faces of friends as we see each other at school.
In the smiles in the eyes of the people of Jordan house
In the giving spirit
In the unity
In the warmth
In the pride

I am a Kingsmead girl

In the support, in the prayer and in the pain
In the undying need to be there
In the fact that you will not be alone
In the white, yellow, green
In the knowledge of our power, of our independence, of our strength
In the potency of our passions and in the inexorable spirit in our veins
In our dreams
In our hopes
In our ability to achieve

I am a Kingsmead girl

Though it makes me sad to leave such a place, I know it is not the end, because something so powerful and true will never leave me

I am a Kingsmead girl.

kingsmead girl 2

matric results 2

Each year the OKA committee hosts various fundraisers to provide bursaries for Kingsmead Old Girls’ daughters who otherwise would not be able to afford such an education.

This year, the annual Bridge Drive took place on 17th March. Over 130 people attended this event and many great prizes were up for grabs.

In the middle term we will host a Dads and Daughters’ Dance. This event only takes places every three to four years so it is incredibly special for the girls and their dads. This year the theme of the  dance is ‘Frozen’ so all the decor will be white.

We’d love to see you at Kingsmead’s signature event, The Kingsmead Book Fair, on Saturday 23 May at Kingsmead College – there’ll certainly be a genre to suit all literary tastes and food to tantalise all taste buds!

I hope you all had a blessed Easter or Passover spending time with your loved ones.Looking forward to seeing you all later in the year at the ‘Let’s connect’  breakfasts, and our annual luncheon.

Warm regards
Kirsten Legg (Jasper, Matric 1987)


Please let me know if it is a special reunion for your class this year. It will be the Matric class of 1975 40th reunion and great plans are under way. I am very willing to help in anyway with the organising of reunions.

Class of 1965 50th reunion at Kingsmead College

reunions 2

Important dates
  • 23 May: Kingsmead Book Fair
  • 25 June: Dads and Daughters’ Dance “Frozen”
  • We will hold another ‘Let’s Connect’ breakfast on 5 August at the Voodoo Cafe in the Birdhaven shopping centre. Beth owns this restaurant and she is a Kingsmead Old Girl so we would love to have your support at this event.
  • Please diarise 10 October for Goodwill Day and the school’s birthday. Huge celebrations will be taking place at the school this year, the PTA are pulling out all the stops.

save the date 2

Old Girls’ News

Larraine Segil (Matric 1964)

Larraine SegilLarraine is a seasoned senior executive with general management experience, and a world renowned level of expertise in the creation, implementation and management of complex business alliances in multiple industries including healthcare, technology, consumer products, manufacturing, aerospace, financial services and more.

Born in South Africa, Ms. Segil immigrated to the USA in 1974. She was formerly CEO of an advanced materials company providing products and services to aerospace and electronics manufacturers worldwide. She co-founded a California Thrift and Loan Company as well as a series of free standing ambulatory care clinics providing medical services, and previously practiced international corporate law.

Ms. Segil is a regular commentator for CNN and CNBC and presents keynotes on domestic and global alliances, mergers, and critical customer supplier, channel, and outsourcing relationships. Ms. Segil is the author of numerous books, including: Intelligent Business Alliances, Fast Alliances: Power Your E-Business, Dynamic Leader, Adaptive Organization: Ten Essential Traits for Managers, and Partnering –The New Face of Leadership. Her latest book, Measuring the Value of Partnering, is the first on Alliance Metrics. She authored a novel, ‘Belonging’, published by Penguin Books and is presently running a family-held, small agricultural holding company, Little Farm Company, and has written two E-Cookbooks. She is also a composer of music and lyrics and has two children’s CD’s and a CD of adult songs launching 2011 under the label ROCKIN’ GRANDMA.

phindileLarraine has created two endowment funds for scholarships for women managers in strategic alliances – one at the joint JDMBA program at the Peter Drucker School of Management and Southwestern School of Law, and the other for Pepperdine Business School Presidential Key Executive MBA Program. Ms. Segil holds BA Honors in Latin and Classics, JD and MBA degrees.

Phindile Sithole Spong (Matric 2008)

Phindile recently spoke at Alicia Keys’ “Keep A Child Alive Annual Black Ball”

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