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November 2020 highlights

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November 2020 saw our Kingsmead College students and staff exploring their creativity in a variety of exciting ways. We also said our final goodbyes to our Matric Class of 2020 and wished them luck on the remainder of their school journey. Have a read through our November 2020 highlights below:

The Kingfisher Awards, a Grade 9 module which aimed to mirror the advertising depth of the Loerie Awards, is an annual English Department and Growth Curriculum initiative. In accordance with this year’s theme, we asked students to advertise “Greta Thunberg wishes…” in teams, reflecting on saving water, paper, electricity and reducing carbon emissions. The students were tasked with designing and animating a logo, idea proposal, storyboard, jingle and filming and editing the adverts.

The screening took place via Zoom and was judged externally by Sue Grealy, Stephanie Mazingi and Kholofelo Mamabolo. There were a number of exciting submissions but the “Best Overall Advertisement” was jointly awarded to two teams.

A note from the judges: “The way you each communicated your message both visually and in your storylines was both impactful and enjoyable and that deserves a very big well done in the PSA category. Team 3 – your advert was seamless and had good transitions and use of animation, combined with a great script. Team 14 – The concept you created was clever and the line spoke to most things that we see around us in everyday life making the advert relevant and memorable.”

View these two adverts here.

How many ways can you manipulate plain paper? The Grade 4 students took up the Plain Paper challenge, as an extension to learning about Art and Architecture. Architects are sometimes asked to use plain materials in new and exciting ways. In much the same way, it is important that we learn to find new and sustainable ways of interacting with our environment. In just 45 minutes, the students frilled, cut, tore, layered, stacked, frilled, pierced, crumpled, overlapped, swirled, folded, rolled, looped, wove and did whatever they could think of doing, turning just two plain sheets of paper into works of art.

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Our Grade 1s and Grade 3s collaborated during their Inyoni projects. The Grade 3s made the cutest bird sculptures out of paper, card and tin foil and the Grade 1s made the most amazing nests. What a special moment to see our students working together as a team.


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During the month, we showcased our Grade 7s performing various musical items. The most recent item was a very special one as it featured two sisters performing a duet. Emily van der Want is in Grade 12 this year and just finished her journey at Kingsmead after spending her entire school career here. Her sister, Sarah, is in Grade 7 and coming to the end of her Kingsmead journey too. Both Emily and Sarah haven been enthusiastic members of the Arts & Music department at our school throughout, singing in the choirs and learning piano and violin respectively. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and never stop making music, Emily and Sarah!


We wished the Hindu families in our Kingsmead community a Happy Diwali on 14 November.
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On Friday, 20 November, the Grade 4s went on camp. We couldn’t go anywhere because of Covid-19, so our teachers, parents and staff turned the Joel Hall into a jungle! We were divided into eight teams: Tulips, Daisies, Roses, Poppies, Blue Bells, Proteas, Lilies and Daffodils.We competed in various tasks where, in order to win, we had to work as a team by including each other’s ideas. Some of the tasks were lock-picking, tug of war, designing tribal shirts and many more. The highlights were that we got to make new friends from other classes and learn more about them. We also had to run around the school looking for certain people or things, like clues or treasure. It was friendly competitiveness and was really enjoyable. Some tasks we found were more suitable for other girls because they had a knack for that kind of stuff, but that didn’t mean that the others sat out. We had fun because even though one girl was doing the activity, the others still cheered them on and helped when someone couldn’t figure out the answer.

Thank you to all the teachers, staff and parents for organizing this event because you gave us the experience that we would have missed. You really are special. Thank you for this wonderful year and for supporting and helping us.

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One of our talented young musicians is already making waves in the music industry! Click here to read about Mokgethoa Tebeila’s musical endeavours. We are proud of you, Mokgethoa!

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Our Grade 7 Class of 2020 put on a great production in digital film format!
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Take a look at some of their group production posters.127283797 10157442919206361 4487302753929442468 o Kingsmead College 128029891 10157442919346361 4207816585559094402 o Kingsmead College

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Dearest Kingsmead Community,

An old Kingsmead tale tells a story of Kingsley the frog, who fell into a bowl of milk. His persistence resulted in the milk transforming into butter, which ultimately allowed him to escape. This year, our school followed suit. Kingsmead was plunged into a bowl of milk. Although it was difficult, we, being the frogs we are, continued to persevere, churning the milk into butter. Frogs live almost everywhere: from tropical forests to frozen tundra and scorching deserts. Frogs are known for their ability to overcome almost any situation in which they are placed. The secret to their success, is their adaptability. Here at Kingsmead, it has been no different.
We, as your Head Girls of 2020, found it fitting to address the school for one final time. We need not remind you that this year went beyond what we could’ve ever expected. It seems like only yesterday, we were sitting in our studies, denying the probability of Covid-19 reaching South Africa; we never even considered it putting our lives on hold.

Until this year, it was very easy to operate according to a schedule. Our 2020 calendars were filled with dates, plans and events, and then were quickly discarded. Despite all of the obstacles the year presented to us, Kingsmead swiftly adapted to the new rhythm. The school’s heart continued to beat, despite us not being on campus and shifting our learning environments. Within days of the Government closing schools, we had already attended our first online classes.

Our success this year would not have been possible without the continued support of our teachers, students and broader Kingsmead Community, and for that, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you.
We wish the school only the best for the years to come. Best of luck to the leaders of 2021; there is no doubt in our minds that you will lead the school with pride and passion.

This school will always hold a special place in our hearts.

All our love and farewell,
Gaby, Meghna and Georgie
November 2020 Highlights - Head Girls
And that’s a wrap! Class of 2020, the world awaits, go out and make it your own. Thank you for leaving your mark on Kingsmead College and thank you for leaving your shoes behind as you walk out the gates for the last time.
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