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March 2021 highlights

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Our school was abuzz with activity and excitement this month. We celebrated International Women’s Day and national Human Rights Day, we were visited by some of our community engagement partners who inspired and educated us, and, as always, our students achieved great things! Read through some of our big moments in our March 2021 highlights below.

The Kingsmead Fellowship Awards are awarded to candidates entering Grade 8 in 2022, in the categories of academics, sport, music, and all-rounder, following an application and interview process. These candidates are both external and from Kingsmead Junior School. The calibre of candidates this year was exceptional and we are so proud to announce the internal recipients of these awards for 2022.

Congratulations to Mira Naidoo, Jessica Galloway, Kaitlyn Brown, Kate Sardi, Sienna Fry, Jemma Goussard, Zaara Banwa, Hope Ngwenya, Anna Lipchin, and Hannah Schwegmann!

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This month, netball season began at Kingsmead. It felt incredible to be back on the courts after missing the whole 2020 season. Our players loved the vigorous exercise!
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In the first week of March, the Senior School was buzzing with excitement as we hosted our Grade 7s for their High School Experience. On the Tuesday, the Grade 7s were taken on a Senior School tour with the Grade 12 Leaders. They explored different spheres of the school and had an opportunity to engage with some of the teachers. On the Thursday, the Grade 7s met up with the Grade 11s (their Matric buddies in 2022) for hot chocolate and a chat about Senior School expectations. They had a blast!

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8 March marked International Women’s Day. It is a day celebrated globally to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality. We celebrate all the women in our Kingsmead community and beyond, including the students, past and present, who we have the privilege of teaching and mentoring. #IWD2021  #choosetochallenge

The Kingsmead Music Department has 25 specialist teachers who teach a range of instruments – piano, voice, string, wind, brass, and percussion. There are so many options! Meet our incredible team of teachers in this introduction video below. Visit https://kingsmead.co.za/artist/ to find out more about this department.

Our Matric students met with the KCA (Kingsmead College Alumnae) for breakfast on the 16th of March. The KCA gave an introduction and welcomed the students as incoming alumnae in 2022 by presenting them with a king cup badge to be worn on their blazers during their Matric year.

We always love hearing from our alumnae, please stay in touch by clicking here!

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On 21 March, we observed Human Rights Day!

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The beautiful gift of time was given by some of our Grade 8 students to help out at The Maletsatsi Foundation. Thank you for living our value of Service!

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The Grade 1s had the opportunity to meet their community engagement partner in March. Is a Guide Dog puppy in training not the best way to light up your morning? Thank you to the South African Guide Dogs Association for their visit and for teaching us about the importance of service and working dogs.

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Congratulations to Medha Gupta who has qualified for the Quarter-Finals of the National Eisteddfod Young Performer’s Award in the Free-Verse Poetry section. All the best for this round, Medha!

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Hopping into the Easter spirit! The bunnies from Bunny Hop Haven came to visit Grade 2D. We had a wonderful time cuddling and feeding them. The students also learned about rehabilitating bunnies and taking care of them.

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We are very proud of Kingsmead College alumna, Tshinakaho Mdau, who played for the Spar Proteas during the Spar Challenge which took place in Cape Town in February. The team played against Uganda and Namibia and won the tournament!

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The Grade 6 students had a visit from their community engagement partner, JAM. It was touching to hear the stories of how the porridge that is distributed to early childhood development centres has the power to save a child’s life. Our students feel inspired to sell hot chocolate in Term 2 to help raise funds for this special organisation.

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The Grade 3 girls had the privilege of receiving a visit from the Owl Rescue Centre. They were given an informative and worthwhile talk about the importance of conservation. An enormous thank you to Aliyah Dada and her cousin for donating a book to our service partner. The book was published by Aliyah’s cousin, and he included the Owl Rescue Centre in his story. We hope that the students will have the opportunity to visit the owls soon!

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Our Grade 4B students had a fun-filled and energetic morning visit from the lovely Jennifer of Fight with Insight. The students sat down to an informative talk from their community engagement partner, learning more about what they do. They then did some fun aerobics and boxing to get a taste of what Fight with Insight does with the inner-city children.

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The Grade 5HB students were visited by Shannon from the Sunshine Centre Association. The students loved hearing more about their community engagement partner and the incredible work this organisation does to help children with special needs.

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On 31 March, we were blessed to share some of our Easter egg collection with ASHA crèches who came and collected them from Kingsmead. Thank you so much to our community for your wonderful generosity. In total, we collected 9704 eggs and 650 cans of food to share with our community engagement partners.

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