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June 2021 highlights

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Our best moments from June can be found below. Our students participated in a wide range of exciting activities and garnered some exceptional achievements in everything from coding to horse riding, dancing to gymnastics. We also paid tribute to the fathers and father figures in our Kingsmead community on Father’s Day. 

Here are our June 2021 highlights: 

In Music this term, the Grade 5 students explored the valuable 21st century skill of coding. They researched the elements, functions and user interfaces of virtual instruments on iPads such as GarageBand, Percussions, Real Xylophone and Monster Chorus. They used two coding software programs: Hopscotch and Scratch. Students had to code different musical instruments, which changed in appearance when ‘played’; one that included all the notes in an octave and the other, with different sounds. Finally, they arranged a three-part composition of a simple song, writing specifically for the music applications created by members of their group. Well done Grade 5s!

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Our Bumblebees in Grade 00 put their entrepreneurial skills to the test and kept warm during our ‘hot chocolate sales’.

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On 22 and 23 May, the Kingsmead Equestrian team competed in the 2nd District qualifier and continued to do well in many disciplines. We congratulate the Kingsmead riders on the following results:

Jade Anderson riding Ooh La La

  • 1st Equitation Level 7
  • 2nd Working Hunter Level 7
  • 2nd Showjumping Speed Level 7
  • 2nd Showjumping 2-Phase Level 7

Francesca Logan riding Equifox Lucy Linden

  • 1st Equitation Level 6
  • 2nd Showjumping Speed Level 6
  • 2nd Showjumping 2-Phase Level 6

Katherine Papadopoulos riding Delti

  • 2nd Handy Hunter Level 3
  • 3rd Working Hunter Level 3
  • 4th Working Riding Level 3

We also wished the team riders well in the final District Qualifier that took place on 26 and 27 June, after which District teams will be announced to compete in Gauteng Finals.

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Our Grade 10 French students met virtually with their friends from Lycée La Preverie for lunch and fun conversation in the garden.

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4 June was a busy day in Mornington Pre-school with our Bumblebees keeping active and baking a carrot cake. Cold weather is not a factor when you are on the move and having fun!

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On 9 June, the Senior School students celebrated Baker House’s 88th birthday with delicious yellow cupcakes!

Thank you to all those who supported our blood drive!

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The Grade 000 class had fun during Art by mixing colours to create their own beautiful portraits.

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16 June is an important day in our history and symbolic for youth activism in our country. Many lives were lost on 16 June 1976, and as such, we commemorate Youth Month for giving the students and youth in our country a voice. The voice that we celebrate today.

Watch our Youth Day commemoration here.

On 20 June, we wished all the fathers and father figures in our Kingsmead Community a very happy Father’s Day.

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Congratulations to one of our dancers, Scarlett Haslam, who recently participated in the Dance World Cup 2021. Scarlett and her two fellow dancers were placed 1st in the Ballet Trio sections and will be representing South Africa at the Dance World Cup finals in England. Well done, Scarlett! What an achievement!

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We’re very proud of Isabella Cockeran and Helen Cockeran for their outstanding achievements at the Gauteng Biathle Championships. Isabella placed 4th in the girls 0/19 event (1600m run / 200m swim / 1600m run) and Helen placed 8th in the girls 0/17 event (1200m run / 200m swim / 1200m run). Both were selected to represent Gauteng at the SA Biathle Championships in Somerset-West in July. We wished them all the best for their championships.

Our Music department has worked tirelessly to keep our students motivated and active throughout this term. Rehearsals continued with strict Covid protocols observed. We commend our musicians for their dedication to and passion for music.

Enjoy a beautiful performance by the Junior School Orchestra performing a Frozen Medley below.

Congratulations to Lalu Hu-Grobbelaar for being awarded the Central Gauteng AFSA Federation colours for Acrobatic Dance Sport. Lalu was also selected to represent Central Gauteng at the Inter Provincial Acrobatics Championship which was held at Kiepersol Centre in Eldoraign, Centurion.

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The soul of Kingsmead can be summed up in one word: courage. This comes from the French word for ‘heart’. It means to be brave; to be able to face uncertainty without fear; to act in accordance with one’s beliefs and to have the courage of one’s convictions. Courage Always.

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Congratulations to Milisuthando Mabusela on receiving her Central Gauteng Provincial Colours in Gymnastics. This is a phenomenal achievement as Milisuthando only started gymnastics six weeks prior to the competition. She was also one of only three girls to receive a gold medal at the District Competition. Well done, Mili!

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Kingsmead is proud to partner with Isipho Primary School in Soweto. This year, we have shared Easter eggs, Kingsmead roses, library books and stationery packs with them. As their Grade 7 community engagement partner, each Grade 7 student at Isipho received a letter from a Grade 7 student at Kingsmead. We stand with Isipho during these trying and challenging times!

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We are incredibly saddened by the passing of one of our dear former teachers – Alma van der Merwe. Alma was a stalwart of the Kingsmead teaching staff and served Kingsmead for nearly 22 years. She was a Grade Co-ordinator for 10 years and was a passionate founding member of the Green Team.

Alma will be remembered for her passion for teaching and commitment to the school and, in particular, for her pastoral care of the students. She would often remind us of the Kingsmead ethos, especially care for the whole child.

We think of Alma’s family and friends, and we keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

Heavenly Father,

We know that life and death are in your hands, and we do not always understand your will. We know that Alma was your faithful servant and you have taken her to be with you. We ask that you embrace her family, friends and students in your comforting arms and give them strength in this, their time of sorrow.

May Alma’s life be celebrated in our hearts as a wonderful colleague, teacher and wife. Also, be with the Kingsmead family at this time as we grieve her passing. We ask this in Your name.


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