January 2021 highlights - gr8s

January 2021 highlights

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Our 2021 academic year has gotten off to a slow but steady start. While there are still many challenges ahead, we are excited to welcome our students back and wish them all the best for the year ahead. Here are some of our January 2021 highlights:

Hello 2021! Wishing our Kingsmead Community a very happy New Year.

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This message is primarily for teachers at the start of 2021 but one that is so pertinent to all of us as we gear up to tackle chapter 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic in the coming year. Thank you for the message, Graeme Codrington.

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Our Grade 7 Class of 2020 reflecting on the Kingsmead Values that carried them through their Junior School career. We wish them all the best in 2021 as they step into a new and exciting journey. May they continue to embrace the Kingsmead Values and continue to be courageous. Click here to watch the video.

“Look upwards into the branches of the towering oak and know that it grew great and strong because it grew slowly and well.” – DV Thompson, 1983.

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We were delighted to welcome our Grade 000 and 00 students back to our beautiful grounds. Priceless moments were shared as our students saw their friends and teachers. They were able to spend time with the Head of the Junior School, Kim Lowman, as she told them beautiful stories about the Kingsmead Mascot – Kingsley – and the history of the school.

“Guard that thing which is committed to your change. Keep it safe, untarnished, happy, free and loyal.” – DV Thompson, 1944.

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“Of all the things that I hear most often said about Kingsmead – is that it is such a happy place. There is a spirit of comradeship among staff and girls, which impresses itself upon people as soon as they come here. That is a priceless treasure and it does not come, nor does it stay, without effort – that effort to give and take, that effort to see that newcomers are welcomed and made to feel at home, that realisation that everyone of us is in the same boat and that everyone of us, from the highest to the lowest is responsible for keeping the ship sailing smoothly and strongly.” – DV Thompson, 1944.

To our Grade 8 students, we wish you all the best as you begin your Senior School career. May your Senior School years bring you Courage and Possibility and we hope that Kingsmead College will be your happy place.

Franc ha Leal “Freedom and Loyalty”

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As we start our 2021 academic year, here is a welcome message from Lisa Palmer, Kingsmead College Head. We would like to congratulate the long service award recipients.

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