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Dear Parents

I hope that our girls, their families and our staff embraced the mid-term break fully and have returned with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm. We begin the final few weeks of Term One and enjoy the final few weeks of warm mornings and rainfall.

On Thursday last week, we officially expressed our gratitude for the work done in the Senior Primary entrance and stairwell to the Grade 6 classes. Our gratitude goes to Glenda Cressy and her Grade 6 team for creating and communicating the vision; to Maryanne Clegg for the beautiful artwork and to the girls for their art contribution. Our special thanks goes to the PTA for the very generous financial contribution to ensure that this place of warmth and welcome was possible. The circle is the predominant and repeated pattern displayed on the walls, both in the artwork as well as the collaborative circle art transformed as wallpaper. The circle symbolizes unity, collaboration, inclusion and continued growth and movement – something very real and representative of the youth and energy at Kingsmead Junior School. We look forward to creating more welcoming spaces within our school over time.

Thank you to the parents who were able to support our Inter-House Gala on Thursday as well as the PTA Cake and Candy sale. The spirit and enthusiasm displayed by all was a wonderful way to start our mid-term celebrations.


Kim Lowman – Head: Junior School


Wednesday 7 Mar     

  • 17:00 Kingsmead Trust meeting- KL
  • St Johns Chatterbox Speech evening

Thursday 8 Mar

  • Cycle test – Geography
  • Tennis matches:  A/B vs Brescia @ Brescia; C/D vs Brescia @ Kingsmead

Friday 9 Mar

  • 07h45 JP Assembly
  • 10h45 SP Hymns / Chapel
  • 14h00 JS Inter-schools gala
    • A50m AT St Andrew’s
    • A25m AT Kingsmead
    • B25m AT St Stithians


SP entrance Kingsmead College

Senior Primary Gala

SP Gala Kingsmead College




sarafina Kingsmead College

This year’s Kingsmead Major Production is performed in collaboration with King Edward VII School. Sarafina! takes place at Morris Isaacson High School in Soweto, where, in 1976, about 200 000 black students assembled to protest against government decree that imposed the “official” language of Afrikaans as the new medium of instruction in their classes, instead of their own language, Zulu. Through story and song, Sarafina! follows the activities of a fictional class at Morris Isaacson and, in particular, one girl named Sarafina, who inspires her classmates with her commitment to the struggle against the government. The class presents a play about the symbolic Day of Liberation that they all dream of – where their hero, Nelson Mandela is released after more than 20 years in prison.

 The performance and ticket information is as follows:

  • Wednesday 14 March @14:30 – R70
  • Thursday 15 March @19:00 – R80
  • Friday 16 March @19:00 – R80

Due to the sensitive content of the show, a suggested age restriction is age 10.

Please book your tickets online at Quicket.co.za: https://www.quicket.co.za/events/?search=sarafina

Should a school wish to make a block booking for their students of 10 or more tickets (at R50 each), please email Palesa Mpeke directly: pmpeke@kingsmead.co.za


Choir Tour Raffle

Our Senior School Choir has a most exciting year ahead. In the April holidays they will be traveling to Austria and Italy where they will performing a varied and exciting programme with an African flavour. In July, the Choir will be participating in the World Choir Games  – one of the International musical highlights on the calendar. To make the tour and the World Games participation possible, we have a few fundraising initiatives this term. Please support us by purchasing a raffle tickets from any of the reception areas, the carpark in the mornings before school or from any Senior School Choir member.

Choir Kingsmead College

Festival 1 Kingsmead College

This term the Music Department will showcase our musicians in a wonderful evening that will involve all our Choirs and Orchestras from Grade 2-12.

Thursday the 5th of April 18h30 – 19h30 at Rosebank Union Church

Tickets will go on sale next week @R100.

Don’t miss out, Save the Date!


Elsabé Fourie

Director of Arts & Music



Please note that the Term 1B EC Schedule will commence on Monday, 12 March.  The EC schedule will be available towards the end of the week. 




Week Ahead:

These will be our final matches for the season.

8th March: A/B Teams:

  • Opponents: Brescia A/B Teams
  • Venue: BRESCIA
  • Time: Bus will leave at 13h15 and will return to Kingsmead by approximately 16h30, depending on the traffic.

C/D Teams:

  • Opponents: Brescia C/D Teams
  • Venue: KINGSMEAD
  • Time: Matches will start as soon as opponents arrive.

The following girls will play:

  • A – Team: Kristin Brown, Alexa Kohler, Anne-Marie Sutherland, Isabella Sardi, Megan Rogan, Natalie Morris
  • B – Team: Catherine Leppan, Morgan Kohler, Amy Dickinson, Kate Sardi, Kim Sutherland, Alison Marshall
  • C – Team: Ilani-Mari Prinsloo, Samantha Greyling-Nassi, Keratile Maboka, Emma de Kock, Kaitlyn Brown, Zoey Anderson, Zara Fleming
  • D – Team: Rachael Fifield, Caitlyn Stride, Georgia Wickins, Isabeau Blackie, Jenna Holmes, Anna Lipchin, Jemma Goussard

Information regarding TENNIS:

  • Extra private tennis lessons are offered at school: Coach- Jade Pondicas; Email: pondicas@gmail.com; Cell:071 674 2108
  • NO tennis practices will be cancelled due to rain or bad weather — Players will have practices in the Gym.
  • ONLY the players on the tennis ladder need to attend TEAM practices.
  • NON-TEAM practices for Grade 4 & 5 on Mondays and Grade 6 & 7 on Wednesdays.
  • Challenge matches will ONLY take place at the END of the month and NOT every week. Players can challenge up to two spots above them. (Including the reserve players.)


Week Behind:

1st March -Interhouse Grade 4 to 7 Gala:

The results were as follows:

Grade 4:


  • Hannah Schwegmann KN 1st
  • Taryn Faure TH 2nd
  • Jemma Goussard BA 3rd


  • Hannah Schwegmann KN 1st
  • Elena Rovelli KN 2nd
  • Taryn Faure TH 3rd


  • Hannah Schwegmann KN 1st
  • Emily Chalwin-Milton KN 2nd
  • Priyanka Geness BA 3rd


  • Hannah Schwegmann KN 1st
  • Hope Ngwenya             TH 2nd
  • Elena Rovelli KN 3rd

Grade 5:


  • Francesca Druce BA      1st
  • Morgan Easter BA      2nd
  • Carys Glyn-Jones TH      3rd


  • Francesca Druce BA      1st
  • Carys Glyn-Jones TH      2nd
  • Erin Hill KN      3rd


  • Francesca Druce BA      1st
  • Emma Simmonds             TH      2nd
  • Kim Sutherland KN      3rd


  • Francesca Druce BA      1st
  • Erin Hill KN      2nd
  • Jessica Stevens BA      3rd

Grade 6:


  • Lucia Sabbioni BA      1st
  • Isabella Botha TH      2nd
  • Liyaana Carim TH      3rd


  • Lucia Sabbioni BA      1st
  • Emma Keast TH      2nd
  • Jessica Black BA      3rd


  • Liyaana Carim TH      1st
  • Emma Keast TH      2nd
  • Jessica Black BA      3rd


  • Lucia Sabbioni BA      1st
  • Emma Keast TH      2nd
  • Isabella Botha TH      3rd

Grade 7:


  • Paula Prinsloo TH      1st
  • Amy Dickinson TH      2nd
  • Scarlett Muirhead BA      3rd


  • Amy Dickinson TH      1st
  • Natalie Morris BA      2nd
  • Leah Falcon TH      3rd


  • Amy Dickinson TH      1st
  • Anne-Marie Sutherland KN 2nd
  • Scarlett Muirhead BA      3rd


  • Amy Dickinson TH      1st
  • Paula Prinsloo TH      2nd
  • Soultana Tzitzivacos KN      3rd

The overall winners for this year’s Grade 4 to 7 Interhouse gala:

  • THANES 1st
  • BARONS 2nd
  • KNIGHTS 3rd

The Spirit Cup was  awarded to BARONS this year!

Congratulations to all the swimmers!

Week Ahead:

9th March: Prestige Swimming Galas

  • A50m AT St Andrew’s
  • A25m AT Kingsmead
  • B25m AT St Stithians

Transport: Buses will leave from Cecil Road at 13h30 and will return to Kingsmead at approximately 17h00, depending on the traffic.

Hockey News:

On Tuesday 27th February Neo Shibambo, Lillian Turvey, Megan Rogan, Amy Dickinson, Natalie Morris and Anne-Marie Sutherland played in the second round of the D9 District Hockey trials. Congratulations to the following girls who have made the D9 Independent Schools’ team: Natalie Morris, Anne-Marie Sutherland and Lillian Turvey. These 3 girls are invited to attend another round of trials for the Southern Gauteng Team. Good luck to these players.



Important Dates:

Johannesburg District 2018 Core League QUALIFIER DATES:

  • Q2: 17th and 18th March
  • Q3: 19th and 20th May
  • Q4: 16th and 17th June

Gauteng Finals:

  • Primary Schools: 28th and 29th July


  • Primary Schools: During October, dates to be confirmed.

For any information regarding Equestrian contact Ms Feroza Motara. Email: feroza@tangerineds.co.za

Please Note:

  • NO EC School Activities will be cancelled due to rain and bad weather — Girls will continue practice sessions in the Gym.
  • Swimming: All girls who are members of a swimming team, are NOT permitted to leave the galas until it is finished. We are a team and by staying to the end, shows unity and builds team spirit.
  • Grade 0 swimmers: Please can all the grade 0 swimmers and parents take note that all the girls have to change in the change rooms and may not do so on the pool deck. Parents not allowed on pool deck during swimming lessons.
  • Diving: Grade 6 & 7 diving session will be on Thursdays from 14h30 to 15h30. Grade 3 “Learn to Dive” will be from 13h30 to 14h30 on Thursdays.


Jo Hamilton Kingsmead College

Click on this link to view the Parenting Panel Profiles



Bread tags and Bottle tops:

Continue to collect Bread tags and Bottle tops for Wheelchairs. Collection point is at the  medical centre.  We need 450 kg bottle tops for a wheelchair or 50 kg bread tags.  We have already donated 6 wheelchairs

We weighed  in December and we have enough bottle tops to donate  for our 7th wheelchair .We are looking for a recipient . Please mail  information to  medicalcentre@kingsmead.co.za

Keep up the good work!

Breadtag poster 6 wheelchairs Kingsmead College


NEW SALLY Kingsmead College


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