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Dear Parents

We have reached the end of another successful term. Thank you to the parents for your ongoing support, the teachers for your commitment to the needs of your students and to the girls for your energy, love of learning and compassion for each other.

I trust that you will all take time this winter break to re-energise in preparation for the final term of 2018. I hope that each student will connect with family, spend time outside, and enjoy reading a good book or two.

I would like to thank our locum teachers who will be leaving us at the end of the term; Mrs Du Toit for teaching Grade 2 and Mr Smit in the Mathematics department. We wish you well for the remainder of the year. I would also like to wish Mrs Teresa Scorgie well as she enjoys the gift of long leave at the start of Term 3.

Girls return to school on Tuesday 4 September in full summer uniform.

Have a blessed and safe holiday.

Kim Lowman – Head of Junior School


Tuesday, 31 July

  • 17:30 – 18:30 Grade 4 – 7 Music concert

Thursday, 2 August

  • 12:30 Grade 000 – 0 closes

Friday, 3 August

  • 09:00 – 10:00 Final Sports Assembly
  • 10:00 Junior School closes
  • Aftercare will run till 13:00




The Junior School Equestrian team have had a fantastic year, culminating in winning the trophy for the highest scoring team in their team size category.

A very well done to the girls who have comprised our team this year: Francesca Logan, Jade Anderson, Jessica Schroeder, Katherine Papadopoulos, Leeya Motara, Lesedi Moloi, Makhutsi Moloi, Paula Prinsloo, Rania Motara, Taylor Prinsloo and Zuhayra Ebrahim.

Equestrian 1 Kingsmead College

Caption: Paula Prinsloo, Rania Motara, Leeya Motara, Jade Anderson and Francesca Logan accepted the award on behalf of the team 

GAUTENG FINALS – 28th and 29th July

A number of girls were selected to represent Johannesburg Central at Gauteng Finals over the weekend. Notable results were:

Jade Anderson: 1st in Level 2 Dressage Test A; 1st in Level 2 Dressage Test B; 1st in Level 1 Performance Riding and 8th in Level 3 Prix Caprilli riding Galaxy Man. 2nd in Level 1 Dressage Test A; 4th in Level 1 Dressage Test B, 4th in Level 1 Show Jumping Round 1 and 4th in Level 1 Show Jumping Round 2 riding Surprise .

Leeya Motara: 5th in Level 3 In Hand Utility with Lady Pegasus.

Makhutsi Moloi: 9th in Level 1 Performance Riding with Copper Creek.

Paula Prinsloo: 7th in Level 6 Equitation and 12th in Level 1 Working Riding with Nemo.

Rania Motara: 2nd in Level 3 In Hand Utility and 7th in Level 1 Dressage Test B with Bedazzled.

Grade 2 Hockey Roedean Festival

Hockey Kingsmead College

Congratulations to our Grade 2 teams who played their first hockey festival this week. A special thank you to Mrs. Cartwright and Coach Bronwyn Mac Donald for coaching and giving our young players a taste of what is to come next season.

 Inter house Athletics

On Thursday 26 July 2018 the Junior school travelled to Johannesburg College of Education to participate in our annual Inter House Athletics competition. Much fun was had by all and I commend our athletes for their enthusiasm and spirit throughout the morning. In life it is very easy to participate in activities that come naturally to one. Finding motivation becomes harder when the task at hand requires one to dig deeper to perform. Such tasks require courage. As Mark Twain said “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence”. So to all the athletes who stood at the starting line, hearts racing, knees shaking and tears welling in your eyes; I laud you for your courage.  May you continue to give of your best no matter what the task.

Congratulations to all athletes who were placed in their respective events.

Grade 3:

Long Jump                            60m                             100m  

1st        Ella de Goede             Reitumetse Matseke    Reitumetse Matseke    (NR)

2nd       Grace Hefer                Isabella Abbate           Joy Cilliers

3rd       Joy Cilliers                  Rafaela Bolttler           Ella de Goede

Grade 4:

Long Jump                                        80m                             150m  

1st        Priyanka Geness                    Jade Anderson             Jade Anderson (NR)

2nd       Mila Smolicz van Breda         Kaitlyn Brown             Kaitlyn Brown

3rd        Kaitlyn Brown                         Lara Boltt                    Hannah Schegmann


The first 4 athletes all broke the standing record of 3min 05, 72 sec. set up in 2000.

Hannah Schwegmann             Knights           1st        2: 56, 93

Jade Anderson                        Thanes             2nd       2: 57, 05

Emma Cruickshanks               Knights           3rd        2: 57, 79

Mila Smolicz van Breda         Knights           4th        2: 98, 34

Grade 5:

Long Jump                            80m                             150m

1st        Lucy Davis                  Lucy Davis                  Lucy Davis

2nd       Khanyisa Papiyana      Morgan Easter             Francesca Druce

3rd        Sarah Florence            Francesca Druce         Morgan Easter


Jessica Stevens

Chrismarie Chalmers

Kim Sutherland

Grade 6:

Long Jump                            100m                                                   200m  

1st        Lucia Sabbioni            Tessa Guitierrez-Garcia Tessa (NR)  Guitierrez-Garcia (NR)

2nd       Tessa Gutierrez-Garcia    Lucia Sabbioni                               Gabriella Dodd

3rd        Gabriella Dodd           Gabriella Dodd                                   Lucia Sabbioni


Tessa Gutierrez-Garcia (NR)

Gabriella Dodd

Courtney Cloete

Grade 7:

Long Jump                            100m                           200m  

1st        Natalie Morris             Natalie Morris (NR)   Natalie Morris (NR)

2nd       Paula Prinsloo             Paula Prinsloo             Paula Prinsloo (NR)

3rd        Leah Falcon                Tasmiyya Bham          Jenna Woolley


Natalie Morris

Paula Prinsloo

Alison Gace

Term 3A Co-curricular

We are currently finalising the co-curricular schedule. This will be published as soon as it is ready.

Sports Assembly

We will be holding our Sports assembly on Friday 3 August 2018 to celebrate our sporting achievements of the season.  Whilst participation is a very important value at Kingsmead and we encourage our pupils to get involved; we must not forget to celebrate excellence.  Our young girls are exposed to many activities throughout the term in line with our vision of Long  Term Athletic Development. It is important that we award the pupil who has achieved in their respective discipline as it takes determination, commitment, diligence as well as courage to play at such high levels.

Thank you

The 2nd term comes to an end and what a term it has been. Our girls have been busy throughout the term and this has only been made possible with the incredible commitment of the staff and coaches. Our passionate coaches give up their time and often family time in the weekends to ensure that our extra mural programme has variety and that our pupils are exposed to different competitions. I would also like to thank the moms who manage our various communication channels. Their support has made our work that much lighter. I would like to also thank Kim Lowman and Rob Pullen for their ongoing support and advice throughout the term.  To the sports department and the Kingsmead community who have welcomed me, I am privileged to be part of this family. Here is to many sporting seasons and may we continue to teach the girls about life through sport as Billie Jean King said “ Sport teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose – it teaches your about life”

Sheillah Denenga – Head of Junior School Sport sdenenga@kingsmead.co.za


Well done to our choir girls who sang so beautifully at our Choir evening at St David’s on the 24th of July. It was a super fun evening and I was so proud of our girls! Thank you to our parents for their incredible support at this event.

 Music 2 Kingsmead College Music 3 Kingsmead College Music 4 Kingsmead College

Well done to our dancers who performed on Monday 30 July at the Dance Assembly. It is always a joy to see our little dancers perform! Next term, other grades will have a turn.

Tuesday 31 July Grade 4-7 Music Concert

We have had such an enthusiastic sign up for this concert that we will be splitting the concert in two. The Grade 4 & 5 girls will be performing from 17h30 – 18h30, we will then have a quick break and then the Grade 6 & 7 girls will perform from 18h45 – 19h45. We hope to see many of our parents there to support our eager musicians!

Please note that we will no longer print concert programmes but rather post them on the app under Arts & Music.

End of term Assembly on Friday 3 August:

The Orchestra and Grade 4-7 Choir will be performing at this assembly.

Elsabe Fourie – Director of Arts & Music



On Saturday afternoon we held a workshop with our buddies from Rays of Hope. Mrs Schefermann created a number workbook for the children which they completed with the assistance of some of our girls and staff. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing on the equipment in the Foundation Phase.

We gave some of the knitted blankets, books and stationery items to the buddies.

A huge thank you to the girls, teachers and catering staff for giving of their time and supplying refreshments for the buddies.

Our next workshop is scheduled for Saturday, 8th of September.

DSCN0409 2 Kingsmead College DSCN0412 Kingsmead College DSCN0418 Kingsmead College


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