Dear Parents,

To all our Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, and female role models for our girls.

Thank you for your time…

Your time sharing your inspiring ideas,

Your time dedicated to quiet conversation,

Your time given to creative, solution-finding,

Your time to laugh, play and discover together.

Thank you for showing our girls that they too can make a difference, in so many ways. I trust that your love and time was suitably celebrated this Mothers’ Day.

A warm thank you to each and every parent, girl and staff member who supported the recent book week as well as the successful Book Fair held last weekend.

I would like to congratulate Mrs Cherie Turner who recently graduated from the University of Johannesburg with outstanding results. Cherie completed an advanced Diploma in Remedial Education. She received an award in recognition of exceptional achievement as the top achiever in her class. This renewed expertise will certainly benefit all at Kingsmead.

Warm regards

Kim Lowman – Headmistress


Thursday 18 May

  • 13:30 Grade 5 Netball matches at Kingsmead
  • 13:30 Grade 7 Netball matches at St Mary’s

Friday 19 May

  • Cycle tests – Afrikaans (Grade 5 – 7) and isiZulu (Grade 6)
  • 13:30 Grade 4 Hockey matches at Kingsmead
  • 13:30 Grade 6 Hockey matches at Roedean

Saturday 20 May    

  • 07:30 Grade 5, 6 and 7 AB Netball Festival at Holy Rosary

Monday 22 May          

  • 07:45 Assembly IB. Readings 1/3 class committee

* Please refer to the Kingsmead App for further details on sports fixtures


Netball News:

On Thursday 11th May, the grade 4 and grade 6 players participated in their first matches for the season. They played against Assumption, St Katharine’s, St Peter’s and St Mary’s. All the girls played extremely well and showed perseverance and excellent sportsmanship throughout their matches. Well done, girls! You did Kingsmead proud!

On Friday 12th May, 50 Grade 3 girls participated in their first Mini Netball matches. The girls were all very excited and played like stars! They kept their concentration during the matches and showed great sportsmanship. Their behavior on and off the courts were outstanding. Well done, Grade 3’s! You did Kingsmead and all the coaches proud!

We are looking forward to this coming week’s matches. On Thursday 18th May, the Grade 5 and Grade 7 players will participate in their first matches. Good luck to all the players!

On Saturday 20th May, the Grade 5, 6 & 7 A and B Teams will participate in the annual A/B Netball festival at Holy Rosary. Good luck to all the players!

Hockey News:

On Friday 19th May, we are kicking off the Hockey season! The grade 4 and grade 6 players will participate in their first hockey matches against Roedean, APPS and DSG (Pretoria). Good luck to all the hockey players.

Remember:    What you put in during your practice sessions, is what you are going to get out…. “Never limit yourself, and SMILE… It’s FREE!”


Grade 3 Choir at ‘Let the children sing’ at St John’s

Well done to our Grade 3 girls, Ms Karen Müller and Mrs Ashlea Martin who performed last night at the annual ‘Let the children sing’ evening at St John’s. Our girls sang beautifully, with enthusiasm and with great enjoyment. Thank you to all our parents for supporting us at this event.

Parents who have old violin books at home can donate them to the Hillbrow Music Centre by dropping these books off at Palesa Mpeke in Music Reception.


Ra-Ra for Reading – Connecting children and books!

Our Book Week theme of “Worlds within Words” kick-started on Friday 5 May during our Junior School Assembly. Learners were fascinated by the beautiful architectural designs of libraries from around the globe and they explored the real importance of reading in our world. If you haven’t yet seen our Proudly South African Bells television advert titled ‘The Reader’, do yourself a favour and click on this link:

We have a role to play at home and in our schools to help our children see reading as part of their lifestyle. Reading is the most valuable skill we will ever learn, a source of enjoyment and one that inspires ongoing curiosities! This past week, learners truly realized that because of reading there are no boundaries to where they can travel to in their minds!

The various ‘reading-inspired’ activities this past week were definitely a great source of enjoyment for all the girls. While some scrambled quickly towards ‘FREADOM’ reading spots in an attempt to get caught, others joined in the fun at break times either at the ‘bookmark craft’ session; the ‘Poem in my Pocket’ session or even had a go at our ‘story-building’ stations. It was impressive to witness the masses of girls drop everything and read at the sound of the ringing bell! Thank you to all the Junior Primary parents that braved the cold on Tuesday morning for the reading breakfast picnic. It was so wonderful to see the girls read aloud to their parents with a book and a croissant in either hand!

Every year, the girls so love visiting the Travelling Bookshop to fill their bookshelves with some new and popular titles. Thank you to all the parents that purchased books from the Travelling Bookshop and supported our worthy cause this year. See the Outreach insert to learn more about our worthy recipient!

Hooked-on-Books was delightfully entertaining and I am happy to report that almost all the Hooked-on-Books titles are already snatched up from the library! Dressing up as a book character was a splendid treat for the girls to showcase their favourite characters and their vibrant homemade costumes brought great energy to our school campus. We collected just over 2000 books as part of our Book Drive, with still more books trickling in.  A big thank you to the moms who so generously gave of their time to help sort and pack the books for distribution.

The distribution summary to our beneficiaries being as follows:

  1. St Vincent’s School – 370
  2. Touch Africa – 500
  3. Buddies from Rays of Hope – 70
  4. Alexandra Education Committee – 150
  5. Sparrow Schools – 750
  6. Lisakhanya Ikusasa Reading Club- 235

Well done to Grade 1L, 3G, 4G and 5O for winning the reading-inspired door competition. I do hope that you are all enjoying your jar of ‘bookworms’. Well done to Lily Bona in Grade 2 and Gabi Potgieter in Grade 6 that each won the Junior Primary and Senior Primary Literature Quiz respectively.

Our Book Week culminated in our sixth annual signature event: Kingsmead’s Book Fair. Despite the cold and wet weather, I am proud to say it was a most successful event. Thank you to all the key role players and all our budding readers that attended! We look forward to welcoming you at our next Book Fair on the 12th of May 2018!

 Mrs Tania O’Maker – Library Media Specialist




Our buddies from the Rays of Hope Foundation joined us at our Book Fair last Saturday. Thanks to the generous sponsorship by our PTA, the children were able to enjoy the wonderful programme as well as the wide selection of eats on offer.

A special thanks to our girls who assisted on Saturday-they really helped to make the day!

Thank you to everyone who donated books. A representative from Touch Africa will be collecting a selection of children’s books sometime this week.

Nhlanhla Mchunu

‘I started Lisakhanya Ikusasa Reading Club in Alexander at the age of 19 with a group of my peers.  I wanted to start something in my community that would have a positive impact in our community, especially for the young ones, to be a moral minded generation and for them to live purpose driven lives. The majority of the children that come to the reading club are children from disadvantaged homes and child headed homes. The purpose of Lisakhanya Ikusasa is to keep children away from the streets and changing their lives through stories and books that talk to them. We have 80 to 82 children that we cater for every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 15:00 pm to 16:30 PM at Sankopano Community Centre in the children’s Library every Saturday. We also read stories live at our community radio station Alex FM 89.1. My team and I devote our time to teach children and better their lives through learning and reading.’

The above article was written by Nhlanhla Mchunu, she is now 20 years old and her reading club is still going strong.

To set up their ‘shop’ at Kingsmead during Book Week, the Travelling Book Shop gives us ten percent of their total sales in books to the equivalent value.  Each year we donate these books to a worthy cause. This year we chose ‘Nhlanhla’s Reading Club’ as the recipient of the books. This amazing young lady came to school on Tuesday to choose suitable books for her reading club, which we delivered that same afternoon.  She was so grateful to Kingsmead and the Travelling Book Shop. She said that after winning Lead SA’s Youth Hero of the Month, many promises were made by various people and was moved that Kingsmead kept their promise.