Dear Parents, Staff and Girls,

I am sure you will agree that the Kingsmead Book Fair on Saturday was, once again, quite outstanding!  What a lovely day!

The feedback that I have received from staff, the girls and our parents has been positive and so complimentary.  Once again, I thank our parent body for your support of our school.

Dress up

I also thank our parents for agreeing to keep your daughters at home on Friday, 20th May.  This gave the Book Fair committee time to set up the Junior School for the Children’s Zone.  It also allowed the Junior School staff time to apply the concept of TASC (Thinking Actively in a Social Context), the workshop that we attended on Saturday, 7th May, in a more practical manner for implementation in our lessons.


Our Grade Six girls, under the supervision and guidance of Jo Hamilton, our psychologist and the Grade Six teachers will be selling hot chocolate as from Wednesday, 1st June.  The hot chocolate will be sold at R15 per cup at the start of tea break – 10:15.  Please allow your daughter to bring some money to school if she enjoys hot chocolate.  The Grade Six girls will be donating the funds to JAM (Joint African Management) which is a feeding scheme that feeds children in our rural areas.

It has, once again, been brought to my attention that our parents using the main car park are being inconsiderate in the way they are parking to wait for their children.

“Parents stack park in parallel, blocking the lanes, albeit there are empty parking bays.  This prohibits cars from driving through the school, leading to a complete block of entry and exit.  Cars are also seen driving up lanes, which are clearly one-ways.  This endangers the girls as they are not expecting cars where there should not be any.”

I have noticed that in many cases, the offenders are either au pairs or drivers collecting the girls.  I appeal to parents to speak to the person who collects or drops your daughter at school.

Miss Sue MacEwan – Headmistress: Junior School

The week ahead:

Wednesday:  25th May

  • SA Mac Ewan at the SAGSA (South African Girl’s Schools Association Conference) until Friday, 27th May
  • Grade 5 and 6 isiZulu cycle test

Thursday: 26th May

  • Netball vs. de La Salle

Friday: 27th May

  • Assembly: “Challenge of Wonderment and Awe” – Mrs P Schefermann
  • Hockey vs. St Mary’s

Monday:  30th May

  • Assembly: Grade 3 Afrikaans and isiZulu




Thursday, the 19th May we played our second netball matches against APPS. All the teams played extremely well and the results were as follows:

Three out of the 5 Grade 3 teams won their matches.

Grade 4A – Team:                  Kingsmead   4     APPS          2

Grade 4B – Team:                  Kingsmead   5    APPS           1

Grade 4C – Team:                  Kingsmead   5     APPS          2

Grade 4D – Team:                 Kingsmead   3     APPS          0

Grade 5A – Team:                  Kingsmead    7    APPS          0

Grade 5B – Team:                  Kingsmead   10   APPS          3

Grade 5C – Team:                  Kingsmead     6   APPS          1

Grade 5D – Team:                 Kingsmead     0   APPS          2

Grade 6A – Team:                  Kingsmead   11  APPS           4

Grade 6B – Team:                  Kingsmead     7   APPS          5

Grade 6C – Team:                  Kingsmead   15   APPS          2

Grade 6D – Team:                 Kingsmead     4   APPS          4

Grade 7A – Team:                  Kingsmead   30  APPS           2

Grade 7B – Team:                  Kingsmead   16   APPS           2

Grade 7C – Team:                  Kingsmead   18   APPS         1

Grade 7D – Team:                 Kingsmead   17   APPS          1

On Friday 20th May the Grade 3 (1 & 2) and (3 & 4) teams played at De La Salle. They played 4 games of 10 minutes each one way and the players had to rotate their position in each game. They all played like STARS and gained lots of experience.

Well done to all the Netball Players! You did Kingsmead proud!

On Thursday 26th May, the Grade 4 – 7 A – D teams will play against De La Salle. The Grade 4 & 5 AT KINGSMEAD and the Grade 6 & 7 AT DE LA SALLE. The bus will leave from Grail House Gate at 13h15 and will return to Kingsmead at approximately 17h00, depending on the traffic.

Please Note:  The Grade 3 girls are NOT playing on Friday 27th May, but they will have their normal practice session at 13h15.

GOOD LUCK to all our Netball Players. Remember: ENTHUSIASM, CONCENTRATION, COMMITMENT and DETERMINATION, will lead us to a SUCCESSFUL season!!!


On Friday 27th May, the Hockey girls will play against St Mary’s, Waverley. Grade 4, 5 and the combined team AT ST MARY’S and the Grade 6 & 7 AT KINGSMEAD. The bus will leave from Grail House Gate at 13h15 and will return to Kingsmead at approximately 17h00, depending on the traffic.

GOOD LUCK to all our Hockey players — KEEP FOCUSSING and PLAY HARD!


Date Activities Opposition & Venue Transport provided

26 May

  Netball Matches:

Grade 4 – 7 A – D Teams

  Against  DE LA SALLE Grade 4 & 5 AT KINGSMEAD

Grade 6 & 7 AT DE LA SALLE                            

  Bus will leave from Grail House Gate AT 13h15 and will return to Kingsmead at approximately 17h00, depending on the traffic.

27 May


Hockey Matches:

Grade 4 A – D

Grade 5 A/B

Combined Grade 5/6C

Grade 6 A/B

Grade 7 A/

  Against ST MARY’S (Waverley)

Grade 4, 5 & Combined teams                              AT ST MARY’S

Grade 6 & 7                    AT KINGSMEAD

  Bus will leave from Grail House Gate at 13h15 and will return to Kingsmead at approximately 17h00, depending on the traffic.



Date Activities Opposition & Venue Transport provided

2 June

  Netball Matches:

Grade 4 – 7 A – D Teams

  Against St Teresa’s

Grade 4 & 7                    AT KINGSMEAD

Grade 5 & 6                    AT ST TERESA’S

  Bus will leave from Grail House Gate AT 13h15 and will return to Kingsmead at approximately 17h00, depending on the traffic.

3 June

  Hockey Matches:

Grade 4 – 7





Netball matches:

Grade 3 (3 & 4)


  Against ST ANDREW’S

Grade 4 & 5  AT KINGSMEAD

Grade 6 & 7   AT ST ANDREW’S



  Bus will leave from Grail House Gate at 13h15 and will return to Kingsmead at approximately 17h00, depending on the traffic.





Bus will leave from the Grail House gate at 13h15 and will return to Kingsmead at approximately 16h30, depending on the traffic.


4 June

  Grade 3 & 4 Netball Festival: Players need to be AT HOLY ROSARY at 07h30   AT HOLY ROSARY   OWN TRANSPORT


Marimbas at the Book Fair performances!

The Marimba Ensembles performed successfully at the Book Fair on Saturday and delighted passersby with their enthusiasm. Well done to all our committed musicians!


Upcoming events:

Saturday 28 May: Junior School Orchestra rehearsal 9h00 – 12h00 in the rehearsal space ~ ALL members are to please attend.

Wednesday 8 June: ABRSM Theory Examinations

Tuesday 14 June: Trinity Practical Examinations

Wednesday 15 June: ABRSM Practical Examinations

Saturday 25 June: Grade 4-7 Choir rehearsal 9h00 – 12h00; ALL members are to attend.

Tuesday 28 June: Jan Celliers Music Evening (musicians involved TBA)

Grade 6 Brass project:

On Friday 13 May we introduced the Grade 6 girls to the Brass family and our Brass Project. Many girls don’t think girls can play brass instruments, which is of course not true at all. So to make the brass instruments available and accessible to the girls, we will offer the opportunity to Grade 6s to learn to play either the trumpet or the trombone. Every group of girls will be part of the project for a 4-5 week period. The lessons will be free of charge with one of our teachers during their Music class lesson time. After 4-5 weeks, the next group will have the opportunity to try them out. If a girl chooses to continue after the introduction period, she can sign up for individual or small group lessons (2 in a group) and you can then rent or purchase an instrument from a shop. For the duration of the project, you will not be charged for the use of the instruments. We have two excellent Brass teachers: Peter Griffiths (trumpet/horn) and Alex Hitzeroth (trombone/tuba/euphonium) who will be teaching the girls. Grade 6 parents will received a letter this week with all the details about this project.

Grade 2 String project:

Please make sure you read the recent letter sent out about this project. The Grade 2’s are loving the opportunity to play the violin! Parents, please help us with:

  • Send the violins to school on Tuesdays
  • Encourage your daughters to practise regularly to accelerate progress
  • Send a flipfile to the lessons on Tuesdays

Drama Club

A reminder, the times and venues for DRAMA CLUB run by Dania Gelderblom:

  • Tuesdays 13:30-14:15 Grade 1-3 (Ms Muller’s class)
  • Tuesdays 14:40-15:15 Grade 4-7 (Ms Muller’s class)
  • Wednesdays 14:30-15:15 Grade 4-7 (Ms Muller’s class)

Grade 4-7 girls can choose between a Tuesday and Wednesday and should not attend both. Please note that this activity is at an extra cost. You can contact Dania Gelderblom for more information on

If you gave any questions about Music at Kingsmead please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Elsabé Fourie – Director of Arts & Music



Our buddies from the Rays of Hope Foundation joined us at our Book Fair last Saturday. Thanks to the generous sponsorship by our PTA, the children were able to enjoy the wonderful programme as well as the wide selection of eats on offer. Bertha Muchadeyi, who is the facilitator of the buddies, was able to buy books for the homework club with some of the money that was donated.

Satara Koolen deserves a special word of thanks for drawing up a detailed and practical programme for the buddies to follow. Thank you to Galia Fenster who made labels for the Grade 7 girls who assisted the buddies at the fair.

Thank you to everyone who donated books. A representative from Touch Africa will be collecting a selection of children’s books tomorrow.

Chip ‘n Dip was clearly a hit!

2016-05-21 12.23.38

2016-05-21 12.22.08


Dear Parents

We hope that you have settled into the second term routine. The parent body, class representatives and PTA Exco are continuing with their dedication to the school, for which we are grateful.


Events have included the following:

The Franc Ha Leal rose is being sold throughout the year.

The KCC Draw and Car Park Raffle were drawn on 4 April in the Junior School assembly. The parking bay raffle was won by Sandy Muller, a Grade 7 parent, and Grade 1L was the winner of the class who raised the most funds for this raffle and so each child received a donut. Thank you for your participation.

The KCC winners for this term are:

  • 1st prize: Layya Choonara, Grade 3T
  • 2nd prize: Jessica Black, Grade 4T
  • 3rd prize: Jemma Bennet, Grade 8C2

Kingsmead Book Fair: PTA members and parents assisted with this event and we value your input which contributed to the success of the day.

Car Raffle: The Kingsmead College Society Lottery No. 00218/1 has been registered with the National Lottery Commission. As part of the PTA’s ongoing efforts to raise funds for the benefit of our school and pupils, we decided that, instead of a Golf Day this year, we would raffle a car. The raffle tickets are being sold at R 250.00 each and the winner will become the proud owner of a brand new Titanium Silver Kia Picanto 1.0 LS Man, featuring an MP3 radio, safety film, central locking and an electric sun-roof which would retail for just over R 158 000.00. The proceeds of this raffle will go towards financing the purchase of a large school bus, costing in the region of R1 500 000.00. Ticket sales commenced at the Kingsmead Book Fair on 21 May where the Kia was on display. Entries close on 08 October and the draw will take place at the Kingsmead College Goodwill Day. We are grateful for the initial support received and hope to sell many more tickets! Please support this initiative and purchase your tickets!

Ticket sales are open to all entrants over the age of 16 years excluding the directors of Kingsmead College, the members of the PTA Car Raffle Committee, employees of Kia Motors Weltevreden and their respective spouses and children. Lottery terms and conditions are available. Parents who do not agree with gambling are encouraged to make a donation.

Events planned for the remainder of the year include:

Second Term:

KCC Draw and Car Park Raffle: These will be drawn in the Senior School assembly on 27 June.

Mother and Daughter Breakfast: Saturday 30 July for Grades 6-12

Greeting cards: This fundraiser is for the Junior School

Rose sales

Third Term:

Goodwill Day/Fun Walk and Car Raffle Draw: Saturday 08 October

947 Ride for Bara: Sunday 20 November

School Shop:

The School Shop continues to sell a selection of both second hand and new uniform items, various school requirements and merchandise articles. Thank you for your support.


Outreach has focused on Book Fair Outreach and we thank you for the second hand books which you have donated.

May this be a happy term for you all.

Warm regards

Kingsmead PTA