Bursary Application

Please Note:

  • This form is to be completed by the parent or legal guardian of the pupil. All particulars must be given in full.
  • Bursaries are only considered in respect of school fees, not levies.
  • A bursary is valid only for one year, and subject to annual review thereafter, provided that:
    (a) Performance of a more than satisfactory nature is achieved
    (b) Financial need can be proven
  • The application will be treated in the strictest confidence. A Bursary Committee will review your application.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to provide proof of their annual income.
  • Any breach of the School’s Code of Conduct will be dealt with separately from the School, but in addition to the School’s handling of the situation, and may result in the removal of the bursary.
  • The academic performance of the child should be of, at least, a satisfactory standard and, more importantly, the child should be seen to be making an effort in her work and be contributing to the school through participation.
  • Should a student receive financial assistance but choose to leave Kingsmead College in lieu of another school before the end of her Senior Year, this financial assistance must be refunded to Kingsmead at a pro rata rate.

You can apply online by completing the form below, or you can download the application form here.

Please note: You will be required to download the Confidential Return by Parent/Guardian here to be filled in offline and uploaded below. 

Student Information: First Child


Student Information: Second Child (if applicable)


Student Information: Third Child (if applicable)


Guardian Information: Father / Principal Guardian


Guardian Information: Mother / Secondary Guardian


Particulars of Dependant Children in Other Schools


Particulars of Dependants at Tertiary Institutions:


Particulars of Dependants, Irrespective of Age Or Marital Status, Who Are Incapable of Supporting Themselves Owing to a Physical Or Mental Disability and Who Are Wholly Or Partly Dependant on You




Required File Uploads


Declaration of Good Faith

  • By clicking "submit", we hereby declare that we are not in a position to fully provide for the educational needs of the child(ren) mentioned above, without assistance. In making this request, we have not withheld any information concerning our circumstances and all information furnished in this application form is correct. We agree that, should it, at any stage, be ascertained that the information provided by us is inaccurate, the financial assistance which may have been granted, will be cancelled and the amount which has already been paid out, will be recovered from us. We undertake to advise the Bursary Committee timeously of any changes to our circumstances, which would have a bearing on their assessment of our eligibility for a bursary.