1.                  Preamble

1.1.             Kingsmead is an independent educational institution for girls, which aspires to reflect the constitutionally enshrined rights of equality, dignity, education and the best interests of children, in its admission policy.

1.2.             As a school, Kingsmead is committed to non-discrimination and transformation that reflects our country’s diversity, in all its facets, in its admission of girls.

1.3.             Kingsmead, exceptionally, does not conduct entrance examinations as a requirement for admission.

1.4.             Historically, Kingsmead seeks in terms of its ethos, to embrace the individual potential of each student to whom it offers a place at the school.

2.                  Admission formalities

2.1.             Applications for admission, which must be made in the required format, pre-suppose that parents subscribe to Kingsmead values and as such parents and their children will abide by all the school’s policies which may be amended as circumstances require, in relation to all aspects of school life including transformation, uniform, school fees, conduct, non-bullying, information technology and attendance at compulsory school activities.

2.2.             It is a prerequisite for admission that parents undertake to abide by Kingsmead policies, as may be amended from time to time.

2.3.             Parents are required to sign the Kingsmead parent / school contract which regulates the relationship with the school, on the acceptance of a place for a student at Kingsmead.

3.                  Admission criteria

The headmistress of both Kingsmead’s senior and junior schools, exercise a sole discretion to offer a place to a student at Kingsmead, and utilise the following criteria, in no particular order of preference in exercising such discretion:

3.1.             Date of application – it is recommended that application be made as soon as practically possible;

3.2.             Whether the admission will advance diversity within the school and grade. Due consideration will be given to students of previously disadvantaged individuals;

3.3.             Whether the girl is a child of a permanent staff member of Kingsmead;

3.4.             All attempts will be made to secure places for siblings of girls already at Kingsmead, to ensure family bonds are cultivated;

3.5.             Whether the girl is the daughter of an old girl who matriculated at Kingsmead;

3.6.             Whether Kingsmead has the capacity to offer such additional support as may be required to a girl seeking admission;

3.7.             Generally, girls are required to be aged within two years of the average class age, for the development of social skills;

3.8.             Any other relevant factor necessary to consider to reach a fair decision on admission.

The headmistress or a suitable representative will conduct personal, formal interviews with applicants and weigh the criteria mentioned above in the exercise of a discretion in the best interests of Kingsmead and the student concerned.

4.                  Formal procedure

Both the senior and junior school require formal applications for admission in writing, which process will be made available to applicants upon request.

5.                  School fees

5.1.             Kingsmead is a private school that receives no state funding.

5.2.             All parents are expected to pay school fees, excepting those students who have been awarded scholarships or bursaries and students of permanent teaching staff who receive discounted fees.

5.3.             A non-refundable acceptance fee, prescribed annually, is payable before admission.

5.4.             Kingsmead reserves the right to conduct a credit and background check on parents, before offering a position to a student.

6.                  Effective date

6.1.             The policy is applicable to admissions of students seeking places from April 1, 2019.

6.2.             The policy was approved by Kingsmead council in March 2019.