Our Connection: Issue 36 2018

Dear Parents FINANCIAL LITERACY AND ITS PLACE IN PREPARATORY SCHOOLS  During the past 18 months, I have had the pleasure of meeting several budding entrepreneurs. Girls as young as nine have made appointments to see me to launch their next grand business proposal. I have been very impressed by their business etiquette, inspiring presentations [...]

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Our Connection: Issue 35 2018

Dear Parents Defining Excellence How is excellence defined at home? Have you overheard girls speaking about excellence? Most of the time, we refer to results, outcomes and comparisons between girls’ achievements as indicators of excellence. You may have caught yourself asking your daughter what the results of the ‘rest of the class’ were to [...]

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This morning the Junior School TDI drive team launched our school campaign #sayhello. The girls shared various messages to demonstrate the power of greeting. In Isizulu “Sawubona” –  which when translated means “I see you”. This is extremely powerful. It means, I acknowledge you, I acknowledge your presence in this space. I see you as [...]

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