Our Connection: Issue 20 2018

Dear Parents A Note on Awards Our students at Kingsmead are recognized for both their individual growth and achievements as well as their contribution to a group. We strive to recognise achievements so as to: Celebrate the individual achievements of students across the academic, sport, art and cultural platforms. Foster a sense of intrinsic [...]

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Kingsmead Classifieds June 2018

Please submit all information by the last Friday in June. NEED EXTRA MATHS?                   Experienced tutor, excellent results 15 successful years of specialist Maths tutoring Building confidence in learners grades 4-9 and beyond Enabling children ranging from the very bright to those who struggle One-on-one tutoring catering to individual [...]

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Our Connection: Issue 18 2018

Dear Parents Today is World Environment Day. Our Environment Committee is raising awareness within our school and will start initiating some deliberate campaigns that will make a difference one day at a time. I encourage our families to start and continue initiatives at home which contribute to the conservation of our environment. As we [...]

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